The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 25&26

We start to progress more plot-wise, and that makes me happy. The question is, will it continue to grow or will we go in circles again? Join me as I talk about episodes 25 & 26.

The Bad Guys Are Having a Hard Time

Father Kim pays a visit to the Russians. The bar goes dark, and in sweeps Father Kim. He flicks open a stick and we all know that justice is about to be served. Meanwhile, the leaders of Team Thug are meeting to discuss what to do next. Shady Prosecutor, Bad Hair Thug Lady, and Shady Police Chief are trying to figure out who tried to kill Prosecutor Park. They haven’t had much luck in taking out the Congressman and all signs point to them getting caught if they can’t cover their tracks. Little do they know, Cheol Bum is plotting against them. It looks like their loyal lapdog is going to bite the hand that feeds it. We’ve got a new gang in town. They are Diablo, which conveniently means Devil. These guys broke off from the Russian thugs and they are motivated by more than money. They are drug addicts. They are also connected to Prosecutor Park’s boss, Prosecutor Thug Leader.

Rising Moon

What’s so important about Rising Moon? It’s a club that Team Thug owns and the Diablo gang runs out of it. I’m thinking more than just gangsters are connected to the club. I’m betting it’s a front for drugs. Oh, Oh! We have a little Reply 1988 moment for comic relief. Cue the familiar music and Kim Sung Kyung reenacts the whole “Nice to meet you” handshake scene most of us are familiar with. Awww. Except it’s with Bad Hair Thug. Ewww. Detective Goo is on the case and he’s going to find out why Rising Moon is connected with what’s going on. Prosecutor Thug Leader walks into Rising Moon and we discover who’s put the hit out on Prosecutor Park. Remember the Slimy Kiss Up Prosecutor? Apparently, he’s someone important or related to someone important. Prosecutor Thug Leader is treating him carefully and the guy seems to be completely crazy. I knew it! This guy’s father is someone really important.

Save the Virgin Mary!

Father Kim goes to Rising Moon to see what’s what and runs into a little problem. He’s outnumbered so he can’t fight. That’s not the only issue, he sees a shrine to the Virgin Mary, which he steals as he runs off. He takes it to the police station and runs into Prosecutor Park. She’s just found out that they’ve basically let the guy who broke into her house go free. Oh yeah, they let the guy who tried to kill the Congressman go to. They say they are being “repatriated” but we all know they let them go.

The Cold Wind is Blowing

Ok, Seriously! Why is this not a romance? Why? Father Kim and Prosecutor Park have so much chemistry! As he walks Prosecutor Park home, Father Kim asks if she will be ok. She says she’s not scared but it’s cold. Then she makes a huge show of coughing. We all know this is code for “Don’t leave me alone”. Of course, now this means she has to stay with the Priest Family. Dear writers, stop setting this up for all my favorite romantic tropes when you aren’t writing a romance.

There’s a Hierarchy, Even With Thugs

As Team Priest begins to explore Rising Moon, they discover the complicated Thug Family Tree. There are several layers and they all trace back to a shadowy figure distributes drugs and power. Father Kim determines that all of this boils down to money and that’s what killed Mentor Priest. Well, look at that, we have circled back to the main plot! Yay! Rising Moon has a lot of dirty cash laying around and they need somewhere to launder it. What’s less suspicious than a church foundation like say, an orphanage? Now things are starting to make sense.

Someone Poked a Sleeping Tiger

Prosecutor Park confronts her boss about who tried to kill her. He basically tells her it’s her own fault and to lay low. Little does he know, when someone tried to kill her it pushed her right into Team Priest. Annoying Nun is also on the rampage and she’s loaded up her fanny pack and ready to round up the wayward parishioners. Guess what? Annoying Nun is a card shark. Using a little sleight of hand, she wins back the ladies of the church. I like how everyone seems to have a secret little talent in this drama. I have a feeling that Annoying Nun has a very interesting backstory.

Let’s Join Hands

A new partnership is sealed as Prosecutor Park decides to join Team Priest. She’s going to take out the people who tried to kill her. Rising Moon is going down! Father Kim needs to think about this because he wants justice but she wants revenge. It’s also interesting because as he talks about this with Detective Goo and Rookie, they make a good point. It’s going to be hard to go up the ladder to the one who’s behind it all. Detective Goo tells his story to Rookie and Father Kim and now they are all besties. Father Kim makes a choice and joins hands with Prosecutor Park. Can we take a minute to admire these two walking side by side and trying to be cool? Again, why is this not a romance?

Gonna Set it on Fire

No, no one actually sets anything on fire, but Prosecutor Park does get a warrant to investigate Burning Sun. Our quartet shows up with coats flapping and smirks smirking. Slimy Daddy’s Boy Druggie Prosecutor starts freaking out. He decides to have his army of druggie thugs kill Father Kim, Prosecutor Park, Detective Goo, and Rookie. Father Kim isn’t without reinforcements though. One thing our fiery priest is good at is collecting people, so he’s got Chaco (the big guy we met a few episodes ago) clearing a path through the thugs inside. Outside our trusty detectives are trying to get Prosecutor Park to safety when they are surrounded. Guess who shows up? Clerk and Double O Thai Guy to the rescue. Clerk is not about to let his best customer get hurt so he takes a hit meant for her. Our meek little Thai Worker undergoes a transformation and my heart is all aflutter. He strikes a martial arts pose and starts taking out bad guys right and left.

My Thoughts

We did it! We broke the circle! Father Kim has some solid allies and it’s starting to look like they may be able to get some justice for Mentor Priest and clear his name. I like that we are finally not having Father Kim get beat down with no one to support him. I was getting really tired of the hopeless feeling that I’ve had the past few episodes. This drama does a good job at mixing in the comedy to help offset that though. We also are back to the real problem Father Kim has at home; his church is empty and he needs to get people back in there. So it’s nice to see that they are focusing on that and that people want to come back. We know that the church and his faith are what saved Father Kim in his most trying time, so let’s fill his church back up.

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7 thoughts on “The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 25&26

  1. The thing that struck me (over the head) with these most recent episodes is… Rising Moon = Burning Sun???? That whole chart of responsible villains could almost be used for the current events ongoing in South Korea.

    The other question is… who is the annoying nun? Hae-il’s DNA-checking pal thought she looked familiar and she was pretty shifty about that and now we have her a card shark? Is she a surprising new ally to the gang? It seems that way, much the way our Thai guy is ready to spring Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon moves.

    And why do I feel that our new team member Prosecutor was another of the dead priest’s ‘reclamation projects,’ the way Hae-il was?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

      • I think that is a sign of a successful drama — that we are invested in the results (and it’s not because of gaping plot holes/illogical actions). They’re just teasing us with things to come.

        BTW, the one thing I’ve failed to mention in my own notes on the show to date is how dang sexy and melodic Kim Nam-gil’s voice is! It’s a perfect light baritone and was even sexy when he was in disguise as a woman. More, show, more.

  2. You ask “Why isn’t this a romance?” Well, ah, because he is a Roman Catholic priest. Perhaps Prosecutor listens to him more because he is so attractive, but a romance…that would be rather icky.

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