First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Welcome to Waikiki S2

I’ve been impatiently waiting on glacially slow subbing of late. AND sobbing into my kimchi over several dramas that are not coming to the legal sites. (I’m still waiting for you, Jang Ki Yong and Jun Ho!) So when the new Welcome to Waikiki showed up, I knew it was the perfect show to help distract me from my current drama woes. Come check out my thoughts on this second season at the Waikiki Guesthouse, and whether it’s worth the watch!

If It Was Funny The First Time…

I was one of those viewers who absolutely loved the over-the-top craziness of the first season.  And after only a few minutes into season two, those feelings were back, full force.  The story unapologetically rolls out with an almost identical plot-line and all the same massive over-exaggerations, slapstick humor, and second-hand embarrassment from before.  There were A LOT of déjà vu moments.  Yet I still happily laughed (and groaned) my way through the first two hours.  

The (New) Three Musketeers 

I was very excited that Lee Yi Kyung came back as struggling actor  Lee Joon Ki— his cheesy expressions and physical comedy totally reign!  And since he’s the only returning face, his presence helps ground the story and introduce this season’s new cast of characters.

Kim Seon Ho joins as Cha Woo Shik, a wannabe musician and most level-headed member of the trio.  Not gonna lie, I was most excited to see his addition to the show! *fangirl squeal* So far it’s been hard not to compare him to his character counterpart from the first season (Kim Jung Hyun)— the roles feel identical.  Here’s hoping that as the show goes along, KSH will be able to give Woo Shik his own memorable personality.

Shin Hyun Soo is also introduced as minor league baseball player Kook Ki Bong.  I’m not sure yet what his long-term contribution to this drama is going to be, but his lack of smarts is very worrisome. And there’s a definite case of dumb and dumber when he and Joon Ki team up to get things done…or not get them done, as the case the may be.

The Damsel In Distress

Enter Han Soo Yeon (Moon Ga Young), whose plight is vaguely reminiscent of Han Yoon Ah’s.  Her dad’s company goes bankrupt on the day of her wedding and she’s jilted at the altar.  Soo Yeon is left homeless with nothing to her name except her designer wedding dress and her rare pet iguana.  And, if you just guessed that the gang from Waikiki takes her in, you’d be right!

Rebecca Returns

Those of you who watched the first season, know that some of the most hilarious moments happened in the presence of Rebecca.  So I may have cheered when the little red car showed up on my screen again.  Best few minutes of the drama — hands down!  I’m pretty sure Rebecca is Herbie’s distant Korean cousin.

Do Over?

If you didn’t watch the first season? No worries. If predictable shenanigans that are laugh and/or cringeworthy are your thing? Welcome to Waikiki.  I enjoyed my first ride on the merry-go-round, so I’m absolutely hopping back on for another spin! 

If you’ve already given Welcome to Waikiki S2 a whirl, let me know what you thought in the comments below!



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