Her Private Life Episodes 7-8: A Chatty Recap

There was plenty of cute and sexy this week, but was any of it real? It’s hard to complain when we got tons of kisses and a very hot blindfold scene. Okay, maybe we can complain a little bit. Some of our least favorite tropes trampled on our fangirl parade this week, let’s see if they managed to dampen our excitement.

Please, Stop Teasing Us

Drama Geek: So far each time they’ve teased a kiss we’ve gotten a fake out. Though… they’ve all paid off with a really smexy scene so I’m left conflicted. I hate being played with, but I also love all the skinship this early. That can lead to problems though, which I’ll talk about later.

MiataMama: I was pretty miffed when I found out I got played by last week’s cliffhanger kiss. So I was half-expecting the blindfold kiss to be another “Ha! Just kidding!” moment. And it was. If we don’t have a real connection here soon, I might start throwing things at my screen. All this teasing is driving me bananas.

Kmuse: Very sexy non-kisses but I agree with my fellow fangirls. I need some real life kisses not just ones that happen in Deok Mi’s imaginations. Although, kudos to her imagination for being so steamy.

Clkytta: The skinship is top-notch in this drama. I’m loving all the almost kisses. The thumb on her lip was almost as hot as if he had kissed her. There is something to be said about two experienced actors in a scene like this. While Kim Jae Wook may have played second lead more in the past, he has catapulted to main lead here and he’s definitely bringing the chemistry.

Karie the Maknae: What can I say? I’m pretty easy-going to a point. The first kiss being a fake out was fine, even if it was a waste of a good, purposeful walk towards the heroine (THAT is the point when I squeal). But for TWO kisses in a ROW to be fakes? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. They do have incredible chemistry, though.

Kdrama Jen: So, I believe Miata Mama and I were the first ones to watch this week, and I messaged our fangirl group: “Hurry up and watch! I have WORDS.” Please, stop teasing us are those very words. Fool me once shame on me. Fool me again and you are going to have an annoyed fangirl–isn’t that how that saying goes?

Rocks Are Gifts Too

Drama Geek: I found it so adorable at how easily Ryan got along with Deok Mi’s family. His genuine interest in the rock collection made Appa’s night. I died laughing when Ryan opened the side dishes up, and there was a big ass rock in there.

MiataMama: Did you see Appa’s face?!? I loved how he just started beaming when he realized he could share with someone who would appreciate his passion. And the rock he gifted to Ryan – I thought that was super sweet!!

Kmuse: The father falling in love with his possible son-in-law because of rocks just warms my heart. This might have been my favorite scene this week after all the great skinship moments.

Clkytta: I love her dad. He’s so quirky and I was really surprised that he sent the rock. He loves his rocks so much, so that was a big step for him. It was also a major signal that it’s ok to date his daughter, which also surprised me. Like I said, Dad is quirky, but I don’t think he’d really just let anyone date his daughter.

Karie the Maknae: Oh man, watching Dad just light up when Ryan showed the * slightest * bit of interest in his rock collection totally melted my heart. And when Ryan asked him if it was . . . um, some technical term that showed there might be some value to the rock . . . I was very much hoping that there might be more to Dad’s collection than what Mom believes. It was absolutely sweet of him to send one of his beloved rocks to Ryan, too. I have faith that our Lion will recognize that gesture for what it was.

Kdrama Jen: When he was lugging everything home, I wondered if maybe Mom had tried to sneak in some rocks. It was super sweet to discover that Dad gifted Lion with a special rock. My heart melted a little.

Supporting Fangirling = True Love

Drama Geek: My favorite scenes this week were when Ryan was making it possible for her to be her true fangirl self. He seems to truly enjoy watching her excitement over Si An. He doesn’t get jealous until the friend starts butting in. He sees her passion for Si An for what it is, and it’s very refreshing that he wants to support her.

MiataMama: I know I’m saying this a lot, in regards to this drama, but . . . *swoon*! Ryan sees how much heart and soul Deok Mi puts into fangirling and taking photos of Si An. While her other fan cafe followers love the subject of her pictures, ‘Latte’ takes note of her talent in capturing the image. He’s falling in love with Deok Mi, the artist.

Kmuse: I agree with everyone else’s comments. The support, especially the hidden support, is really sweet. Also, Lion’s sex appeal increases the more supportive he becomes. Keep up the good work.

