Prepare to fangirl over the Her Private Life long teaser

Park Min Young is back!  She may not have her ponytail of glory, but she is absolutely adorable as the obsessed fangirl trying to catch a peek at her favorite idols.  Just watching the teasers made me happy and full of anticipation for this drama! It looks like we might get a fun sismance too. Bonding over Kpop idols is definitely the way to forge a lifelong friendship!

In this upcoming drama, Her Private Life, Park Min Young plays Sung Duk Mi an art curator who is secretly a Kpop fangirl and Kim Jae Wook plays her boss, Ryan Gold.  This TVN comedy is being promoted as a “mature romance.” I am really looking forward to this since Kim Jae Wook kind of caught my fancy way back when he was the “waffle guy” on Coffee Prince.  Sure, he has been in other roles since then, but I have really been waiting for him to take the lead and have a chance to show some romantic sizzle. Park Min Young is one of my favorite actresses because she seems to have chemistry with every actor in a scene.  I can’t wait!

What did you think of the trailer?  Will you be watching? Her Private Life will begin airing on April 10, 2019.

13 thoughts on “Prepare to fangirl over the Her Private Life long teaser

  1. I think my reaction was similar to the first picture when I saw the trailer. Disbelief that I’m getting excited over a new drama after a long while. I adore PMY and I’m not that familiar w/ KJW but when I saw the teaser I swear they’ll have a great chemistry! That alone would make me glue to my screen.

  2. When they showed her sitting on the couch fangirling over her idol!? It was like looking in a mirror, lol!! I am SO excited about this drama!!

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