First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Doctor Prisoner

Namgoong Min is back and looking for revenge in the Medical/prison/revenge thriller Doctor Prisoner. Come find out if it is worth checking out as Kmuse gives her first impressions and unfiltered thoughts.

The political climate

Doctor Stranger seems to be following in the steps of dramas like Sky Castle who are firmly going after the entitled elite and making them pay for their wrong doings. Sadly, it doesn’t do it as deftly as the aforementioned drama. The entitlement of evil 2nd generation chaebol Lee Jae Hwon is ramped up to the nth degree. So much so that I ham rolling my eyes rather than being engrossed.

Chaebol politicking

The background of this story deals with a whole bunch of Lee family drama. They are obsessed with which child, wife, etc is going to be in charge of what companies and money. Pretty much the standard kill or be killed family dynamic of the rich. The only member which really excites me is older brother played by Choi Won Young. Unlike his younger brother, he is a more subtle rich bad guy.

Bad guy vs very grey guy

I am often a fan of good guys who learn that life sucks and they have to bend the rules to get what they want. The more grey the better, and few do that evil grey zone as well as Namgoong Min. He has often been in roles where he played the ethically dubious character to out right psycho. It also helps that Namgoon Min’s performance brings forth a gravitas to the character and therefore the drama. If it wasn’t for him I would probably dismiss the show as your typical medical show.

Doctor vs Doctor

It looks like a lot of the drama will be against the older, established, prison doctor and the new, out for revenge, doctor. So far they have really good sizzle as nemesises and I look forward to seeing where this all leads.

Will I continue watching

The story has enough interesting twists that I plan on watching next week then deciding whether to continue or not. If you like medical dramas or those that deal with revenge then you will probably really enjoy this show. If you don’t like those tropes than i suggest you skip since it looks like there will not be a lot of romance or comedy to lighten the story.

There you have it. My first thoughts about Doctor Prisoner. What do you think? Is this a show you are going to try? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out our other First Impression posts to find your next great drama addiction.

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