The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 23 & 24

Slowly but surely our Team Priest is coming onboard and actively fighting Team Entitled Evil. But does that make much of a difference when everything is still stacked against them? Come find out as I chat about episodes 23 & 24 of The Fiery Priest.

So…I have family visiting, as well as spring break occuring right now. Which means I occasionally miss things, such as the fact that I didn’t watch and write about last Saturday’s episodes. Imagine my surprise when I went in to start today’s recap and realized last week’s didn’t happen. With that in mind, I am going to quickly share the highlight events so I can get caught up ASAP.

Prosecutor Park

This week we finally start to see Prosecutor Park lean towards Team Priest…specifically sexy Father Kim. We all knew she would not be able to stay immune from his highly attractive gaze for long.

When Father Kim is caught escaping from the attempted murder of the Congressman, Prosecutor Park allows herself to be “caught” and taken prisoner so Father Kim could escape. I couldn’t stop laughing as she fainted at the top of the escalator to give her sexy captor extra time to escape.

She also starts investigating the big bad guys and their financial dealings only to find that their big cash cow is a club where they all own shares. Not only that but they have the Russians selling meth on the premises for that extra bit of cash. Ugh, these people are so slimy.

Cute Cop Sidekicks

I am really enjoying the cop aspect of Team Priest. Sure, they are cheesy as all get out, but there is something so likable when it comes to their over the top antics. This week we got to see them mostly just do side character stuff such as disguising themselves as construction workers spying on Prosecutor Park. Or at their desks receiving super important calls that they share so that the cops are forced to help Team Priest do things legally. At this point I doubt we are ever going to get a serious side to these two but I find I am ok with the funny distraction from the annoying bad guys.

The Past Catches Up…Literally

Ugh. Can we hate this scar-faced scum bag hired thug any more? OK, that seems to be tempting fate but watching him go to the confessional and verbally attack Father Kim just pissed me off. After watching his mini-meltdown post Scarface confrontation I just wanted to bundle up Father Kim into a nest of blankets and pat his head while I say everything is going to be OK.

Why Can’t This be a Romance?

I know that I am not the only one that is dying because of the great chemistry between Prosecutor Park and Father Kim. It is ten times as potent now that Prosecutor Park is trying to help him with his quest.

Stopping an assassination attempt of the comatose Congressman, Father Kim discovers that the Russian mafia also is planning to kill Prosecutor Park. Which of course means that he is swiftly rushing to the rescue (although, not before wrapping the wanna be assassin in duct tape for his cop sidekicks).

Prosecutor Park arrives home to find her windows wide open and a killer in her kitchen. Just when you think all is lost Father Kim bursts through the glass and kicks the Russian assassins butt. We finish, yet again, with our heroine passing out in our hero’s arms. Which makes me, yet again, yell at the TV that Father Kim needs to give up the calling and get together with this feisty female. They have so much chemistry that it is tragic that nothing is going to happen.

Final Thoughts:

Still struggling whenever the bad guys are on screen but at least all the fluffy cute is keeping me focused enough to get through the episodes. Only a bit more to go til we finally achieve justice.

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