The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 15 & 16

So, before we get started on the recap… I’m going to digress a lot because we’ve hit that patch where nothing really new is happening and I’m a little bored. Can we take a minute to talk about this trend of hottie evil minions? Cheol Bum’s trusty right-hand man is a real hottie! He’s all stoic and hot and evil and hot. It’s enough to distract a fangirl every time he’s in a scene! Prosecutor Park’s nemesis, her boss’s minion, is also pretty hot. I’m ok with this trend of hottie flower boy evil minions, at least they are nice to look at. Join me this week as I hope this story starts to progress a little more and stops going in circles.

The baseball hit heard round the world

Father Kim has been set up by the Crazy Cult Leader. He races to the orphanage to save the kids from Ukha, only to have his temper tested beyond restraint. he ends up barely tapping CCL, but he hits Detective Goo on accident also. Detective Goo has a concussion and is seeing a Grim Reaper. Is he going to die? Not yet.

Oh my gosh! Crazy Ukha Lady was taping the whole “fight scene”. I was cracking up because she had her phone in her belt like some kind of weird belt buckle so it wouldn’t be obvious that she was taping everything. One of the nuns “picked up” the Crazy Ukha Lady’s cell phone. Now it’s time to delete the incriminating video! Please tell me they deleted the video!

Hometown Pride?

Prosecutor Park has been sent back to the sticks where she grew up. She’s not impressed, but the bad guys are “training” her. Her boss meets up with Bad Wig Lady and discusses a horrible dog training method with boiling water and says he’s only trying to “sting” her a little. Ugh. I hope she rises up from all of this and kicks him in the teeth. Meanwhile two of her father’s friends are following her every step.

Unlikely Partnerships

The Bad Guys are “training” Prosector Park in the hopes that she will join them. They hope she will be willing to turn a blind eye after her demotion to the middle of nowhere. When Corrupt Police Chief mentions this at a Bad Guy family dinner, Cheol Bum’s head about snaps off. Something tells me that he may not be a loyal dog much longer.

On the Good Guy front, Father Kim also looks to enter into a partnership. He has an actual conversation with the Clerk. Since the Clerk is working at the contaminated food factory part time, Father Kim is going to have him keep his eyes and his ears open.

Who’s side are you on?

It’s starting to look like Detective Goo is coming over to the Good side. But he doesn’t know that Cheol Bum has eyes on him and he sees that Detective Goo seems to be helping Father Kim more than causing trouble. So he drags him in to threaten him with the one thing that really matters to Detective Goo, his slain partner’s family. It’s time for Detective Goo to make a choice. Of course, we have a flashback to when his partner died. His partner’s last words were “don’t die”. That’s when he found out how much power Cheol Bum had in the police department.

Side note: Every time that I see Kim Won Hae as the Russian thug I feel regret. What a waste of an actor. He’s done nothing but smirk and polish glasses for a few episodes. Yes, he looks awesome in his perfect guyliner, but he’s completely underused in this drama.

An even bigger villain.

Who’s worse than gangsters? Hospitals. A little girl’s life hangs in the balance, but she’s about to be unplugged and shipped back to the orphanage to die. Why? Because her bill has to be paid before they do anything for her. This is the same little girl who was struck by food poisoning and her immune system was compromised. Guess who has dirt on the hospital administrator and gets them a few more days to pay? Detective Goo. Maybe he’s coming around…

Family troubles for Prosecutor Park

She’s got a complicated relationship with her father. He shows up at her work wearing a neck brace and asking her to handle a lawsuit with the neighbors. Then he asks her for money. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. She’s hit her breaking point. She shows up at her old boss’ office and gets on her knees asking for her place back. I’m tired of wondering if she is good or bad.

Time for a take down!

It’s about to go down at the Bad Family Food Factory. Detective Goo warns Cheol Bum they are coming to investigate. Cheol Bum tells Bad Hair Thug to flatten Father Kim. Father Kim, Detective Goo, and Rookie are trying to gather information on The BFFF. They have Clerk on the inside and he’s well fed so he’s got his listening ears on. Clerk and the Thai Worker are trying to gather more information for Father Kim. Oh my gosh, these guys are the Korean Laurel and Hardy! Wait, did I just show my age? Do people still know about Laurel and Hardy?

The Bad guys go after Father Kim and draw blood, then they go after Rookie, and Detective Goo loses it. Instead of ending with one of Father Kim’s flying kicks, we have Detective Goo shoot through the air and he hits Bad Hair Guy like a battering ram. His weapon? His head.

My thoughts:

I’m getting really tired of the circle we are going in. Father Kim and the Bad Family keep going round and round and NOTHING is happening. We have lots of plot points: a dead priest, corruption in the police and prosecutor’s departments, a dying child, and more corruption everywhere we turn. While I appreciate that our characters are all straddling the line between good guys and bad guys, I desperately need people to start choosing sides, and it needs to be the right side. Our Fiery Priest spends more time dealing with thugs and whiny nuns than he does doing his real job and I kind of feel like he needs to do his real job too. That’s what hooked me in the first place, this priest who tend his flock in the pulpit and goes out and fights for them.

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