The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 13 & 14

We are halfway through and if you squint closely you can see a tiny thread of story arc hidden between all the sexy Kim Nam Gil priestness. Come join me as I discuss the events of this week and whether they are worth the time it takes to watch.

This drama is such a tease

We left off last week with Father Kim and Cheol Bum face each other mano e mano. Fists start flying, gazes meet each other in surprise as Cheol Bum realizes that Father Kim is more than just a pretty face, and then….nothing. The noise of a group of people comes through the parking garage and the fight ends.

Just when I think we are about to get into some serious butt-kicking action the story pulls back and Father Kim literally puts his priestly persona back on. UGH! All i want is to see one of the bad guys go down in a blaze of black and blue glory. Is that to much to ask?

You can cure everything with Ukha

Uhm……. There is no way I would let anyone, especially my spiritual leader grab my belly fat and yell Ukha. That is all kinds of crazy. I will approve of Father Kim bursting in and stopping this travesty.

He informs the fake leader that he is pretty much a cult and no better than Satan in his eyes. Father Kim lets him know that he and his Ukha cult shenanigans better stay away from the orphanage.

A group of Satans

I, personally, loved the scene where Father Kim gave a detailed explanation to the nun and mini priest over what is really going on. Pretty much it is a detailed money laundering scheme that uses the orphanage and charity organization. Seriously, how low can you go? They really are a group of Satans.

That’s my egg

Just like fungus, Detective Goo continues showing up whether Father Kim wants him there or not. However, luckily for us viewers, he is slowly shifting to Team Priest. Not knowingly, but we can all see that he is a lot less adamant then he used to be. Also, he is obviously learning that nothing trumps crazy priest when it comes to getting justice.


Prosecutor Park is still on the upswing on Team Evil. Not that she knows that since she is exiled to the country. All in an effort by her slimy boss to humble her to the point she can be a proper underling. UGH. He is just so slimy. I also hope that this backfires because she is obviously above such highhanded mentoring.

Food poisoned orphans

We finally are on the track to really taking down the bad guys…..maybe. And it is all because of a food poisoning case at the orphanage. We learn that one of the children might be dying soon. Yes, you heard right, dying because she doesn’t have enough money to get the good drugs. Father Kim offers to pay for it himself and while he is rampaging through the system looking to make the poisoners pay, he discovers that it is connected to Team Evil. He decides that this is the Lord’s way of giving him the go-ahead to take them down. First, take out the food poisoners who are a company owned by a relative of one of the big 4 bad guys. Then the others will fall like a chain of dominoes.

Catch them one by one

I really enjoyed seeing Father Kim go all biblical justice on the food service owner (and can we just pause a moment to say “ew”.) Father Kim promptly beats down all the bad guys and forces the owner to pay for the medical bills of the orphan. Way to go Father Kim.

Scrooge McDucking

It’s a good thing that Father Kim detailed their need to launder money or I would be really confused why they keep it all there Scrooge McDuck style. I don’t know about you all but I would not want to trust all my money with three other evil people. What happens if one of them kicks the bucket or disappears? Then all that beautiful money will be locked away forever since you need all four fingerprints to open the vault.

Final Thoughts:

I still feel like we are slowly circling the drain plotwise. Yes, there are little nuggets of story that are thrown out every now and then. But they are far and few between and I just need more. At least I can console myself that some semblance of a plot is mixed in with all the filler. Also, I get to enjoy the distraction of a sexy Kim Nam Gil for yet another week. Which surprisingly is a good enough reason to continue another week.

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