The Fangirls’ Movie Review: My Ex and Whys

Looking for a romantic comedy to watch this Friday night instead of going out on the town? Come find out if the Filipino movie My Ex and Whys fits the bill.



Popular Blogger Cali is hired for a marketing campaign alongside another viral sensation: her ex-boyfriend Gio, who’s intent on winning her back.


Kmuse: I’ll be honest, I am of the opinion that if a person is once a cheater than he will always be a cheater. So my ability to get past that and enjoy the story was tested (especially by a bunch of the side characters.) That said, the chemistry between Cali and Gio is undeniable and I was totally sucked in to their love story.

Clkytta: OK, so I’m on the same team as Kmuse, cheaters don’t really change. That said, they did try to make his situation one we would be sympathetic with. I liked how they used this to really explore how people feel about cheating.


Kmuse: I always get a secret thrill of seeing Korea show up in other country’s films. So I really loved those scenes. I also have some serious hair envy when it comes to the leading lady’s shortened locks, so while it is not actually part of the cinematography, I felt it deserved a shout out.

Clkytta: I liked the regular settings: the coffee shop, the homes, the tedious call center. It’s always interesting to see the everyday places in other countries. The difference between Gio’s bachelor pad and Cali’s Aunt’s home give you insight into their lives.


Kmuse: I had a hard time dealing with Geo’s brothers and father. Ugh..what male pigs. It is unbelievable that such a sweet guy could come from that upbringing. Cali’s aunts and bestie also had their annoying moments. Thank goodness that my love for the OTP (one true pairing) was able to overcome that.

Clkytta: So many caricatures! It’s the scorned women versus the lover boys. I don’t think the men were necessarily bad, just careless with women’s feelings. One of the uncles seemed to have a decent head on his shoulders. Side note: I recognized several actors from other dramas I’ve watched. I spent way too much time trying to place a couple of the men, lol.


Kmuse: There were times that I felt the male and female characterizations were too broad and that took me out of the story. But for the most part I enjoyed the movie and I was glad for the escapism it gave. I give this one a 7.5 out of 10.

Clkytta: The OTP were what made this for me. I loved Enrique Gil’s sad faces and brooding looks. Honestly, if the story had been longer I wouldn’t have liked it as well. I also give it a 7.5, it’s not one I will watch again, but it was a pleasant diversion.

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