The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 19&20

This week I’m writing both recaps. I tried to be short and sweet, but the truth is I’m a talker and that spills over into my recaps. I’d rather do my usual speculating and pondering than trying to summarize. Y’all love that about me, right? Join me as I discuss hottie biker priests, promising prosecutors, and an epic act of revenge.

The Good Guys are all broken

Our good guys just had the crap beaten out of them and they are crumpled on the floor. Father Kim wakes up in the hospital with all of Kim Nam Gil’s real injuries (hand and broken ribs). Convenience Store Clerk and Thai Worker aren’t hurt as bad as we thought. Thai Worker is scared now and just wants to lay low, but Convenience Store Clerk is feeling pretty righteous.

The Bad Guys are plotting bad things

Bad Hair Thug shows up at Father Kim’s hospital room and causes trouble. He’s threatening everyone and enjoying every minute of it. Annoying Nun gets all angry and protective. At least she stopped whining for a minute, she’s more annoying than the bad guys! Prosecutor Head Thug is trying to get Prosecutor Park on Team Thug. He’s seeing how dirty she will get, so he’s got her going after two members of his party to see if they are “worthy to be in the family”.

A little comedy relief

Father Kim channels his inner Carrie Underwood and takes his keys to Cheol Bum’s car. I totally sang “Before He Cheats” in my head during this whole scene. Poor Hottie Minion Thug seems more upset than Cheol Bum.

The Bad Guys finally leave a trail

It looks like Rookie has made a connection to Cheol Bum and Mentor Priest’s death. Father Kim goes to chat (harass) Wangmat Foods guy. he manages to intimidate him into giving some information. They discover that Mentor Priest was spotted in Cheol Bum’s place. Cue tragic music.

It’s a stakeout! With a code name and everything!

Operation Dedenchi is cooked up at the church’s kitchen table. Here are the highlights:

-Detective Goo dressed in a grass suit watching Bad Hair Thug and his minions do gymnastics.

-Father Kim shows up in leathers on a really awesome bike. Everyone take a moment to appreciate the hotness of Kim Nam Gil in motorcycle gear. It’s a gift from God.

-The dynamic duo sneak into Cheol Bum’s villa using all sorts of super expensive spy gear.

Prosecutor Park is in turmoil

Meanwhile, inside the villa…

-Prosecutor Park is invited into the Team Thug. Cheol Bum is not pleased and makes a point of trying to threaten her. Prosecutor Park is not one who backs down and she puts him firmly in his place.

-Not only is she being threatened by Cheol Bum, but her body is betraying her. We spend an absurd amount of time focusing on her stomach issues. Koreans love their bathroom humor, don’t they?

-Cheol Bum meets her outside the Convenience Store and he’s got a shiny new convertible for her to drive. She’s loving it, but she’s not at the level where she’s willing to sell her soul for a car.

The last day of Mentor Priest

Father Kim and Detective Goo determine that there was a glass table at Cheol Bum’s. They spray luminol and discover blood on the floor. They take a sample, but we all know it’s Mentor Priest’s blood and he died there.

Getting caught

The bad guys all come back. Father Kim and Detective Goo hide in a bedroom. They are trapped inside with no way out, all the exits are covered. Prosecutor Park’s stomach ailment becomes more of an issue and she desperately needs a bathroom. Her desperate need for the bathroom becomes a huge comedic scene where she almost messes herself and toilet paper miraculously appears when she needs it. Our boys aren’t as stealthy as they think though. She walks out and sees them, well not them, because they are masked. Father Kim knocks her out and that’s that for this week.

Final Thoughts

We finally have a little more to this story. I’m relieved that Prosecutor Park isn’t quite as dirty as I thought she was. She’s showing some signs that maybe we will see her as an ally soon. I’m also a little curious about Hottie Minion, the way he cut his eyes at Cheol Bum when they were looking at the keyed up car and talking about loyalty made me wonder… How loyal is he?

Until the next outburst,


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4 thoughts on “The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 19&20

  1. 2 things: 1) I will now think of Kim Nam-Gil’s gorgeous high kicks and other hotness as “God-given gifts” which should never be disrespected (they’re gifts from God, right?) and must be appreciated because with broken ribs he won’t be doing them any more in this drama (unless he’s a machine); and 2) the placement of Lee Honey’s wound suggests to me that she’s covering up (or using in lieu of) Ash Wednesday ashes, as if to say “I’m still a good girl but I’ve got to hide it.” Of course, I’m bad and haven’t seen the episode yet in which she requires the bandage 🤕

  2. The reference to Chow Yun-Fat in A Better Tomorrow blew my out of the water! It totally caught me off guard. I started thinking, why does the background music sound so familiar? Then for him to do the lighter trick, just like CYF, it all came together and the joke made me cheer out loud! Beautiful moment and really helps you see where the writers influences come from! This show is AMAZING!

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