The Fiery Priest Recap: Episode 35&36

We are nearing the end of the drama and I have one question left…How is Kim Nam Gil hotter now than when filming began? Ha, just kidding, what we really want to know is what happened to Father Lee way back at the beginning of the show? Who is the real killer?

Those pesky Russian miners

I have been upset with the lack of real plot for our hilarious Russian Mafia Boss the whole drama. But at least he was able to have his moment to shine when he accidentally bungled his grab for the money and instead found himself saving all of Team Priest & Cheol Bum.

You might wonder how our mafioso miner manages to get through all the steal to save our team? Turns out that bad guys who are greedy tend to cut corners in the name of profit. Instead of enforcing the safe properly they only completed the front facade and the rest of the construction funds were pocketed.

Dream Team

I could watch Father Kim and Cheol Bum team up for hour upon hour. There is something so entertaining watching these two men bicker and kick butt. And you know that they are always one minute away from turning on each other…but in a fun, nonlethal kind of way. As we witness when Father Kim uses his thug counterpart and then informs him that the police are looking for him. Ha!

Who Killed Father Lee?

While the hunt for Scarface is going on, Detective Goo and Rookie are busy trying to find out who really killed Father Lee. Is it Scarface like we suspect or is some other person secretly moving chess pieces across the board? Signs are pointing to the latter as the two find hidden video footage of the trail that leed to Father Lee’s place of death. The two cops seem shocked as they look at the footage. What the heck? I need to know what happened and now I am back to suspecting everyone.

The Fall of Scarface

Thanks to the presence of multiple trackers and some sleuthing, Scarface and his mercenaries are located. Father Kim & Thai Guy take them down in a flurry of awesome martial arts moves (Can I just say that 35 episodes in and I am still loving every action scene.) and Team Priest leaves with the money. It looks like we have finally won!

Call Me Hyung

Which means it is time for a bromantic date between Father Kim and Father Han. The two priests go out on the town and do all the fun things you usually see couples do. Even, so far, as getting some photo booth pictures taken together wearing horrible wigs. Which is when you realize that things are about to go very bad. It is drama 101… never go into a photo booth with your significant other because it means something horrible is going to happen. Sure enough, are priestly duo are suddenly sneak attacked by none other than Scarface and his goons. And this time they have pre-planned their attack. They use some barrier bars to separate Father Kim from Father Han and then proceed to beat Father Han….possibly to death. To say I am traumatized is an understatement.

Final Thoughts

So here I am traumatized and wondering what the heck just happened? How did Team Scarface coordinate this attack so perfectly? And who the freak killed Father Lee? For a while, I was even suspecting Father Han of being the mastermind. He is a superb actor after all and I would never have suspected him. But with him being beaten to death (possibly literally) that might not pan out.

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