The Fangirls’ Essential Ever Night

Just for you, we have one more fun thing to go with our Ever Night podcasts. We give you the essential episodes, the ones with the most plot and the least down time. Check out our episode summaries!

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to tackle all 61 episodes (counting the 12 Special) we have chosen the best 5 of every 10 for you to concentrate on, although we won’t be surprised if you get pulled into the whole story. See HERE for our character list. NOTE: THERE ARE LOTS OF SPOILERS!

Abbreviations: BFS = Big Fight Scene; GP = Grand Priest; FB = Flashback

Episodes 1-10

Our recommendations: Episodes 1, 2, 6, 7, 9.

Episode 1: Ning Que fights bandits on the Northern border. [BFS] The Princess escapes the Mongols. [BFS] Long Qing is assigned to find the HQ of the Demon Sect.

Episode 2: Ning Que told to escort the Princess home and take the entrance exam for Tang Academy. Their group gets attacked. [BFS]

Episode 3: The Emperor’s brother kills an official, replaces with Bad Teeth guy. Long Qing hunts Demon sect. FB: The GP of Light blackmails General Xia to do the massacre. FB: Long Qing and Chong Ming as children.

Episode 4: Chong Ming runs a resistance group against Tang. Ning Que meets Zhuo Er, who identifies Bad Teeth guy as massacre conspirator. FB: Ning Que and Zhuo Er meet as children.

Episode 5: Long Qing finds a Demon Sect map. Ning Que opens a calligraphy store in a building belonging to Chao. GP of Talisman tests passersby for calligraphy skills, meets Ning Que.

Episode 6: Chao sees Ning Que stalk Bad Teeth guy, who reveals two more massacre conspirators: a blacksmith and a tea-master. Chao asks Ning Que for help in an upcoming fight [BFS]

Episode 7: [BFS] continued. GP of Talisman shows up and ends it. More men meet on a bridge. [BFS] Ning Que is called to palace, sneaks into Emperor’s study and leaves some calligraphy.

Episode 8: Ning Que becomes a secret bodyguard. The Emperor rants at his brother and many officers. Chao resigns and leaves town. Long Qing returns to Xiling. The map was lost but he had it memorized.

Episode 9: Academy entrance test; Ning Que does not do well in written test and music. Princess goes to watch and is attacked by Yan rebels. [BFS] Tang Academy Second Brother fights with flying swords.

Episode 10: Some Yan rebels are captured, some are poisoned by Chong Ming. Justice department kills a Light priest, Long Qing resists, is helped by Flower and Dao Maniacs. [BFS] First day of class at the Academy.

Episodes 11-20

Our recommendations: Episodes 11, 12, 12S, 14, 15

Episode 11: Students introduced to the library, the magic books make them sick. Ning Que starts taking notes and 12th Brother answers him; they are very cute. Ning Que tracks down the blacksmith.

Episode 12: Long Qing and Dao Maniac defend Light priest. [BFS] Long Qing badly injured and passes a magic level, Flower Maniac heals him. Ning Que stabs blacksmith. FB: blacksmith and Ning Que when he was a kid.

Episode 12 Special: (FB episode) Xiling fights barbarians and Demon sect. [BFS] GP of Light sends out ravens, they circle above Lin mansion. Woman with baby leaves the neighbor’s house. General Lin is killed, as well as everyone at his estate. [BFS] Yan fights Tang. [BFS]

Episode 13: Ning Que writes letters to Sang Sang, GP Talisman finds and copies it. Ning Que and 12th Brother still writing notes. Long Qing visits his father, and is told to become Fuzi’s student and destroy Tang.

Episode 14: Ning Que fights the tea-master, hears Emperor’s brother ordered the massacre. [BFS] Ning Que injured, Vermillion Bird attacks, he makes it to the library. Sang Sang and 12th Brother revive him.

Episode 15: Ning Que recovers, starts cultivating. 3rd Prince gives poison to Little Sixer thinking it is laxative; got it from State Preceptor’s student. Chao goes to Southern Jin and gets zapped.

Episode 16: Chao attacked by Xiling spy, escapes off a cliff. The Empress treats Sixer with magic. The Emperor finds Ning Que’s calligraphy and hunts for who was in his study. Chong Ming sends assassins against General Xia.

Episode 17: Xia destroys Yan army camp in payback. [BFS] Princess plots with her uncle and punishes her brother. Yan King visits Xia to plot. Everyone talking about Long Qing coming.

Episode 18: 3rd Prince being trained for army, and not doing well. Chong Ming proposes to Princess, she says no. She invites Academy students to dinner, also Long Qing arrives. Verbal sparring all around.

Episode 19: More verbal sparring. Long Qing wants Sang Sang and Ning Que says no. Princess asks him to become Fuzi’s student to keep Long Qing out. The Yan princes meet and promise to never fight.

