The Fangirls’ First Impression: He is Psychometric

Never trust a teaser! I was all set to not start this drama because it looked fluffy and full of singing. I like Kpop, but not usually the kind they put in dramas. Thankfully, the Fangirls and I are going through a slump so we all decided to give this one a try. My ab mystery loving heart thanks me. Join us as we give you our mostly filtered thoughts.

That Opening Scene!

Drama Geek: The opening scene sets up the mystery for the show and was a doozy. The two boys and our lead girl are all devastated by the murders/fire that happens in opening. The real murderer isn’t caught and all three of the kids are left without parents to raise them. But our young hero gains a little something in the tragedy. He becomes Psychometric.

Karie the Maknae: Holy EXCLAMATION! Yeah, that was not at all the opening I was expecting, given the plot summary for the show. I would quit reading plot synopses at this point, after all the misleading ones I’ve read over the last few months, but I need *something* to go on…..

Kmuse: I was not expecting any of this since I had it stuck in my head that this was a fluffy idol drama. I was so impressed that I was committed 100% after this scene. I love when a drama defies your expectations.

MiataMama: Not gonna lie – I wasn’t going to watch this “idol drama.” However, there was SO much chatter about it from the other fangirls, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just check out the first episode, right?! WOWZAS!!! That opener really packed a punch. Fifteen minutes in and I was totally on board for the long haul.

Clkytta: Like any good fangirl, I jumped on the bandwagon after my kbesties started talking about this one. I was sucked in on episode one. It’s got all the good tropes going on too. I love the whole family-by-choice trope, as well as shared childhood tragedy.

Kdrama Jen:  I am always up for a drama with a bit of a supernatural feel and an idol actor.  I was not expecting the first few minutes to be so full of, well, drama. It definitely pulled me in.

BAD or Maybe PERFECT Timing …

Drama Geek: The fact that they already had a bathroom spying plot in this drama makes my stomach sick. From what I’ve read over the last two weeks this is very common and that breaks my heart. Poor Jae In spent most of the first episode thinking Lee An really did spy on her while she changed. I’m glad they cleared it up so she could see her classmate properly.

Karie the Maknae: The mistaken Peeping Tom identity annoyed me — I really hate it when people assume something without solid proof. I also don’t love that bathroom peeping is even a thing. UGH. SERIOUSLY.

Kmuse: I can understand the confusion though. Red hoods are not as common as black on black bad guy outfits. Yes, this was definitely an ew moment.

MiataMama: Um, it was a very aptly timed, yet highly uncomfortable, part of the story. I was thankful that the misunderstanding was cleared up quickly and we could focus on the main mystery once again.

Clkytta: This was actually pretty believable because of the similar school uniforms. It was icky, but it showed that this is something that really happens. Not only does it highlight the problem of peeping Toms, but it also highlights how it’s hard to track them down.

Kdrama Jen: It was a recipe for disaster when someone wearing the same colored clothes as the bathroom pervert was also overheard making some comments that could be easily misunderstood. Still, I think getting the facts is an important step!

Our Goofy and Abtastic Lead

Drama Geek: I am not ALL shallowness. His ab scene in the second episode was only the icing on the cake for me. Jin Young does not present himself as a newbie actor and I am truly enjoying his character.

Karie the Maknae: I agree with Drama Geek. This is an idol drama all over, but it does NOT feel like it. And I’m slightly in love with Jin Young’s perpetual happiness and confidence. He’s like a cocky little ray of sunshine. ADORABLE.

Kmuse: I was starting to think that dramas had done away with the ab shots that used to be so common. Is it just me that thinks kdramas have less shower scenes than they used to?

MiataMama: I think I spent the first two episodes reminding myself that Jin Young was NOT Tacyeon! The two have very similar (to me) features and mannerisms. I’ve never seen Jin Young act before, so I was pleasantly surprised by the acting capacity this idol star brought to the table.

Clkytta: Thank you drama gods for shower scenes. I had to say that because we all know I always comment on the shirtless scenes. These guys work hard to create those abs, so we should appreciate their hard work. That said, Jin Young is really doing a great job acting. He’s an idol actor, but he’s not wooden and awkward like idol actors are usually.

Kdrama Jen: I remember really enjoying Jin Young’s younger version of Lee Min Ho’s character in Legend of the Blue Sea.  He didn’t seem like an idol actor then, and he seems even a bit more seasoned now. And since I have commented on his merit as an actor, I will now share that the aforementioned shower scene provided me with the platform to educate my fellow fangirls on the muscles known as “anterior serratus” that are on full display.  See? We are learning SCIENCE!

Untrustworthy Superpowers

Drama Geek: One of my favorite things is that they flipped the gender roles in this drama and our hero isn’t that bright and he’s also not exactly talented. He can’t even use his powers correctly. He never seems to have the information they need. I do suspect he’s been going at it all wrong trying to touch dead people and get the info.

Karie the Maknae: I can see where he’s going wrong, which means that the writer and the director are getting the foreshadowing just right. I LOVE THAT. From the handling of the foreshadowing alone, Psychometric has the hallmarks of a stellar drama. (I really hope I don’t have to eat those words later.)

