I Hate You Juliet: First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts

Y’know, I make the mistake every once in a while of thinking that I’m a seasoned drama watcher, now that I’m two years into the journey. And then I get proven wrong.

Such is the case with I Hate You Juliet, a webtoon-turned-webdrama by the good folks at Oksusu. How could I resist, when it stars Lee Hong Gi, Jung Hye Sung, and Choi Woong? Read on to see what Kdrama Jen, MiataMama, and I (Karie the Maknae) think about this mind-reading opposites-might-attract drama.

Karie the Maknae: I’ve watched a handful of indie movies in my life, most notably Napoleon Dynamite. I wasn’t prepared for I Hate You Juliet to have the same production values as an indie movie, so I ran to my Kbesties to verify just what was happening. Turns out that yes, webtoons turned webdramas are the K-entertainment equivalent of indie movies. Lesson learned! (MiataMama reminded me that I have watched Secret Message with TOP, but to be fair, the only difference between that and a regular drama was a more tightly focused story on less characters. I know how to start my experiences off with a bang!)

MiataMama: I’ve watched a handful of web dramas over the years– my favorite thus far, being Go Ho’s Starry Night. While they usually do have a less polished feel to them, I really enjoy the change of pace. Plus, the bite-sized episodes make for super easy watching!

Kdrama Jen: When life is busy, I think a web drama can be the perfect bit of filler.  I do have to say, though, it feels like I am waiting quite a while for just a couple of short episodes with this one.  I am NOT patient!

Karie the Maknae: So, with my expectations set correctly, on to what we actually thought:

Our Stars

Karie the Maknae: Man oh man, I loved Lee Hong Gi in Hwayugi. I was super excited to read about him being a lead in a drama, and I am delighted to be watching him. The dialogue doesn’t flow at the same snappy pace I’m used to, but almost all of my laughs have been due to Hong Gi’s comedic timing.

MiataMama: I totally jumped on this drama because of Lee Hong Gi! He has a knack for comedic exaggerations that aren’t over the top, so it’s always fun to see him in this type of humorous role. I’m also loving the close-ups of him sleeping– I never realized what a beautiful face he has.

Kdrama Jen: Lee Hong Gi has one of my favorite power ballad voices.  That is how I first fell for him.  Then, in Bride of the Century I fell for him as an actor.  I am enjoying him in this web drama.  He does have good comedic timing.

Karie the Maknae: Jung Hye Sung was a delight in Chief Kim and I adored her as the princess in Love in the Moonlight. In this current role, she doesn’t hold back, so there was some secondhand embarrassment to work through, but I managed because I just like her so darn much.

MiataMama: The last drama I had seen Jung Hye Sung in was Doubtful Victory. She played a rather serious role, as a rookie detective, that wasn’t terribly memorable. She seems much more comfortable with this character, playing the comedic vibe with ease, which makes it a fun watch!

Kdrama Jen: Jung Hye Sung is a hit and miss actress for me.  I think she needs to have a solid role or she doesn’t shine as much.  So far, though, I am enjoying her in I Hate You, Juliet.

Karie the Maknae: And Choi Woong. I absolutely fell for him as the hoobae Reaper in Goblin. I intend to start Clean with Passion for the very same reason. He’s a delightfully serious sunbae in IHYJ, protective of his juniors and good at establishing a rapport with his professor.

MiataMama: Maybe it’s because I’m too focused on Lee Hong Ki, but I’m feeling a bit meh about Choi Woong’s character. There’s not much emotion coming from his character, good or bad. So, at this point, it just seems he’s the token third-wheel of the love triangle.

Kdrama Jen: Oh, man.  I am all in for Choi Woong!  I have SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) BADDDDDD!  

The Plot

Karie the Maknae: So the plot synopsis isn’t super helpful — it tends to wander all over the place and is possibly full of spoilers. *shrug* Eh, it happens. Basically, we have a script-writing student and a former child actor enrolled at the same college. They can now read each other’s minds after driving each other nuts in their meet-cute and having a couple of strange accidents together. Hijinks have been ensuing and I look forward to watching them fall in love.

MiataMama: The last few dramas I’ve started, based heavily on the synopsis, have totally NOT been what I was expecting. So going forward, I’ve decided to rely less on the plot description and make my selections by focusing more on the casting. That being said, while Lee Hong Ki initially caught my eye, the synopsis for IHYJ also looked highly entertaining — I mean, how could I say ‘no’ to the mind-reading plot thread?!

Kdrama Jen: At this point, I am not exactly sure where this is all going, but it is fluffy and fun, so I am not overly worried about plot. 


Karie the Maknae: So far, sure! It’s been a fun ride and I’m enjoying all the characters, including our secondary ones. Kim Kang Hyun is playing Lee Hong Gi’s manager, which I find adorable because I loved his teddy bear manager character in Cinderella and Four Knights.

MiataMama: I’ve watched all the subbed episodes already. *sigh* I’m sitting here contemplating watching the next one raw. . . . The story is coming together nicely, the characters are getting fleshed out, and I’m eager to see what happens next. I would definitely give this one a go, if you’re looking for a fun diversion from the usual drama fare!

Kdrama Jen: I think this is a fun filler drama if you have a lot of serious dramas on your plate and want something lighter.  It definitely is a web drama. It feels a bit disjointed and doesn’t have the fully explained backstory that you might be used to with regular dramas, but it is still quite fun.  I plan to keep watching for sure.

Until the next lightning strike, or something, we remain–

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  1. I’m also watching this drama because of Lee Hong Ki, the female lead is cute too but Hong Ki definitely carry the show. The plot’s a bit weak and there’s not much character development, guess that’s the norm for bite size web drama. This is a good one for easy-watching filler type drama in between some of the heavy one. Can’t wait for Hong Ki’s full length drama but I’m afraid that might not happen before his enlistment. I miss PK and Zombie couple so much, hope they can meet in drama world again someday. Thanks for the post. 🙂

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