Episode 20: Test to be Fuzi student, climb mountain, spikes, and perform magic. Sang Sang goes up no trouble. State Preceptor and GP Talisman find Ning Que’s calligraphy; want him as their student.

Episodes 21-30

Our recommendations: Episodes 21, 23, 26, 27, 29

Episode 21: More tests on the mountain; Long Qing and Ning Que see illusions, Fuzi asks questions. Ning Que wins, is congratulated. GP Talisman objects to him being Fuzi’s student.

Episode 22: Arguments over whose student Ning Que will be.

Episode 23: Long Qing leaves the city humiliated. Xiling priest kidnaps Ning Que. Sang Sang gets GP Talisman to help, they find him. [Magic BFS] Ning Que to be the student of GP Talisman and Fuzi both.

Episode 24: 12th Brother introduces Ning Que to the senior students. Ning Que meets Emperor. Many people buying copies of his calligraphy. GP Talisman starts teaching Ning Que.

Episode 25: GP Talisman teaching Ning Que. Chong Ming returns to Yan, the king angry. Long Qing returns to Xiling and breaks up with Flower Maniac. Ning Que has to run errands for senior students.

Episode 26: The State Preceptor’s student becomes the tutor of 3rd Prince. GP of Light glows like the sun and walks out of the dungeon. 2nd Brother teaches Ning Que the flying sword.

Episode 27: Ning Que annoys everyone with magic practice. Demon Sect leader and his sister Xiaotang come south with wolf puppy. GP Talisman teaches Ning Que about city’s protective formation.

Episode 28: Ning Que draws his first talisman in the air. He asks 12th Brother why Demon Sect is evil. Wasteland people migrating south to old home in the grasslands, hunted by Xiling and Mongols. [BFS]

Episode 29: Xiling sends Long Qing and army to find the heavenly book and asks other nations to help to fight the Demon Sect. The Emperor sends the Academy students with Ning Que in charge.

Episode 30: Book Maniac admires and copies Ning Que’s writing. She is taking students to the wasteland to find the heavenly book. Full Moon and Southern Jin sword students are going also. Senior students give Ning Que gifts.

Episodes 31-40

Our recommendations: Episodes 31, 32, 35, 36, 40

Episode 31: GP Light comes to the city, Sang Sang feeds him, he sees her glowing. Tang students leave the city; arrive at the camp. Ning Que meets Book Maniac at a hot spring. Demon Sect 3rd Elder goes to Tang, and meets Empress.

Episode 32: Full Moon student threatens Book girls, and Ning Que fights him. Sang Sang helps GP Light, so he asks her to be his student. Book Maniac assigned to transport supplies. 3rd Elder asks Empress for help.

Episode 33: General Xia sends Braid guy to kill Ning Que; he brings fake bandits against supply train. Book Maniac requests help, but Full Moon granny ignores it. [BFS] GP Light and Sang Sang are doing chores.

Episode 34: 3rd Elder plays with Sixer, and magic attacks 3rd Prince. Empress says she will protect the king, but in a magic fight, the Elder zaps her. Flower Maniac meets Book Maniac, trade insults. Wastelanders negotiate.

Episode 35: Princess brings soldiers; Emperor allows a place for Wastelanders to live, while Elder disappears in smoke. Book Maniac confronts Full Moon about not helping against bandits; Ning Que is revealed as 13th Teacher.

Episode 36: GP Light teaching Sang Sang; she lights up her finger, will be the priestess. Ning Que and Book Maniac look for the heavenly book and meet Wastelanders who feed them. Long Qing and Dao Maniac are also looking; Xiaotang magic-fights Long Qing.

Episode 37: Long Qing threatens Ning Que, they bet on who levels up first. Ning Que sees the underwater gate, and advances a level. Long Qing attacks and Ning Que shoots back and ruins LQ’s magic ability.

Episode 38: GP Light teaches Sang Sang. Dao and Book Maniacs fight. Lake dries up revealing a cave, Ning Que and Maniacs enter and fight the evil guy inside. Xiaotang wants to study with Fuzi.

Episode 39: More fighting; evil cave guy puts demon spell on Ning Que and disappears in smoke. They escape the cave. GP Talisman locates GP Light, leaves the magic key to the city’s protective formation with the Emperor.

Episode 40: GP Talisman confronts GP Light, they argue and agree to meet next day and fight. 2nd and 12th Brothers come to witness. Sang Sang brings urns. Magic fight/aerial display.

Episodes 41-50

Our recommendations: Episodes 41, 42, 44, 45, 50

Episode 41: GP Talisman and Light end fight, disappear in the light. Xiaotang guides Ning Que’s group to safety. General Xia attacks and 1st Brother appears and protects them. Flower Maniac looking for Long Qing.

Episode 42: Long Qing fights with Wastelander and wanders around barefoot in the snow. Rejects Flower Maniac. 1st Brother’s horseback riding is very fake. He tells Xia to retire. Yan king’s favorite child is Chong Ming now.

