A Love Letter to The Crowned Clown

Sometimes a drama is just SO good that a first impression is just not enough. Sadly, we didn’t recap The Crowned Clown, so the only thing left to do is rave about it now that it’s over.

The Crowned Clown had everything I could ask for in a sageuk. An epic romance, fantastic costuming, deep and layered relationships, talented actors, and gorgeous scenery. It managed to keep its intense storyline throughout, while peppering in comedy and romance.

***SPOILER WARNING*** Full series review ahead

Yeo Jin Goo has matured into an actor that has so much gravitas that I constantly forget his age. He toggled between the roles of the wicked drugged up king and the hopeful impressionable clown with such ease. I was drawn to him in every scene. His relationship with both Secretary Lee and Eunuch Jo were the highlight of the drama, only second to his relationship with the Queen.

I loved that the show managed to paint so many of the characters as more than just black and white. Secretary Lee was both loyal to the throne, even killing for his king, and to the people. His ideas of what was best for the nation didn’t always allow him to do what was right. When the show first started he was stern, only using Ha Seon for his face. The more these two got to know each other, the more Lee realized that the nation would benefit from a king with Ha Seon’s fire and passion. The culmniation of their relationship was when Secretary Lee finally bowed down to Ha Seon as his king, and put all of his trust and faith in him. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. And though his end made me very sad, he did kill the king and ended up paying for that sin with his life.

Speaking of Secretary Lee, can we get his younger years as a prequel? I would love to see him fall for Woon Sim and then choose duty over her. It would be heartbreaking, but also a very interesting story. Maybe they could get Jang Hyuk to play the king. LOL.

Ha Seon was able to earn Eunuch Jo’s respect and adoration pretty early on, and their relationship gave me so much happiness. When the real king returned and Eunuch Jo thought Ha Seon was dead, yet still called him Your Majesty, I knew who the real king was in our sweet eunuch’s heart.

You cannot praise this show without giving a standing ovation to Lee Se Young. She conveyed strength and depth in every scene she was in. She had such amazing chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo and she managed to make it feel different depending on which character he was playing. Often times the female lead in a historical drama feels little more than a pawn, but the Queen had purpose and added so much. One of my favorite aspects of the romance was how they used the library and little notes to push the relationship forward. SO MUCH CUTE.

Part of what originally drew me to this story was that it had a female director (a rarity in this industry). She did not fail my expectation and made every moment intense and beautiful.

If I have one complaint about the show, it would be that the very, very end was a bit vague. He was absent for two years, and that allowed for his enemies to believe he was dead. With that, the legend of the clown with the king’s face was tied together with his death, so it did complete the story. But… what really did happen to him and why couldn’t he find his way back to his queen for two years?

Still, I am very happy that they made it of the palace alive, and eventually found each other. It’s more than I could have hoped for with your normal sageuk ending.

I’d love for you to share your favorite scenes and characters.

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  1. I spent way too much of this show thinking “E’er’body gonna die! Why am I watching? E’er’body gonna die!” But I kept watching because it just wouldn’t let me stop!

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