The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 29&30

The bad guys bounce back and Team Priest gets even more determined to find justice. Come join me as I chat awesome costume changes, gutsy clergy & nuns.

What the heck?

I am so very annoyed right now. Just when you think Team Priest is moving forward, Team Bad Guy finds some schmuck to take the fall for trying to murder the congressman. Just send them to jail already. This is getting super repetitive and I am pissed no one is getting their punishment.

Not only do the bad guys get off AGAIN but all of Team Priest find themselves demoted work wise. Prosecutor Park is relieved of her current cases and reprimanded (how cool was her throwing the bribes back at them thought?) and all the cops were dispersed to new divisions and Detective Goo and Rookie were put in a small closet indefinitely.

The Bad Guys were even able to get Father Kim in trouble with the church elders. Son of a biscuit. When is this down slide going to end? I suppose that they will all have a lot more time to focus on destroying the bad guys if their day jobs don’t get in the way.

Back In the Fold for a good cause

Team Priest needs someone to be on the inside. Especially now that everyone has been demoted. Prosecutor Park agrees to take one for the team and goes groveling to her slimy boss. You have to love her inner monologue, she might be on her knees but in no way has Prosecutor Park been defeated.

Owning one’s own power

It finally happened. For 30 episodes I have been waiting for Ssongsak to take down stupid Thug Bob. And it was a truly beautiful sight. Thug Bob ran his mouth one too many times and Ssongsak challenged him to a fight and kicked his butt. WOOT! #TeamSsongsak for the win.

Half Cop Half Priest

Father Kim and Detective Goo are not letting a little thing like technicalities involving their jobs get in the way of justice. They continue to search for ways to bring down the bad guys. This time they are on a quest to find the official ledgers of Rising Moon. The only problem is that the accountant maybe, sorta, gambled them away which makes them the property of the local gaming thug. The only way he is willing to let them go is if they are won back in a game. Now all they need is a high stakes gambler on their team and they are good to go.

10 Tailed Fox of Pyeongtaek

Just so happens that they have one of Korea’s most infamous gamblers in the form of the annoying nun. I didn’t think they could make me like her but give her a strong backstory as a high stakes gambler and I am edging towards Team Nun.

I really enjoyed the talk between Father Kim and the nun where he talks about how he also understands wanting to leave his past behind. His talent of fighting is somewhat of a burden. But he is willing to use his fists in an effort to create a society where people can live with a basic sense of justice. It only takes God giving a sign in the shape of a colorfully garbed man who looks like one of the gaming cards to get annoying nun on board.


Just when you are all ready for things to swing yet again towards Team Priest we end the episode with Prosecutor Park entering the vault with all the money (Team Bad Guy was meeting to change the thumb code.) Prosecutor Park stares at the massive amount of cash but is distracted when a gun is suddenly aimed at her head. Can we get another Ack and push play so I can find out what happens? Things are starting to get intense.

Final Thoughts

I was getting worried that we were just going to spin in circles again but this time they did a good job on pushing the storylines forward. I really love all the elaborate costumes that Team Priest finds themselves in and I hope we get a lot more of sexy gangster Father Kim in the next episode.

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