Episode 43: Braid guy reports Ning Que to the army as a murderer. He picks a fight and Ning Que gets possessed by black smoke and kills him. Sang Sang is arrested to be questioned about Ning Que. Long Qing becomes a beggar.

Episode 44: Dao Maniac reports to Xiling, and has lost a lot of power. State Preceptor’s student visits Sang Sang in jail. 12th Brother takes her home. At Empress’ party, a noblewoman thinks Sang Sang is her long lost child.

Episode 45: Sang Sang’s parents prove she is their daughter and want her to live with them. Ning Que returns home with Book Maniac in tow; Sang Sang is jealous. Ning Que admits he is spellbound.

Episode 46: Ning Que talks to senior students about how he used their gifts. A martial artist comes to challenge him; he holds in the demon power but they are both injured. Sang Sang worries about Book Maniac.

Episode 47: Sang Sang visits Book Maniac, says she accepts her, and then goes to her parents’ house. Ning Que comes and argues about where she belongs. The senior students take sides.

Episode 48: Senior students argue about Ning Que’s marriage. A Martial Artist from Full Moon challenges Ning Que and zaps him but the umbrella deflects it back and the guy dies. Ning Que breaks up with Book Maniac.

Episode 49: Full Moon granny mourns the dead guy, and sends an ambassador to complain to Emperor. Xiling spy gets the brother of Jin Sword leader to go challenge Ning Que next. Fuzi sentences Ning Que to the repenting cliff.

Episode 50: Ning Que stuck in a cave until learns to defeat force field. Monastery leader who is exiled on a boat tells Long Qing that he can recover. Dao Maniac is threatened by evil Xiling guy.

Episodes 51-60

Our recommendations: Episodes 51, 52, 54, 59, 60

Episode 51: The senior students visit Ning Que. Xiaotang becomes the student of 3rd Sister. Priests come to take Sang Sang to Xiling. Ning Que gets out of the cave and tells them no. Jin leader’s brother challenges Ning Que, they fight.

Episode 52: Boat-exile sends Long Qing to study at the monastery. Jin Sword leader is angry and sends magic sword power to Dao Maniac. Chao is found and nursed to health by a kind widow and he helps her against bullies.

Episode 53: Long Qing begins study at the monastery. Chao leaves town, taking the widow with him. General Xia is attacked [BFS]. Dao Maniac receives a letter with sword power. Emperor gives Ning Que the key to the protective formation.

Episode 54: Ning Que buys a house on a lake. Long Qing does chores, faints at reading magic books, finds magic pills. Evil priests attack Dao Maniac, she fights them and leaves Xiling. Long Qing finds a creepy guy in the cave.

Episode 55: Ning Que sets protective formations around his lake. General Xia visits Xiling, they offer him a magic pill. Long Qing visits creepy cave guy again. Dao Maniac’s brother, who has been meditating in a cave for 15 years, finally comes out.

Episode 56: Dao Maniac comes to the lake house, says she will stay. Her brother comes to see her. Bad feelings with them and 12th Brother. Xia visits Emperor’s brother, wonders if Ning Que is the son of General Lin.

Episode 57: Dao Maniac shows magic sword moves to Ning Que. Her brother comes to the branch of his monastery, says ordinary people don’t deserve to listen to him. Local monk says everyone deserves to learn.

Episode 58: Dao Maniac teaches magic to Sang Sang. Long Qing sucks power out of creepy cave guy and kills him, then eats the magic pill. Emperor fights his brother, accuses him of being behind the case of General Lin.

Episode 59: Court meets to retire General Xia, Emperor asks about Lin case. Ning Que challenges Xia to duel. Emperor exonerates General Lin. Ning Que says they left out the servants. He’s one of them and wants justice.

Episode 60: Xia meets Ning Que on the frozen lake; [BFS] they use magic weapons and fly through the air. Sang Sang glows like the sun and sends power into Ning Que and then collapses. Xia eats Xiling’s magic pill and disappears in sparks. Long Qing hides out in a cave and threatens to get Ning Que yet.

There you have it, this is essentially the cheater’s list. You can use it to skip episodes or rewatch your favorites. Tell us how you enjoy this drama and our podcasts!


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3 thoughts on “The Fangirls’ Essential Ever Night

  1. While not a perfect drama, it has been a very entertaining one. I think Chen Feiyu’s age-appropriate casting and naturalness on camera (I for one do like his eyebrows and find his expressions spot on for a guy his age — no way do I expect a kid to have the ability to “act with his eyes” the way Ni Dahong does). But that said, it only took me about ten episodes to realize that I could FF (fast forward) through most temple of light blah-blah posturing (must kill son of Hades) and thirty to do the same with Long Qing the whiner scenes.

    • I enjoyed Ning Que’s irreverence and self confidence, and never being abashed at how important or powerful anyone else was. Yes, you can safely skip the evil Xiling exposition fairy, haha, and also all the whining the prince does. I hope the Flower Maniac is done with him.

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