The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 27 & 28

The Good Guys are on a roll as they trick and con the bad guys into making mistakes. Come join me as I get my Fangirl on for Team Priest.

Team Priest Expands

Not only do we have Prosecutor Park joining our priest and cop duo, but now all the other cops, sans commissioner, are coming on board. I guess that the puppy dog angst in Rookie’s gaze finally broke through to Team Leader’s inner core that wants justice. With Thai Guy and the rest of the cops on Team Priest’s side, things are starting to look up.

Sexy Bad Guy Moments

Cheol Bum is flipping hot in every scene he is in this week. I especially enjoy seeing his inner head mobster come forth. For the most part he has been trying to emulate the high society big bad guys but that facade cracked as scarface attempted to kill him. And if I had to choose who to be scared of in this drama Cheol Bum wins hands down. He is the only one that has that sexy bad guy aura that I love and fear.

The Big Con

All the club addicts/bad guys are arrested, including the entitled snot who ordered the hit on Prosecutor Park. But with the police commissioner and other bad guys still in power, they won’t be able to hold them behind bars for long. Which means there needs to be more evidence of evil doings. Enter Father Kim’s elaborate plan to get all the Russian thugs to turn on each other. The best part about this plot is that it requires a ton of acting from all of Team Priest. Which leads to a ton of hilariously awkward overly dramatic moments. Also, a huge surprise in the form of Father Han who has hidden talents.

Momma Can You Hear Me?

Father Han has some hidden untapped depths to him. While his past isn’t as exciting as a super-secret government spy, he is a child actor. One who’s impression of a child losing his mother dramatically has everyone in tears…twice. I couldn’t stop laughing at his thug persona and how he never broke character when he conned some Russian hit men into turning themselves in. Is it wrong that I kind of want more Father Han moments now?

Dogs X 2

Detective Goo should never be allowed to choose disguises. Sure they work in theory, but having to act all serious in a goofy dog mask is just too much for me. I couldn’t stop snickering at how ridiculous they looked. I laughed even harder while watching the other cops/team priest members trying to not burst out laughing at the sight of the duo.

Girl Power

Rookie and Prosecutor Park team up to take down the Club bad guys. Not only do they thwart the destruction of some significant ledgers but Prosecutor Park gets to do it while wielding a giant sword. This is one of the drama’s visuals that will stick with me long in the future.


With Team Priest’s con succeeding all the bad guys connected to the Rising Moon club are nabbed and arrested. That line of dominoes is quickly falling and the other bad guys are starting to look nervous. I can’t find out how they are thwarted in next week’s episodes.

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