Fangirl Stalking: Kim Seon Ho

Watching dramas is my favorite pastime. And even though I greatly appreciate the more popular Hallyu actors and actresses, I often find myself bolting down random rabbit trails to fangirl over lesser-known (and under-appreciated) talent. Enter novice actor Kim Seon Ho.  Admittedly, my soft spot for dimples may have be the reason I first took notice of him!  But I’ve been watching his progression through Kdramas since his very first role in Chief Kim.  A little bit goofy and awkward, but with an abundance of sweetness and sincerity, his characters always have surprising depth and leave a lasting impression.  So come join me as introduce the charming and captivating Kim Seon Ho!

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking

We will start with dramas I think are must watch works by the actor, followed by the shows that could either way.  This means they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you could really skip and not miss much (at least in the regards to the actor/actress featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  Let’s dive in, shall we?!

Watch ASAP!

Two Cops: By and large, I think this is his best role to date!  Kim Seon Ho plays a con-artist in a coma whose spirit takes up residence in the body of a cop.  The two intermittently share one body, and begrudgingly join forces to stay alive and take down a serious threat.  Seon Ho brings his character to life with humor and heart as Kong Soo Chang deals with his unexpected situation and the consequences of his actions.  I almost passed this drama by (I’m not a big fan of Jo Jung Suk), but I’m really glad I stuck around for KSH’s performance.   

The Strongest Deliveryman:  While I originally picked this drama up for Go Kyung Pyo, Kim Seon Ho snuck in and stole my heart away.  His character, Oh Jin Kyu, unexpectedly had the best story arc— he swung from entitled (and ridiculously clueless) chaebol heir to ardent defender of the ‘working man’.  AND I loved cheering on his second lead OTP with Go Won Hee.  They were just too adorable together!

Depending On My Mood

Chief Kim: This was Kim Seon Ho’s very first drama as a minor supporting character.  Did he do great with his role as the straight-laced, geeky maknae of the TQ’s Business Operations Department?  Absolutely, yes!  But, as a supporting cast member, his screen time was limited…hence the reason this fantastic drama didn’t make the must-watch list.

You Drive Me Crazy: A four-part drama special, this felt more like a movie when I binge watched it all.  It follows the journey of a man and woman as they transition from being friends to being lovers.  While slow-paced and a bit pensive, I enjoyed the opportunity to see a more serious side to Kim Seon Ho’s acting, even if there were a few parts of the story that drove me a little crazy!

For the Die Hard Fans

Thankfully Kim Seon Ho hasn’t yet been in any totally abysmal dramas – yeay!

To Be Determined. . .

100 Days My Prince: Most tragically, DramaFever died its untimely death in the middle of broadcasting this drama. So I have no idea how it all wrapped up.  But I was thoroughly enjoying Kim Seon Ho’s role as Jung Jae Yoon, secret advisor to the Crown Prince.  He was sweet and charming, smart and loyal, and on the fast track to causing me some serious SLS (second-lead syndrome). 

Welcome To Waikiki S2: This drama has just started, but I’m already enjoying this second season of over-the-top humor immensely.  It’s the cherry-on-top for me that Kim Seon Ho snagged a leading role— he gets to showcase his comedic talents and get the girl (hopefully)!  I’m impatiently waiting for the next episodes to be subbed! 

So there you have it, drama fans!  I’m definitely following this newbie actor’s path very closely.  Will you become a Kim Seon Ho fangirl too?  Share with me in the comments!



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  1. You must finish 100 Days My Prince! OMG such a wonderful drama! I had to go to Drama Cool or something like that to finish, but I’m buying the drama whenever I see it on Amazon – it’s just that good!

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