The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 33&34

Sirens are blaring, a priest is glaring, and the bad guys continue to come back swinging. How much longer can our little ragtag Team Priest hold up under the pressure of Scarface and Cheol Bum?

Detective Goo’s riled up

Scarface’s guys took on the police force and won. All the guys are in the hospital, but Rookie’s still out cold. You can tell exactly what Detective Goo is thinking as he looks at his partner. This poor guy is wondering if he’s going to lose another partner and how much more he can take. She doesn’t have any severe injuries, but she’s still badly hurt. We find out that Annoying Nun is ok, scared to pieces, but ok. We see a shift of power here as Detective Goo is the one who is angry and strong while Father Kim seems a worn down. Nope, not worn down, he’s reached his limit. Did anyone else notice how his eyes got all steely?

Pushed to the brink

Father Kim proceeds to track down Scarface and apply a little heavy handed justice to him. Scarface stops him by saying if he kills him he will lose a witness to Mentor Priest’s death. Oh hey, we are back on the main plot again! Wait, what? Scarface is taunting him, and then he’s telling him he needs to do something and then he will tell him the information. This is too easy. Something’s up.

Cheol Bum’s Family tree

Cheol Bum visits Bad Hair Thug Lady in jail. Honestly, I like her jail hairstyle, it looks less like a wig. I knew there was some kind of connection between her and Cheol Bum, and it wasn’t romantic. She had to be some kind of relative, and she is, she’s his sister. No wonder she was backing him and he never really stood up to her. So now what? An attack in the parking garage of course. Cheol Bum is attacked by one of Scarface’s guys, but the guy just walks away.

Prosecutor Park and the golden arm warmers of justice

Please pause for a commercial break as Prosecutor Park gifts her team with golden arm warmers and supplements. While she was cleaning with the vacuum that’s the star of every drama right now, she cooked up a plan. She’s going after Prosecutor Thug and she’s buttering up her team to help her. While she meets with her team, the rest of Team Priest is working out a plan in the hospital.

Safe Cracking 101

Everyone wants to get to the safe and all that lovely dirty money. Ukha Cult Leader and Russian Thug are digging a tunnel, which will get them to the basement, but how will they get inside? Team Priest is looking at finding a way to get the Thugs to move the money so they can get it in transit. Enter Prosecutor Park, she’s concerned about the money. She’s warning him that Cheol Bum will go after the money. She’s already made some plans with Cheol Bum. I love how diabolical she is! But wait! Her plan is working, and the money is about to be on the move.

Oh My Thai Guy!

While Father Kim is reaching out to an old contact for a favor, the rest of the team is preparing for battle. Cue Thai Worker practicing martial arts shirtless. Just pause the screen for a minute. If you had told me that I’d fall for this guy back in the beginning of the show, I’d have cracked up. He’s out to avenge Rookie.

Team Priest’s Plan

They have a storyboard with pictures and drawings and everything. So official looking, except they all are thinking what they would do if the money was theirs, lol! Cheol Bum’s guys are heading in to prevent anyone from taking the money out. Here’s where Team Priest gets dirty. Hottie Minion ordered in food for the team and guess who’s delivering it? The food has an extra special ingredient…

The game is afoot!

Team Thug heads into the safe. There’s a problem outside as Team Preist realizes that they can’t use a tracker, so the cops will have to follow. Anyone else think this could be bad? Of course, it’s bad. Prosecutor Thug and Cheol Bum are trying to backstab each other, and now there’s a gun at Cheol Bum’s head. Cheol Bum’s minions are threatening Father Kim and Detective Goo, but that won’t last long because they are all about to get very sick to their stomachs. They are attacking through nondeadly means, and this means that Cheol Bum’s boys are going to be down for the count.


As Bad Hair Thug lies in intestinal discomfort on the floor. Everyone is gagging. The bad guys start moving the money. It’s a double cross, and they send Cheol Bum and Prosecutor Park into the safe to die. Apparently, Prosecutor Thug had Cheol Bum’s place bugged, so he knows they were working against him. Of course, this means that Father Kim needs to come to the rescue. Whoa, Cheol Bum just jumped in to help Father Kim! Now we have Rookie and Detective Kim. Now all of them are locked inside. Maybe this wasn’t the best plan? Speaking of double crosses, Prosecutor Thug just got double crossed by Scarface.

Escape the Safe!

Team Priest and Cheol Bum are trapped in the safe and the air is running out. I’m counting people in the safe and I don’t see Hottie Minion, maybe that’s a good sign? Did he sneak out? Nope, he’s there, just being a silent shadow. Darn it! I was hoping he’d rescue them! I’m on pins and needles wondering what is going to happen!

My Thoughts

So now I want Cheol Bum to not be a totally bad guy. We know he’s a bad guy, but it seems like there might be more to him than I thought. I’m feeling sorry for our little group trapped in the safe, not only are they running out of air, but the air is contaminated by Bad Hair Thug. My guess is that Ukha Cult Leader is going to actually tunnel through and save them.

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