Her Private Life Episodes 5-6: A Chatty Recap

I don’t know about you, but we’ve fallen really hard for the two leads, their chemistry, and this writer! This show is quick to clear up the big misunderstanding so that Ryan can get completely on board with falling for our favorite fangirl, and fall he does. Their mutual attraction just keeps growing, and we have front row seats to the show.

Someone Get Cindy a Life!

Karie the Maknae: Oh my GOODNESS, I am so over Cindy. She needs a new hobby. At this point, could she be busted for being a stalker? I kind of feel like she could. She’s crossed a line that I think no fangirl could magnanimously forgive.

Clkytta: Where’s a big white truck of doom when you need one? Cindy is on my last nerve. BUT, she’s helping our OTP get closer, so I’m not totally hating her, just hoping she breaks a leg or her nose or something.

Miatamama: Someone just needs to tell the ex-director that Cindy is still a hardcore fangirl. Dealing with her mom should be enough of a distraction to keep her from harassing poor Deok Mi!!

Kmuse: I am actually liking how she is pushing the narrative along. Sure, she is a super obvious trope, but at least we don’t have to worry about her having romantic feelings for our CEO Lion. She is the perfect second lead annoying but used sparsely.

Kdrama Jen: I am with Amber on this one. I think she is helping to move things along and giving us the perfect excuse for our couple to have more required “fake” romance time. I also kind of appreciate seeing the more extreme level of fangirling. She is a great contrast that allows us to see Deok Mi’s as a little more tame.

Drama Geek: I agree that she is helping show that Deok Mi is a respectful fan who tries to help her idol, while Cindy just wants the fame.

Defending Her Honor, Judo Style

Karie the Maknae: Those boys crack me up. Eun Gi/Not Brother is a great protector, but I loved how Ryan Gold was SO willing to create a safe place for Deok Mi. And I also love his little breakdowns when he realizes he’s been a very thorough idiot. It’s definitely what saves him from being the cold rich man who needs his heart thawed.

Clkytta: I knew he had to be some kind of judo master or something. No one is going to take on an Olympian without some kind of knowledge of the sport. It was fun to watch them throw each other around. I’m liking “not the brother” and I hope he meets some nice girl who will boss him around.

MiataMama: I always swoon at the point in the story when the guys are fighting over the girl. Or in this case, fighting to protect the girl. I was a little confused as to why the Judo champ kept letting Ryan throw him to the mat so many times?? Not Brother had to realize his opponent wasn’t a beginner after the second or third time getting flipped.

Kmuse: I consider this the perfect time for the confusion over Deok Mi and her “secret” relationship to come to light and be fixed. It allows us to appreciate how open minded and awesome Lion is and then go forth with the OTP romance. It was also super funny watching the flashbacks that supported his false conclusion.

Kdrama Jen: I love that Lion was there to fight for Deok Mi’s honor. It just felt so sweet and thoughtful. He was genuinely upset that her “not quite a brother” would threaten to “out” Deok Mi, and he wanted to teach him a lesson. This just made me love him so much more.

Drama Geek: I’m not always a fan of the leads fighting over the girl. She has her own mind and doesn’t need two guys telling her who she needs to pick, but this felt different since Ryan really was trying to protect her. I agree with Kmuse that this was the perfect time for the misunderstanding to be cleared up. Let the sizzle begin!

Who Knew Scarves Were So Sexy

Karie the Maknae: I was thinking that Deok Mi was pretty inept at scarf removal at first. But the button made it make sense and the slow-mo . . . my heart was pounding FOR them.

Clkytta: Where’s my fan? Also, ouch! Anyone with long hair cringed in sympathy once it was revealed she had her hair wrapped around the button and she wasn’t just dumb and pulling on the scarf. It really was a perfect scene as he has to move in close an play with her hair.

MiataMama: I’m admittedly not the fashion-forward type. . . but never, in my life thus far, have I encountered a scarf with a button on it!? I was really confused and distracted, but I don’t deny it was a fantastic scene – so much chemistry and tension!

Kmuse: I liked that we had a scene where it 100% showed that she was moved by Ryan’s closeness. Yes, we know that she finds him attractive before this moment. But this was 100% a girl noticing her attraction for a guy, and I loved every minute. Although, I will note that there is no way that you look that attractive when something is stuck in your hair. Usually, everything is flying every which way as you try to untangle the mess.

