The Fangirls Dissect the First 3 Minutes of Golden Eyes

So… this is kind of a random post that will give you a glimpse into our conversations (that we have daily) on various dramas. This time we are discussing all the Lay filled moments found in the first 3 minutes of TheGolden Eyes. Consider it our impressions before an actual first impression.

The majority of this has been taken from our messenger conversation and put into blog post form. Enjoy….

How this conversation begins..

Kdrama Jen – Ok. I watched just the beginning of TheGolden Eyes. Is anyone else in this show? Watch just the opening credits. It is only Lay. I have never seen anything like it. No scenes with other people. Just him over and over.

Kmuse: HAHAHA! OK I will watch in a second. (Quickly runs to our large group chat and posts……)

Kmuse: So…. you all should watch the intro music to the Chinese drama Golden Eye and see if you notice anything a bit odd. Jen made me do it and it was hilarious once I realized how this is different from literally every other Chinese intro song . And it begins..

The Fight Before the Theme Song Thoughts

Drama Geek: going there now. I LOVE Lay so this might be a guilty pleasure drama for me and I’ve only seen 3 seconds of it. LOL V for Vendetta masks, action, and…. feathers.

Karie the Maknae: I wonder — the V is for Vengance masks are kinda creepy to me as a Westerner — would they be even more creepy to an Asian audience?

Clkytta: What am I watching? Guns and feathers and no one but Lay!

Kdrama Jen: Yup

Kmuse: Uhm… Lay is slow motioning spinning…………why? That isn’t that fancy of a stunt

Kdrama Jen: I KNOW

Kdrama Jen: It’s a pillow fight with guns!!!

Kmuse: Also, notice how no feathers touch his body or hair ? Are they CGI feathers?

Drama Geek: He stomps really well in feathers. Not the best, but he doesn’t look horribly awkward.

Kmuse: That’s because we can all twirl and stomp… especially when the viewer is distracted by feathers

Drama Geek: His pretty is blinding me. LOL. Okay, maybe not. The way he holds the shotgun is horrid.

Clkytta: He’s so pretty….

Drama Geek: This is music video level action scene. Hehe

Kmuse: I have a feeling this isn’t going to be that good of a drama

Kdrama Jen: I share that feeling

The Opening Song/Video

Drama Geek: Hmm, trying to capitalize on EXO popularity? which is fine… but you don’t see another single person. just pretty shots of him.

Kmuse: You would literally think that every character is being played by Lay. You 100% know who the star of the show is.

Drama Geek: Ha! He’s literally sitting across from an empty chair in one shot. Did they film this before they knew who else would be in the drama? Now I just need to know if I can handle the dubbing. If so, then I’m watching. I really do love Lay A LOT. LOL

Kdrama Jen: Isn’t it hilarious?

Kmuse: We could literally do a whole post trying to figure out what is going on in that opening

Kdrama Jen: This is the only scene without Lay in it.

Drama Geek: If you wear glasses and you need to fight, you leave them on, not take them off. LOL

Drama Geek: He has really cute dimples.

MiataMama: Did someone mention dimples? Okay, now I’ll go check out the opener!

Drama Geek: So much happiness for me. LOL


MiataMama: Okay, I just watched the opener… I feel a bit misled- there were only a couple brief dimple shots. I do appreciate though, that the intro didn’t totally give away the whole drama in the first 2 minutes. I usually skip the Chinese dramas because of spoilers.

MiataMama: That was a cute dimple, but not enough to hook me for the long run.

Drama Geek: I think you must appreciate Lay as an artist and then you might appreciate this dimple. There are many K-Actors that people drool over their dimples and they don’t phase me.

Clkytta: So much Lay and the lizard!

Kdrama Jen: That he tenderly strokes

Kmuse: Ahhhh so it is a fanfic where no one’s can be with him because he is an idol…. except his Horny Toad.

Karie the Maknae: The lizard wasn’t CGI! Is that even allowed? And why was he cuddling a magic salt shaker?

Kdrama Jen: Lizard stroking? It’s allowed

Drama Geek: As long as it’s not poisonous I wouldn’t see it as any different from having a dog on set.

Kdrama Jen: I doubt lizard fondling is going to draw any attention. Yes, I am purposely using words that could be misinterpreted. Because it makes me laugh

Kdrama: Magic salt shaker cuddling, though… Not so sure

Kdrama Jen: I just love that we get a whole opening credits sequence that is basically a solo photo shoot.

There you have it. Our unfiltered thoughts on The Golden Eyes opening. Be sure to go check it out for yourself and share you thoughts as to why there are no other actors highlighted in the opening. Also check back in a week or so as we give our real first impression and let you know if any other characters show up or if it is really a one man Lay show.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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6 thoughts on “The Fangirls Dissect the First 3 Minutes of Golden Eyes

  1. That was hilarious. 😀 I didn’t realize the opening was all Lay. It looked like being both very generic (as in not interesting) and spoilery, so I skipped the opening credits while watching the episodes. Guess the makers know what the draw of this drama might be. I’ll give you a hint – it ain’t the acting prowess of Lay.^^ He is rather goofy cute though.

    Btw, that silly fight is in the 1st epi and it was actually rather funny because… well, you’ll see.

  2. After the female cop shows up and annoyed the Hades out of me within a nanosecond of her opening her mouth to speak, maybe the drama should be all Lay all the time.

    • She is SOOOO annoying! Not as annoying as that idiot friend of his, tho!
      I’m here for Lay – just saying 😀 I do tend to like the tomb raider Chinese dramas because it fascinates me, plus so very full of cheesy special effects & CGI LOL I’m 6 episodes in so far….

      • I watched episode 2 and it finally hit me: the annoying AF girl detective is the same actress who was the female lead in “Tientsin Mystic”. I didn’t mind here there; here… wish I could say she improved in episode 2.

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