The Fiery Priest Recap: Episdoes 21-22

Bring on the comedy relief! Kim Nam Gil in drag is a sight to behold! How is this guy hot even when he’s cross-dressing? Let’s talk poopy pants, disguises, and a super expensive gourd. Let’s see if our story has anything else interesting this week.

Poopy Pants

Did we really just start off with them laying her on the bed and her farting? I’m not a fan of this kind of humor honestly. Bathroom humor isn’t my thing. Moving on, the bad guys discover that they’ve had a break in and go find an unconscious Prosecutor Park. She wakes up swinging and hits Cheol Bum pretty hard and almost clocks her boss.

Fatally attractive eyes

While she is icing her sore neck, Prosecutor Park is remembering what happened before she passed out. She is focused on a pair of “fatally attractive eyes”, aren’t we all Prosecutor Park? Detective Goo stole something to make it look like a real robbery. He just didn’t realize that he stole a super expensive gourd vase. Eeek! As they discuss that Rookie is wearing exactly what one of the thieves was wearing, everyone starts laughing. Everyone but Prosecutor Park. She’s back in control and barking orders. Oh I like this side of her!

A green-eyed monster

Prosecutor Park has Rookie take her home. She then proceeds to have a heart to heart with Rookie about Rookie’s crush on Father Kim. She points out that Rookie’s crush can put Father Kim in a bad place and ruin his reputation. Good point, but is this a green-eyed (jealousy) monster talking or is Prosecutor Park really concerned about Father Kim as a spiritual leader? I’m really enjoying how they are portraying Prosecutor Park. She’s given the car back to Cheol Bum and I love how she refuses to let him intimidate her.

Perfect disguises

Father Kim and Detective Goo are going to go look at the hiking trail they suspect was used to haul Mentor Priest up the cliff. Since it’s in Cheol Bum’s land, they have to go disguised. So of course Father Kim is dressed as a woman and Detective Goo is a sheik. Those disguises will fool everyone, right? Hmmm. They fool the inept security guard. They even fool a guy at the food tent. I’m cracking up at Father Kim’s little head tosses and the way he crosses his legs. That wig and those lips are even making Detective Goo act a little weird.

The man with a scar

We have a new member of Team Thug. It’s a man with a scar; there’s always some thug with a scar. I’m going to call him Scarface. Scarface is doing some private investigating on the shady guys that Prosecutor Park is also investigating. Is her boss trying to test her to see if she’s loyal? Probably. He’s also looking into Father Kim.

Maybe he isn’t on the same level as the other thugs. When Bad Hair Thug is messing with the Thai Worker, Scarface puts him in his place. You know what? Scarface looks familiar. Is he someone we’ve seen before or am I just remembering him from another show.


Prosecutor Park has figured out that one of the thieves was Father Kim. He’s eating ramen outside the store and she finally recognizes him from that night in the villa. She doesn’t confront him though. She just says “Stress” and walks inside. She’s not the only one who knows who he is, Scarface recognizes Father Kim’s techniques.

Cheol Bum gets a foot in the door

Shady Thug Prosecutor is courting Cheol Bum with the offer to join the higher ranks of Team Thug. All he has to do is kill a congressman, just like he killed Mentor Priest.

Ukha Blah Blah

I’m tired of Ukha Cult Leader. He’s working with the “Russian” from the bar. Blah Blah Blah. Interestingly though, he’s got some intel. Bad Hair Thug has bad drinking habits and told them about the vault with a big pile of money. So we’ve already had Cheol Bum obviously starting to conspire against Team Thug, but now we’ve got this little band of misfits who think they will try to go after the money. I’m thinking this will not work to plan.

How many signs do you need?

Father Kim is reading the news and he spits his drink on his laptop. Except he’s looking at a picture of one of the guys that Thug Prosecutor has ordered a hit on. Not only that, but the drink turns to blood on the screen over the guy’s face, the clock flashes 99:99, and birds are flapping in a ray of light, and Cutie Priest shows up with a signature that translates to “Save Him”. Yup Father Kim, God is trying to tell you something.

Double Oh Thai Spy!

While Bad Hair Thug and his minions discuss all their shady doings, the Thai worker happens to overhear their plans. He runs to tell Team Priest and the plotting begins. After all, this is a rescue mission ordained by God. We also have a very sweet makeup moment between our dynamic duo, as Thai Worker goes to see Convenience Store Clerk and hand feeds him dumplings. Now I want dumplings!


Prosecutor Park is obviously being set up by her boss to take the fall when they take out the Congressman. They’ve threatened the shady Chief (isn’t him being on Team Thug already proving his loyalty?) and now they have all their pieces in place. Except there is a black knight on a motorcycle heading out to save the day. Detective Goo rallies the troops at the station and off they go. Only, some guy singing BTS is blocking their way and Bad Hair Thug and his minions are attacking the car with the Congressman AND Prosecutor Park in it.

Up on the rooftop

No, not the Christmas song! Bad Hair Thug is up on the rooftop and his minions are about to toss the Congressman over in a staged “suicide” pretty similar to Mentor Priest’s. Just before they finish the job, Father Kim shows up. As they begin fighting, I’m hoping that they have Kim Nam Gil masked so that a body double can do the fighting for him. His poor ribs! Our Priest is trapped in the building, unable to escape. Detective Goo deflects the police, but there is still Prosecutor Park to contend with. Will she save him?

Final Thoughts

We are finally getting somewhere! Yes, it’s a circular somewhere, but it looks like the door is open for Prosecutor Park to step into Team Priest. I have loved her role in this episode. There’s something about a female character that is strong and doesn’t back down that really appeals to me. So what if she’s a really dark grey? She still has something of a conscious, and she knows how to play the game of politics. She will be a good ally for Team Priest.

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  1. Scarface looked like the guy who told Father Kim there were no children in that room, back when they were soldiers.

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