Kdrama Jen: Yeah, I know it was just a scarf, but it certainly felt intimate and like he was painstakingly removing an item of her clothing. As Clkytta likes to say, “Momma needs a fan!” Also, I happen to have a scarf with a button–it is designed to hold the scarf in place, so I can totally relate to getting hair tangled up in it. Never has the untangling process unfolded like this, though. It is usually a muffled call for help with my shirt up over my head, and then a whole lot of hopping around and yoga-like contortions to get free. Park Min Young, on the other hand, manages to look beautiful.

Drama Geek: Ha! That would have been a totally different scene if it had gone Kdrama Jen’s way. They’ve shown that they had attraction and sexual tension before, but this was the first time they were both very aware that it was happening and that it could be a thing. I love when a simple act like this is made to feel so intimate.

He’s Looking at Someone He Loves

Karie the Maknae: The side trip to see the writer and how beautifully that story was handled made me smile inside.

Clkytta: I found this to be very poignant. So much love shines through in the pictures. Without saying a word, the camera captures the pure and lovely emotions and I may still be teary eyed over this scene.

MiataMama: Two familiar quotes come to mind: “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “The eyes are the window to the soul.” I love the story a simple portrait can tell.

Kdrama Jen: I love that they put in this story about the photographer and the writer. It made it clear that Lion’s earlier mistake about Deok Mi and her best friend was not just being used for laughs. It was a lovely counterpoint to that storyline, and I felt my heart move. I also love how it shows us that Deok Mi is a true artist, and she can see things in photographs that others might miss.

Kmuse: I like how they connected the story about the writer looking at the person he loves to the way Ryan Gold was looking at Deok Mi. This is the the most intimate. It beats out stuck scarves and even the eventual kiss we got. Give me more longing gazes and I will be a happy fangirl.

Drama Geek: I was so worried that the misunderstanding would be played for laughs once it was revealed, but then the writer followed it up with the photographer’s storyline. It showed both the writer’s true heart, and Ryan’s. I think the scarf scene was sensual, and then this one between these two felt more like the beginning of a deep connection.

Latte: the Perils of Being a Kpop Fan

Karie the Maknae: Never let it be said that Ryan Gold falls short on the follow-through. That is some SERIOUS dedication to messing with Deok Mi’s head. I loved him all dressed up in a scarf and sunglasses in the fantasy world. Do we all dress that fabulously there?

Clkytta: Where did this guy come from that he’s so comfortable in his own skin? I loved his confusion and consternation in answering the questions, but he isn’t a man of half measures, he was totally dedicated. I also love that we get a glimpse into how long he’s had her figured out.

MiataMama: Ryan Gold is a man on a mission. Just like Deok Mi brings her professionalism to her fangirl life, Ryan is bringing his critical eye and investigative thoroughness to figuring out Deok Mi’s (real) secret life.

Kmuse: I love that all Deok Mi’s secrets are coming to light earlier than later. There is nothing worse than a couple that is broken up by secrets and stupidity. I think they are skipping all of that and just giving us the possible brother birth secret to get us to the end. At least I hope so.

Kdrama Jen: I have been enjoying how they bring to life the online world of the fandom. For anyone who has ever been involved in online groups, doesn’t it really feel like this? We all picture the people we are a meeting in these groups and create imaginary personas based on our interactions. I just loved this part!

Drama Geek: I totally loved his commitment and follow through and how the show is letting us glimpse into the online world. So much fun. I also really enjoy Jae Wook in a skirt. He looks fabulous.

Lion Stalking the Fangirl, and all His Adorkable Glances

Karie the Maknae: Ryan’s smirks as he totally messes with Deok Mi made me grin. I am loving this story. This is stalking I can get behind. And when he had to chase everyone away from his meeting with Cha Si An? I laughed so hard my husband had to see what was going on.

Clkytta: I love the whole trope where he knows more than she thinks he knows. So much room for comedy and for shenanigans. It also goes to show how fascinated he is by her and her hobby. I can’t wait to see all the little traps he sets for her.

MiataMama: His sneakiness. . . His cheeky grins. . . It’s all great. Fingers-crossed that he continues to remain supportive/protective of her, now that he knows about her double life as a fangirl!

Kmuse: I can’t reiterate enough how happy I am that he knows about the extreme fangirling and he doesn’t have an issue with it. If anything he finds her secret life charming. Of course, he hasn’t experienced the full fangirl yet so there is time for him to be terrified still.

Kdrama Jen: I love how he sleuths about and tries so hard to get into the highest level of the fandom group. It feels so real. I remember feeling so accomplished when I successfully answered the ten questions to become a member of a BTS group. That’s right, I DO know when Jin’s birthday is, when they debuted, the name of V’s puppy, and where they had their first concert. It’s just fabulous that they showed Lion jumping through these hoops. Love it!

