The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 37 &38

My heart broke last week when Father Han was attacked. I’m going into this week’s episode with a heavy heart. It’s not often that we fall in love with side characters, but Father Han really touched me. Join me as we hope that Father Han pulls through and that Father Kim gets the bad guys without sacrificing his soul.

Utter Heartbreak

I really need Father Han to make it. He’s hurt really bad and it’s not looking good. All of Team Priest is in ruins. He’s not dead, but he’s going to need a miracle. Seeing Father Kim break down and beg the doctor to save Father Han just has me in tears. He is all of us as he’s broken at the altar begging to understand why bad things happen to good people. Prosecutor Park stands in the back of the chapel crying with him, but he doesn’t seem to know.

Father Kim meets Scarface

Scarface calmly tells Father Kim to give him the money and all of this is his fault. What is up with this guy? He’s a little nervous now because Father Kim just told him he’d kill him when he sees him, no second chances. So Scarface and his cronies now need to find the money and get out of the country and hide. Can they really hide from Father Kim though? I don’t think so.

Stay Alive

Cheol Bum is on the run and he told his guys to shut everything down and stay alive. He’s going to meet with Scarface and “set things right”. I really want Cheol Bum to not be the hard-nosed killer he probably is. There is no redeeming Scarface, but I’m hoping for a redemption arc for Cheol Bum. One thing keeps sticking out, he’s very loyal to his men, even dumb ole Bad Hair Thug who messes stuff up all the time. Wouldn’t a really bad guy have killed Bad Hair Thug off already for his mistakes?

New Hair/Things Get Serious

In order to protect his family, Father Kim resigns. He’s also got a hairstyle change so this means things are about to get real. Father Kim walked in the room, but Kim Hae Il left looking like an avenging angel. A dark angel. Oh wow, he’s hacking into the NIS. He’s determined to use all his skills and connections to solve the mystery of Mentor Priest’s death and get justice.

Who Killed Mentor Priest?

There is footage of Bad Hair Thug carrying Father Kim’s body. It doesn’t feel right though. It really doesn’t. While he may be an accessory to murder, I’m not sure that he actually did the deed. Plus we have a little meetup of Bad Hair Thug, Thai Guy, and Clerk and they are really chummy. Thai Guy says that Bad Hair Thug is his friend. Oh, I really hope there is something else going on and these guys are just normal run of the mill bad guys, but not killers.

Tracking a Killer

Father Kim and NIS are on the trail of Scarface and his minions. Father Kim goes in to meet an old friend and coworker and get a gun. Things are about to get really real. Father Kim’s eyes are spitting fire and he’s on the warpath. He cracking heads and leaving a lot of broken bones and bruises behind as he searches for the guy who is making Scarface’s passports. Oh crap! He’s seen the video of Bad Hair Thug dragging what looks like a body. What is going to happen now?

Cheol Bum’s Story

Cheol Bum says he didn’t kill Mentor Priest, but he’s still guilty and Father Kim can’t look past his role in Mentor Priest’s Death. Cheol Bum has a story to tell. Even though Cheol Bum was harassing Mentor Priest, he tried to do what he could to save the priest. What! Father Kim raised Cheol Bum?! Oh, this changes the whole story. That day, Prosecutor Thug called a meeting and Scarface was there. Prosecutor Thug threated to set fire to the church and kill everyone. Mentor Priest struck Prosecutor Thug and called him Satan. Prosecutor Thug shoves Mentor Priest and he hits his head on a table and dies.

Cheol Bum tried to save the priest, but it was no use, Prosecutor Thug won’t let them call for help. Then Prosecutor Thug threatens Cheol Bum’s men and Cheol Bum is caught between what’s right and saving his men. Bad Hair Thug reflects on that night while sitting in jail. I don’t think he knew Mentor Priest was still alive, or he hoped he wasn’t still alive. He says he is sorry and the look on his face shows how much he means it.

Father Kim Seeks Final Justice

Father Kim leaves to go take on the bad guys. He’s stopped by the various members of Team Preist who try to save him from losing himself in the process of seeking justice. Father Kim leaves everyone messages like he’s not coming back. I don’t like this. He’s on the warpath and I sincerely hope he’s not going to destroy himself in the process. Scarface has brought Annoying Nun as collateral. Father Kim smirks as he faces down a group of thugs yet again.

My Thoughts

Anyone else feeling really conflicted about Cheol Bum and Bad Hair Thug? I did not expect to feel sorry for these characters or to understand their lives. I knew there was a backstory with Cheol Bum, he was too complex a bad guy to just be a bad guy. Can they be redeemed for Mentor Priest’s death though? Can Father Kim get justice for Mentor Preist without sacrificing his own happiness and future? That’s a really big question, especially as we look at this from a Christian angle and think about sin and forgiveness.

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2 thoughts on “The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 37 &38

  1. Hi!

    I had a feeling that Chul-beom wasn’t the one who killed Father Lee. Alright, technically he is indirectly responsible.

    I’m actually amazed that I could sympathize with a character that has little too no redeemable qualities. Mainly because Go Joon does a fantastic job of making his character complex. If the role was given to any other actor out there the results would be entirely different. As well as my opinion on him would be different.

    My heart did break when he went down to check if Father Lee was alright and then begging him to wake up. He sounded much younger and naïve. It somewhat reminds me of how a child pleads his/her parent not to leave them alone in this world.

    I appreciate actors who can act without relying much on dialogue and in that scene Go Joon just did that. Without much rely on words you could tell just by his expressions on what Chul-beom felt when Kang was threatening to hurt the people, he cared the most.

    Also, I think that Chul-beom is slightly envious that Hae-il is able to take action against injustice for Father Lee. I find it interesting on he tells Hae-il that he felt indifferent about Father Lee death. While it is clear to us that is far from true. My guess is that he still feels immense guilt for what happened that night and thus he doesn’t believe that he is capable of being forgiven. Maybe he doesn’t want to be forgiven? Could be both. Chul-beom is a complicated guy but that just what makes him so fascinating.

    P.s English is not my first language but I hope my comment is at least comprehensible to you to read 

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