The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 39&40 (Finale)

We are finally at the end of our Fiery Priest journey and it is time to wrap up some plot lines. Does Father Kim stay murderous? Does Father Han wake up? Will Team Priest fall apart? Come find out as Kmuse concludes our recaps.

Hae Il is terrifyingly hot

I admit that this is the first time I have ever seen a person get his tendons cut in a drama. But it was so beautifully done. Watching Father Kim get his assassin on is truly a cinematic joy. Sure, he takes some hits but considering that he kicks a good ten thugs to the floor says something. He defeats all the thugs and only Scarface is left. Father Kim, of course, takes him down and is about to shoot when the rest of Team Priest arrive.

They all let him know how much he influenced their lives and how he doesn’t have to shoot Scarface. It takes a few stressful moments but eventually they get through and Father Kim reemerges.

The Death of Scarface

The second they shackled Scarface and was taking him to the car I knew what was going to happen. Sure enough he snagged a gun from an officer and aimed at Hae Il, who gallantly placed himself between Prosecutor Park and Rookie. It is Detective Goo who reacts and shoots Scarface. The villain is finally defeated. It was at this point that I questioned Detective Goo actually having bullets in his gun since every other time they are blanks…..but still, I will take the win.

Congressman Park is back from the dead

As expected, all of our entitled bad guys are trying to place the blame away from themselves. Especially upon the head of the deceased fourth member of their group. Only problem being that he isn’t actually dead. HAHAHA. The truth is out and everyone is getting a dose of what they deserve. Hopefully prison will teach them some ethics.

One moment that stood out from the rest was Thai Guy meeting with his bully turned friend during visiting hours. If you had told me that this would be a relationship that would have me emotional back when we started, I would have considered you crazy. There is something so sweet about a slightly redeemed bad guy that makes my heart just happy. Or maybe it was the cutting of his ugly long locks that had me smiling.

Father Han’s miracle

Talking about smiling, how happy were we all when everyone’s favorite maknae priest woke from his coma. The music swelled, as did the tears in my, and Father Kim’s eyes. Especially when he uttered that sweet word, “Hyung” towards Father Kim.

The crimes of Prosecutor Park

Having accomplished all the justice she had set out to do, Prosecutor Park is now ready to get her own punishment. She types out all her crimes and what she thinks her prison sentence should be. But much to her surprise, the higher up boss is impressed with her honesty and instead decides to take her under his wing. Where she will be able to find and punish those that are dirty and corrupt. YAY! I’m glad that she is getting a pass from prison. It would be a shame to put her in ugly prison garb.

And best of all, Prosecutor Park requests to have a team that she trusts brought in with her. All of the police team that resigned because they followed the corrupt police commissioner have a new job. Catching bad guys in creative ways. I love it!

Goodbye Father Kim……or is it hello?

Father Kim has made his intentions clear that he plans to leave the priesthood. His feeling that he went too far are strong and he sees this as a fitting punishment for his violent ways. It would take a word from the Pope to keep him here. Which is exactly what we get.

The Pope literally (well, a Pope double) comes to convince Father Michael that his place is in the parish and he should continue to be a priest. The joy and awe on Father Kim’s face was absolute perfection. As was the group selfie Team Priest took a few seconds later. I love how this show continues to aim high with its humor.

We Will be Back!

The end scene shows our main four members of Team Priest taking down yet another thug group. This time with Detective Goo and Rookie in full disguise (I about died when I saw Rookie’s long haired thug cosplay.) They run towards the bad guys but quickly turn around when they see they are heavily outnumbered. And on the screen bursts the words We will be back! Yup, there is already strong talk about a season 2 of our favorite hot blooded priest. And I, for one, am delighted with the news. Sure there were times where we were spinning in circles with the plot. But the buildup was well worth the time and I am all in for a season 2.

Thanks again for joining us for our last hot-blooded moment. We look forward to chatting dramas with you in the future.


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  1. Thanks for the recaps. Fiery Priest was one enjoyable drama. I laughed till I cried so many times, especially in the latter half. I’m definitely in for Season 2 and looking forward to having all our characters back.

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