Drama Geek: This is the proof I needed that he wouldn’t make her quit her hobby once they get together. There is nothing worse than a partner who can’t understand your passion.

The Case of the Missing Mole

Karie the Maknae: Funny and totally cringe-worthy ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I understand running on a lack of sleep, but YIKES. Thank goodness Si An is so easy-going.

Clkytta: I may have snort laughed as he searched for the mole. It’s a fun tongue in cheek reference to all the different plastic surgery choices idols make when the reality is that the fans don’t mind little imperfections.

MiataMama: Pardon my pun, but, holy moley! I laughed SO HARD during that elevator scene!!! See? Man on a mission! Even if he was slightly traumatized by his own outlandish behavior, after the fact.

Kmuse: This is a whole other ball of awkwardness we have here. I’m sure that even for an idol, who has been touched by some odd people, this face smoosh takes the cake. Could not stop laughing.

Kdrama Jen: See? Those questions are designed only for the most dedicated fan. This scene was really funny, but I was cringing the whole time.

Drama Geek: SOOOOO awkward. If Si An wasn’t so enamored with this new Hyung in his life, he totally would have reported him for this.

So Much Hand Holding

Clkytta: Hand holding is better than a wrist grab. Hand holding makes me think that they are in this together. I love how someone who doesn’t even want to shake hands just grabs her hand. It’s one of my favorite skinships. When you hold someone’s hand there is a feeling of security and comfort. Romance needs something to build on, and holding hands is a good place to start.

Kdrama Jen: The handholding is an integral part of this drama. They don’t need to kiss for there to be a sensual vibe. I feel like this is a slow burn kind of romance. Taking off the scarf, brushing hands, and holding hands all hold a promise of something more. The fact that Lion has expressed that he doesn’t like hand-holding because he hates the empty feeling when someone lets go makes all of these hand-focused scenes that much more poignant.

Kmuse: The whole holding hands means I really like you and am worried you will leave concept they have going is squeal-worthy. I find myself catching my breath every time Ryan’s hand slips towards Deok Mi’s SQUEEEEE!

Drama Geek: I am all about how sweet and intimate this is for them, and I love that it has continued to be a theme. I love that is symbolizes his need for a deeper relationship.

Always Go with the Apology Kiss!

Karie the Maknae: I CANNOT wait to see what happens next!!! That was a perfect way to end the episode, and yet I was still screaming.

MiataMama: YEAY!!! I absolutely love, love, love that Ryan does not wait to make an apology, when he knows he’s in the wrong. And that kiss was a wonderful addition too. *swoon*

Kmuse: Let’s get a cheer for skinship! Let the real smooching begin.

Kdrama Jen: I love that he realized his mistake right away and went after her to apologize. I don’t want to see too many instances where he does something he has to apologize for, but I like how this one got resolved!

Clkytta: I mentioned to my kbesties that Park Min Young is one of the best kissers. So when she is paired with another good kisser it makes me all swoony. Bring on the kisses!

Drama Geek: During down time for a podcast we were discussing Ryan and some of the fangirls pointed out he’s lost his temper several times and needed to apologize. I think I’ve been so blinded by his sincerity toward her and her circumstances that I didn’t realize he’s done it a few times. I’m also comparing him to the normal chaebol boss who spends most of the drama being cold and hurtful and only apologizes later. So, I don’t like that he has a reason to apologize, but I like that he realizes his mistake quickly.

Side character notes: Guitar guy and what is Seon Joo’s husband really filming?

Karie the Maknae: Yeah, is Seon Joo just proving that once a fangirl, always a fangirl, or what?? Her husband filming that fangirl expose is gonna be an interesting plot point. He’s right. He’s gonna be dead meat when it airs.

MiataMama: I was enjoying doofy Coffee Shop Boy. . . but, now he’s turned into semi-popular Guitar Guy. Why? Where are we going with this?? Also, I totally agree with the Maknae – Seon Joo’s husband is gonna be in SO. MUCH. TROUBLE!

Kmuse: This is a whole batch of messy sub plot. However, I surprisingly find myself a little bit sad that Seon Joo is married already. She has so much chemistry with every other male in the drama that I keep finding myself interested in all these other relationships. I hope the writers somehow make me ship her and her husband because right now I’m not feeling it.

Kdrama Jen: If she wasn’t married, I would totally be shipping this noona romance. Hmm… We will have to wait and see. Maybe guitar guy will become Cindy’s new obsession?