Kmuse: I cracked up when all he figured out was the victims’ bra sizes. How embarrassing.

MiataMama: I love how he acts like a little kid, all proud of himself, when he gets to use his super powers to help! And on the flip side, every time he fails to bring the pertinent information, he hangs his head all dejectedly. It seriously makes me want to give him a big mom hug and tell him to keep trying!

Clkytta: I love that he’s got this extra sense. He’s not got much common sense, but that’s ok. He isn’t playing the victim and hiding what he can do, and honestly, that is refreshing. He knows that he needs to hone his powers and he’s trying to do what he can. I’m also glad he seems to have good friends at the police station who aren’t trying to take advantage of him.

Kdrama Jen: He is kind of bumbling through all of this.  It makes for some fun scenes.

Yay for Sismance!

Drama Geek: Yes, I do understand there is a pretty decent bromance in this drama, but what I love is that the older detective ended up being a role model for Jae In and an example of what a good cop can be. I look forward to them working together.

Karie the Maknae: YAY for all the healthy relationships in this drama so far! Well, as healthy as they can be, right? The sismance, the bromance . . . ok, the daddy long legs thing has me going “hmmmm….” but I love all the rest of it. *DG: I think most of his feelings come from guilt and not affection. I think he may be the reason her dad ended up being the suspect, and so he feels responsible.

Kmuse: I really do hope this turns into a good sismance. Those have been hard to find these last few months as well.

MiataMama: I want them to be one, big, real family by the end. After everything our characters have endured up until now, they deserve a happy ending.

Clkytta: I’m going to echo the hope that this sismance continues to grow. Bromances are awesome, but when girls lift each other up instead of being all catty, it just makes the story so much better. Everyone needs a good bestie and quality role models.

Kdrama Jen: Sismances make the world go round, so I am all for it.  

Hot Evil Bad Guy or Red Herring?

Karie the Maknae: Ummmm, I called total red herring on the hyung being the bad guy, but if this is a good drama, the writer might be messing with our heads. Now I’m overthinking it and I DON’T KNOW!!!

Kmuse: I swear it must be a red herring. All those poster/picture clues behind him are way to obvious.

Drama Geek: I agree with you two. I think he’s a red herring, but not completely innocent. I have a feeling he’ll be like the older brother in Come and Hug Me. He has a tortured past, and it’s not just the fire. I think his secrets are from before this incident and he may know more about the killer than he’s telling anyone.

MiataMama: Gaaaah — I just can’t make a call on the hyung yet!!! I keep going back and forth – is he really a good guy, or a bad guy in disguise? The fact that he’s immune to psychometric readings bothers me. Also, (maybe it’s just me ), I keep getting overly distracted by the fact that he looks like Lee Jong Suk at certain angles.

Clkytta: Red Herring!! I’m also channeling Come and Hug Me. The brother is holding himself back just enough that we can see that he cares but he’s not very expressive. He’s also got some secrets of his own that he may not feel like he’s able to share. My vote is tortured soul, not bad guy. He’s upright almost to a fault, like he knows someone is waiting for him to fall, but he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Kdrama Jen: There is nothing suspicious about his bad decorating.  Nope. Nothing to see here, folks. And, you know, it’s totally cool that he has been working the puppeteer strings and just calmly waiting for his little “brother” to meet the girl he has been playing Daddy Long Legs to for years.  Totally normal. And that stuffed bird in a cage? Who doesn’t have one?

Keep Watching or Ditch?

Karie the Maknae: I am all in on this one. There’s a great balance between the mystery and the comedy and I absolutely adore Jin Young’s character. The writing and directing seem to be solid, so I think I’m safe to say I’m in this for the long haul. I might even go so far as to say this is a sleeper crack drama — a super amazing drama that no one knows about. You heard it here first.

Kmuse: I’m totally invested and will be continuing to watch. I also love that the whole DWASOK group is watching this. It has been a while since we all were hooked on the same drama.

Drama Geek: I am totally in, even with my reservations that the casts’ newness may start showing eventually. I think it will be an enjoyable ride, and introduce us to some new talent.

MiataMama: I love mysteries and super powers and unreadable good guys, who might be bad guys, who are probably just good guys with painful backstories. This is totally not the drama I expected. . . and I LOVE it! I will definitely be sub-stalking this one every week.

Clkytta: I’m neck-deep in schoolwork and lesson plans, but this drama has made the cut. I don’t have time right now to watch much, but this one is solid on my list. So far, I’m intrigued and I’m in full conspiracy mode and I love when a drama has me trying to figure out what will happen next and why.

Kdrama Jen: You all know I am easily entertained, so…yes.  I am not feeling this with as much EMOTION as some of the others, but I will keep watching.

Until the next touch we remain,

The Fangirls

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  1. Ditto Clkytta > “Thank you drama gods for shower scenes.” Thank you for the science Kdrama Jen lol. And thank you all for talking me into watching this!

  2. I’m definitely enjoying this too. And Jin-young isn’t a newbie any more; previously he was the first love (in the past) of the mermaid in “Legend of the Blue Sea,” and did a really credible job with that work. And back in 2012 he had a role in “Dream High 2” — wonder how he finds time to fit it all in with his GOT7 work.

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