The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 17 & 18

So this week the plot continues to slog along. This drama is such a weird mixture of hope and despair. Our cast continues to give their all, but the writing is kind of letting me down. I still feel like we are going in circles and I’m a little dizzy.

Time for a takedown!

Father Kim lines up all the bad guys and they go to jail. We have some comedy with Detective Goo and Bad Hair Thug laying limp on the ground, smacking each other on their cheeks. Not only did everyone go to jail, but not their transgressions are all over the news. Points to Team priest.

God outranks the Police Chief

The corrupt Police Chief comes in to set all the bad guys free and Father Kim interferes. He says he’s hearing God’s voice telling him they should be punished. He’s got a ruler and everyone is flinching like they are about to be hit. This time he’s got lots of evidence and he’s confident they won’t be able to weasel out of this situation.

Bad Hair = Bad Decisions

Bad Hair Thug Lady gives a press conference and stakes her position the Health Department not being corrupt. A reporter in the back chimes in and we see it’s our Fiery Priest and he’s pushing all her buttons. He then calls her on her promise and releases evidence of the corruption. His smirks when he catches her in his trap, then he throws the documents in the air for the reporters to catch.

Unlikely Heroes

Convenience Store Guy and Thai Worker have achieved the impossible and gotten all the information for Father Kim. Convenience Store Worker suddenly shines bright and he is the protector of the information they found. I’m not so sure he’s the right person to protect something that important.

Prosecutor Park almost tells her boss that she thinks Father Kim is some kind of agent. Oddly, she can’t seem to get the words out. I still don’t trust her, but maybe she’s not completely out for herself.

Detective Goo gets called out by Cheol Bum. In typical thug fashion, they put him in a car and proceed to crush the car. Amazingly though, Detective Goo stays strong and doesn’t give them any information. He really has chosen a side!

Prosecutor Park is here to play

All the thugs are let out of jail and the Health Dept people stay. In walks Prosecutor Park, back in her position with all her snark and glory. Prosecutor Park has called in the Health Dept and she’s got all of them under her thumb once she shows them all the blackmail information she has on them. She’s in control of what they do now.

There’s a New Head Thug in Town

With Bad Hair Lady stepping down, everyone wants her job. It looks like Prosecutor Park’s Boss is the one to emerge victoriously and take the position. He’s so slimy! Not everyone is happy though. There wasn’t a vote and Cheol Bum looks at him thoughtfully. I know he’s up to something.

Think of the Child

The poor little orphan is still in the hospital and a pawn in the play between the thugs and the church. Prosecutor Park has called in the head nun from the orphanage and she’s laid out some pretty sad options for her. Option number 1, sign an agreement to drop the charges and the bad guys will pay for the sick girl’s care. Option 2, know that a court case will take at least two years to resolve and the kid won’t be able to afford medical care during that time. Of course the nun signs so the kid can get medical care.

Things go downhill quickly

Everything starts to backfire. Thug Prosecutor has turned the tables on Father Kim and now Father Kim looks like he’s the corrupt one. The bad guys discover that Convenience Store Guy and Thai worker were the ones who stole the paperwork, so they are getting a beat down by Bad Hair Thug and his minions. Not before Bad Hair Guy gets taken down in a tongue twister battle with Convenience Store Clerk.

Don’t act like this isn’t all your fault

Guess who had her dirty hands in all this? Yup, Prosecutor Park. She and Father Kim exchange words and he calls her garbage. That makes her lose her mind and she head butts him, making both of them bleed. I don’t know what she’s up to, but at this point, she’s a part of Team Thug. Maybe just a fringe partner, but she’s shady.

Avenging Angel/Fiery Priest

Father Kim shows up to the warehouse where Convenience Store Clerk and Thai Worker are being held and beaten. Father Kim comes in like an avenging angel, or like a Fiery Priest. Only, he’s already injured and Hottie Minion takes him out when he gets distracted by Cheol Bum. Cheol Bum proceeds to beat the snot out of Father Kim.

My Thoughts

I’m getting really tired of the bad guys having so much power and our little church team having no one to help them. It feels so helpless. I’m not sure what’s happening with Prosecutor Park, she’s only out to help herself. I need Father Kim to stop getting beat up so much too. Poor Kim Nam Gil is already nursing real injuries from all the action scenes.

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