The Fiery Priest Recap: Ep 11&12

Father Kim goes round and round this week trying to out-think the bad guys, all while keeping his temper. Makes a viewer wonder what it is that will send him into a justice-seeking rampage? It feels like we need something along those lines to get this story moving.


There is something so satisfying about seeing a bad guy being thwarted. Which is what happens when Father Kim finds the location of the debt ridden “victims” in the case and snags them right from the hands of the bad guys.

Sadly, they are kidnapped right back by the Russian mob when they waylay our young Rookie and leave her beaten on the street as they take away the crooked witnesses. I can’t be the only one that screamed at Rookie to stay in the car and drive. Especially when she was so outnumbered. Sometimes your ability to beat people up just isn’t enough (Unless you are Father Kim.)

Upon being reacquired The Head Mafioso declares that they will be shipped off to Russia where they can no longer be a threat to the bad guys’ plans. The witnesses are tossed into a shipping container and Father Kim declares that there is no way to get them at this time. It cracked me up when Detective Goo inquired how Father Kim knew so much about the Russian Mob and he simply replied that this kind of thing is common knowledge.

The Bad Guys are so generic

The theme of this episode really does seem to be déjà vu since we yet again watch Cheol-Bum get chewed out by all the inept rich guys. One has to wonder how they remain so ignorant of the threat he poses. Just looking at Cheol Bum’s expression when he is around them, one knows that the second he can destroy them, he will.

We also see Detective Goo & Prosecutor Park chewed out by their bosses (again) as they are blamed for everything that goes wrong. At this point I am almost ready to give up on either of these two gathering their courage to jump ship and do the right thing.

I don’t want to give up on them because it would be a shame since I had such high hopes back when the drama started. Is this maybe just a pacing problem? Or does the writer want them to be stuck in the ethically gray middle til the end?

Father Kim VS the Russian Maffia

We get so many moments where Father Kim just looks divine. His ability to be the focus of a room is one of the best things about this drama. And out of all those moments, I thought he looked the best when he was bantering back and forth with the head of the Russian mob.

Maybe it was the black and red color scheme? Or maybe the electric lighting that highlighted his face just perfect. Whatever the cause, Father Kim was looking mighty fine as he tried to get information from his hilarious Russian adversary.

Run by a bunch of Satans

As expected, the bad guys make their move by removing the orphanage and charity center from the Catholic Church’s control. They are setting up a figurehead by another religion (one that the head Nun calls a cult religion) and everyone is very upset. Especially the head nun. I think our Father Kim is starting to rub off on her since she had multiple angry outbursts this week.

Deciding that he had to check it out before making a decision, Father Kim goes to the charlatan church and sees the head pastor taking money and faking miracles. And standing in the wings, laughing at the spectacle is Cheol-Bum. Enraged Father Kim confronts him in the parking lot. Egging Cheol-Bum into fighting him man to priest man. They both begin throwing expert punches and each reassess the other’s skills as we cut to this week’s cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong. I am still loving this drama. However, there were multiple times in the last two episodes that I felt we were watching the same thing happen over and over. How many times is Father Kim going to get suckered by a crooked police department? How many times is Prosecutor Park going to take being yelled at by her boss for all his shortcomings? How many times are we going to have to watch all these weaselly bad guys come up on the winning end? I need some plot movement so I feel that we are going somewhere with all the investigating and not just spinning in circles.

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