Clkytta: Ok, I’m liking the guitar guy a lot. I’m completely underwhelmed by our idol so Cup Breaker/Guitar Guy is a refreshing change. I’m pretty sure that Seon Joo will end up as his manager or something. I think that Seon Joo is going to end up pulling every hair out of her husband’s head. He’s dead meat and he knows it. If he touches her idol, he’s a goner, that’s like messing with her baby.

Drama Geek: I have no idea what the writer wants for Seon Joo. The stars in her eyes when she was watching the guitar guy were of the fangirl variety… at least I think they are. So maybe Clkytta is right and she’ll use her talents and money to push his career forward. (Clkytta: She’s a true fangirl, so I’m pretty sure she will support him innocently.)

Final Thoughts:

Karie the Maknae: My fellow fangirls are always commenting on how Park Min Young has chemistry with everyone, and they’re so very right. I find myself wanting her and our fantastic male lead to get married and have the most gorgeous babies to grace Planet Earth. But I found myself thinking that when I was watching What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? and Healer too. See? Chemistry!

MiataMama: I’m dying to see how things move forward from that closing-scene kiss. Having to wait for next week’s episodes is truly torture when you have an amazing drama on your watchlist.

Kmuse: Yet another great week of drama. Keep it coming.

Kdrama Jen: I am loving this story on so many levels. You can appreciate it for the fangirling, but I am enjoying the lead up to the romance, the amazing sismance, and the way the story is crafted. I definitely look forward to this show each week!

Clkytta: This drama is just great fangirl crack. I love all the different storylines, but I’m really liking how our OTP are getting along. I want more kisses, more fangirl stalking, and more of the crazy art gallery owner especially now that we know she is Cindy’s mom!

Drama Geek: I really need this kind of drama right now. Wonderful romance and great characters. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Until the Next Art Exhibition,

The Fangirls

Dramas With a Side of Kimchi

8 thoughts on “Her Private Life Episodes 5-6: A Chatty Recap

  1. I loved these two episodes so much! I always have so many thoughts as I’m reading the recaps and I loose track… but I wanted to add a comment about the direction of the scarf scene.

    I loved that it didn’t have music. Normally a show cues us on what we’re supposed to feel with music and sound, and kdramas are generally exceptional at that. In this scene, the director purposely left out the music and all sound cues to leave us feeling slightly unmoored, and very much *in the scene* with the characters. And they held out too… it was quite a long scene to go without music, with very little dialog. Amazing!

    I love how the writer gives us the sense of a cliche (or tired trope) and then subverts it. Clearing up the misunderstandings quickly, balancing the humour of misunderstanding a “gay” relationship with the poignancy of genuine feelings that were thwarted.

    I also think that while Ryan overreacted to finding her in his studio, it felt like a very genuine reaction. This is his most person, intimate, secret, and terrifying place. He clearly believes that the painter in question is his mother or someone he knew well before his adoption. He hasn’t been able to paint since he saw the picture. His failure is on display next to the pictures… and he found her there taking it all in. This girl that he has feelings for, this person who’s opinion of him is immensely important to him.

    So, the writer is really deeply rooting her character’s actions in their motivations, and it all feels very authentic and real. His rapid realization and regret also fits with his personality: he’s a bit impulsive and reacts quickly to everything, which we’ve seen with both good and bad effects. I really like that the writer takes care to show us that most character traits are not “good” or “bad” (flaws) in and of themselves, but have a part in creating the particular successes and failures of a character.

    Anyway, I could gush for ages, but this is probably enough for now :)

    • I agree with everything you said Mehitable. Especially about the scarf scene; the misunderstanding of the gay relationship which then morphed into the actual gay relationship (I watched that scene five times and I am still crying about the poignancy of that moment) and then him reacting to her being in his personal space.

  2. Hi guys, I’m a big fan of this blog. Been following quietly for eons, but I can’t not join in the discussion for this drama. The wait for the chatty recap is almost as excruciating as the wait for the new episodes! 🤣

    Is no one going to comment on how utterly adorable Lion is when he is drunk? I have not seen a drunk scene cuter than this one! I’ll admit that I was cringing when Deok Mi chose to whisper the White Ocean ‘flash and click’ song into his ears. Hahaha…surely the group would have ballads she could have sung instead. Really had me laughing out loud.

    Thanks for the fun, guys! Keep the recaps coming! 😂

  3. Unlike other people who are gushing when it comes to this show and the lead actors chemistry where as I am repelled and I can’t wait for it to be over. Its like Descendents of Sun all over again for me when all people did was talk about that damn drama and it wasn’t even good. Here is a postive Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are good looking but that is about it.

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