The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 9&10

Have you ever watched a peacock strut and fan his plumage? That’s what I think every time Father Kim does his slow-motion walk with his frock coat floating around him. Join me for more kicks, more snark, and more story development as Father Kim seeks truth and justice for his mentor.

Can’t anyone eat in peace?

Detective Goo has been assigned to keep Father Kim from causing any trouble, but so far all he’s done is get stuck with the bill for lunch. During lunch, Father Kim puts Detective Goo in his place several times and threatens to hit him with a rather large beef bone. I have to say that the directing here is spot on. The imagery of that giant bone hanging out of Father Kim’s bowl and how he adeptly turned it into a weapon cracked me up. Meanwhile, poor Prosecutor Park isn’t able to eat in peace either.

I hate bullies!

I have a lot of respect for other cultures and languages. So anytime I see someone belittle a person because of the way they talk or the way they are culturally different, it makes me angry. I hate dumb Bad Hair Thug who keeps messing with the Thai Worker. The poor Thai worker is just trying to earn a living and BHT keeps beating him up! I really hope that BHT gets taken down spectacularly.

Where are the accusers?

Father Kim and Detective Goo set out knocking on doors to find out where the woman and man who have made false accusations against Mentor Priest have gone. They are literally chased out of the woman’s home by her mother who scares the heck out of Detective Goo. I’m really wondering how such a wishy-washy coward ever made detective. The director ran away because he’s a gambler. Aha! Now it makes sense, he was paid off for lying about Mentor Priest. Detective Goo is still making the dumbest excuses for the accusers. I’m with Father Kim on this, I agree that he should kick Detective Goo. They arrive to confront Hwang, but Hwang laughs it off and says he’s innocent. As they leave, Father Kim tells Detective Goo he knows he’s been bribed by Hwang and that he needs to do his job properly.

Get your lies straight

Prosecutor Park meets with the fallen Idol in prison. He’s begging her to believe him, but she’s telling him she’s not hearing anything new. Her boss pulls her from the interview to have her pull CCTV footage for Father Kim. She’s fully aware that they are messing with the evidence and she looks frustrated. Guess who else is frustrated? Rookie. She knows she would do a much better job than Detective Goo. As Father Kim asks again, where are the accusers, both Detective Goo, and his team leader stammer out some lies. As Father Kim storms out of the station he gives one of the high kicks Kmuse loves so much.

Shady shysters and spiritual advisors

It looks like we have a new player in the spiritual realm. We’ve got a quack Preacher who is now involved in the game. He shows up to a meeting with all the crooked authorities, and he brings presents. Nice shiny golden animal presents that make all the crooks smile greedily. What kind of a mess is this guy going to cause?

Justice is worthless

Detective Goo and Father Kim are drunk. Detective Goo tells Father Kim that nothing he does will change anything because justice is worthless. He gets a call from his team leader that the CCTV has all been arranged. Back at the station, he tells Rookie that no one will thank her for overworking herself. I go back and forth between thinking Detective Goo is a complete Keystone Cop and thinking he’s just jaded and biding his time until retirement. Either way, I want him to stop kowtowing to the thugs and start standing up for what’s right.

The local hangout aka the convenience store

We have another meetup of Father Kim and Prosecutor Park at the convenience store. She’s buying her drinks and complaining at the clerk for saying she’s beautiful. Then her items are pushed aside for Father Kim’s dumplings (ironically she just told the clerk he looks like a dumpling). Father Kim is very drunk still and he begins to tell her to not be so mean to the clerk. He tells her she’s just an “old grumpy person”. He’s so drunk he starts acting all cute and then he gets serious and asks her how rotten can she get. She replies that she doesn’t have the power to be corrupt yet. She sends him off with the message to wash up and go to bed.

Going against their personalities

Prosecutor Park is at home going through one of her many piles of paperwork when she thinks back to her conversation about power and corruption with Father Kim. She calls her office and tells her assistant to reduce the sentence of the Idol they have in jail. She’s all thoughtful and pensive, but our Father Kim is still drunk. He’s used his power to wake up the rest of the group at the church to eat dumplings with him. Poor Annoying Nun burns her mouth. This, my friends, is product placement at it’s finest. Drunk Father Kim is freaking adorable. He’s all smiley and helpful as he tries to feed his flock.

Protecting the innocent

Father Kim is remembering the explosion and his conversation with his superior. The other agent/soldier told him it didn’t matter that there were children in there, they weren’t Korean so they didn’t count. He also told Agent/Father Kim to be prepared to step down over his insubordination. Agent/Father Kim begins a downward spiral starting with attacking the other soldier and then getting into fights with random people. He thinks about how he couldn’t protect the children and he couldn’t protect his Mentor. He worries if he can protect anything anymore. I fall more and more for this complex character every episode.

Tampering with evidence

Detective Goo’s partner was killed by thugs 10 years ago. It appears that since then he’s conditioned himself to ignore everything. Rookie has caught some inconsistencies with the CCTV and is showing the footage to Detective Goo (who was well aware) and Father Kim. All the CCTVS are missing minutes, and everyone knows someone has messed with it. Everyone, including Prosecutor Park who confirms that the footage was deleted to her boss.

When in doubt, throw an Idol under the bus

Even though she reduced the Idol’s sentence, Prosecutor Park’s office gets a phone call that he’s tried to kill himself. I find it interesting how this drama is reflecting some of the stories we read about on the Korean news sites. Every time there is some kind of story about government corruption there is also a story about some idol or actor who has a drug or tax scandal.

Calling in some favors

Father Kim pays a visit to an old acquaintance. It just so happens that this old acquaintance is a hacker. Father Kim sends Rookie a location for the accusers, and they really are in France, well it looks like France so close enough! I was pretty sure they were having a dirt nap somewhere. Rookie goes in for the arrest and ends up getting knocked down, only to be saved at the last minute by Father Kim and his flying kick.

Final Thoughts

The storyline is progressing nicely and all the little parts are coming together. It keeps grabbing my interest and making me come up with conspiracy theories (which I love to do). I like that none of our characters are black and white, but some muddy color of gray. They all have their faults, but I think deep down they want to help people. I’m ready to see more action out of Detective Goo and Prosecutor Park and I’m thinking we will have some kind of tragic twist before we see that happen.

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