First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: My Fellow Citizens!

In My Fellow Citizens! Choi Si Won plays Jung Kook, a con man who marries a police officer. How could he be so careless as to do that, you ask? That’s nothing, we answer. Just wait until you find out why he decides to run for office as an assemblyman!

Telzytalks: I am super happy to have Choi Si Won in a comedy where he can be uninhibited and funny! I loved him in King of Dramas as the self-centered top star, and then watched She Was Pretty for him. We meet him here in the middle of a con. It’s important to remember this because there is a daughter who will want revenge. We see him pull several cons, and his family and friends are in it with him! Meantime Jung Kook comes off as smart and unflappable. Until something goes wrong, that is, and then his wild expressions have us anticipating more!

MiataMama: Hallelujah! I am SO thankful that Choi Si Won’s character in this drama, while a little doofy at times, isn’t a total idiot! I was horribly scarred by his last drama (Revolutionary Love) and may have oh-so-hesitantly pushed play on this drama. But I’m really glad I gave him a second chance! As a second-generation conman, he is bringing the savvy and hitting the comedic moments just right.

Kmuse: I actually thought Si Won toned down his over the top style of acting a bit for this role. I am really enjoying the parts where he has to be more serious and emotionally involved. Especially when it comes to his conflicted feelings regarding his wife’s profession.

Telzytalks: We meet policewoman Mi Young, played by Lee Yoo Young (from Tunnel) at a disco when she is beating up two guys at once and accidentally hits Jung Kook with a shoe. We are as impressed as he is, and she doesn’t tell him that she is a cop. We especially love the smart remarks she makes later when asking a driver to move his truck.

MiataMama: Lee Yoo Young’s character in Tunnel was very closed off and lacking in emotions, so I was curious to see how she’d do with this role. I’m impressed! I’m definitely cheering on our smart and sassy and kick-donkey (that disco scene was the best) Mi Young. Her interactions with her mom were also a hoot! It’s obvious where she gets her brains and boldness from– the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Kmuse: Out of all the characters I am having the hardest time connecting with Mi Young. There is hope though since I kind of adored her kick ass ways in episode 5!

Telzytalks: Park Hoo Ja walks calmly into the story as an unusual gangster lady. When I say she is calm I mean calm; she’s impressive. Think back to that first con I told you to remember! This actress is Kim Min Jung who we have seen in Man to Man. After trying to buy off an assemblyman, she gets the bright idea of creating her own assemblyman, and thinks of Jung Kook.

MiataMama: *slow clap* It is so refreshing to have a female villain for change! Kim Min Jung is fantastically chilling, yet classy, in her role as a gang leader bent on revenge and more power. I’m not usually one of those gung-ho, girl-power types, but the women on this show are ALL a force to be reckoned with — rock on, ladies, rock on!

Kmuse: In my opinion, Kim Min Jung is stealing the show! She is bringing so much quirkiness and energy to her daddy issue entitled bad guy. Sadly, she is also showing more chemistry with the leading man. Although, that might be because we rarely get to see the OTP (one true pairing) together. Hopefully, that will change as we get deeper into the plot.

Telzytalks: Several of the side characters leave us waiting for more, notably Park Kyung Hye (Lawyer Dan from Touch Your Heart) and Yang Dong Geun (from I Am Sam and Three Musketeers). They can’t be serious with this plot, can they? Obviously not. It’s a comedy with a light touch. We have a great start, with interesting characters, and I’m looking forward to more of this show. Tell us if you are watching it too!

MiataMama: I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes. I’m confident our cop-conman couple truly do love one another (they both refuse to get divorced). So I am hopeful that, as all the facts emerge, they will work it out AND work together to bring down the big bad! Meanwhile, I know Choi Si Won’s expressions and antics along the way are sure to keep me amused!

Kmuse: Am I the only one that thinks that Yang Dong Geun looks a bit different? It took me a while to realize it was him and even then I doubted myself when the voice and the visuals didn’t completely match up.

There you have it. Our initial thoughts regarding the con man turns politician drama My Fellow Citizens! We suggest you give it a try and allow yourselves to be charmed by Choi Si Won yet again. Also, be sure to check out our other first impression posts to find your next drama addiction

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