Clkytta: He’s an artist so he understands obsession. She spends so much time enhancing all the pictures and it’s an act of love. She feels a sense of ownership and family to Si An because she followed him since day one. I can relate to that. Ryan wanting to understand her and becoming Latte just makes me love him more. While he doesn’t have to be all in like she is, he has a much better understanding of her now because he understands what’s most important to her.

Karie the Maknae: I like the different ways the show is handling fangirling + significant others. There’s Not Brother, who seems almost disgusted by it/jealous of it; Bestie’s Hubby, who’s making fun of it behind his wife’s back; and our paragon, The Lion, who supports our fangirl all the way. They’re all valid responses, I suppose, but I like the fact that Ryan doesn’t have to come around to it — he’s already accepted it.

Kdrama Jen: This was one of my favorite parts. I love that Ryan sees her as an artist. He also became my hero when he went from observing her at the fan-meet to actively interfering, so Cindy would not catch her. Yeah, he is definitely a keeper. I agree with the Maknae about the way they are showing different reactions to fangirling. In past episodes they showed different kinds of fangirling and in this episode they are showing how others react to it. This is one of the smart and unique aspects of this drama.

Okay, Si An, you can be cute too.

Drama Geek: It’s hard to keep your secret identity hidden when your idol wants a selfie. Si An’s solution was both sweet and they were super cute taking pictures together. I can totally see some of our favorite idols being this way with a shy fan.

MiataMama: Yes, he’s cute. Still a little one dimensional, but cute.

Clkytta: Si An won me over in this scene. He wasn’t offended, and he was super respectful about how she felt. This is someone who is worth idolizing. I’m sure we will see more of his flaws later, but for now, I can see why he would have a major fan base.

Kmuse: For the first time in the drama I started to have some feels for this character. The selfie scene was super sweet.

Karie the Maknae: I have always been a fan of gentle Si An, so it was great to see how sweet and clever he can be too. I want to see more of his friendship with Lion — they’re fun together.

Kdrama Jen: I have been enjoying him. I love his burgeoning bromance with Lion and I totally could see some of my favorite idols doing something just like this. It feels like the writer and director have definitely done their homework regarding the fangirl life.

Min Young Should Always Work With Blindfolds

Drama Geek: Holy fire, the end of episode seven had my heart pounding. Then when Ryan took the blindfold off himself, I about passed out. I’m really sad this was fake, but I can understand it narratively. What I’m afraid of is that when their real kiss happens it won’t be as good as the fake ones. That would be such a shame for the OTP. (If you haven’t watched the behind the scenes of Jae Wook stumbling around blindfolded you need to immediately!)

MiataMama: I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing at some point during this scene! Their chemistry just leaves me speechless. (Now to go find those behind the scenes clips of Jae Wook . . .)

Clkytta: I was on the edge of my seat with the whole blindfold scene and when it turned into her overactive imagination working overtime, I was disappointed. I do think this is a sign that when we get the real deal, the kiss scene won’t be a smolder, but a full-blown fire.

Karie the Maknae: ChemistrychemistryCHEMISTRY!!!!

Kdrama Jen: The blindfold scene was SO intense, and I wanted it to be REAL!!! So, yes they have oodles of chemistry, but I am afraid I won’t enjoy the real thing in the moment because I will be afraid it is another fantasy.

Shower Scenes Don’t Give You a Pass

Drama Geek: I really want to like Not Brother, but I’m not happy with how he’s meddling with her life, and how he talks down to her when it comes to the fangirling. He even used it to convince her that no one would want to date her. The female second lead is annoying, but I’m not emotionally invested in her character like I am with Eun Gi.

MiataMama: I can’t write about this without feeling agitated. Not Brother and Wannabe Girlfriend and their selfish one-sided loves are annoying me immensely. They’ve both been firmly friend-zoned and they need to go away ASAP!

Clkytta: Not the Brother is HOT! But eye candy doesn’t win over being a domineering jerk to your foster sister. While it’s obvious that he loves her on many different levels, he’s still a jerk. I’m also not pleased with the second lead girl and she needs to move back to where she came from.

Kmuse: I hate that I am starting to dislike Not the Brother. I really want to keep having happy family feels but he is turning into the worst kind of second lead. The one who thinks that their happiness is more important than the person they supposedly love. Not cool, Not the Brother, not cool at all.

Karie the Maknae: I think the writer is going a little overboard with our second leads, but at the same time, it fits the tone of the drama. I still heartily wish they would go find a new person to love, though. Maybe each other. I’m down with that.

Kdrama Jen: And here is where my comments about the smart and unique side of the drama come to a screeching halt. Please, please, please! Why do we need to have the typical scheming second leads? Yes, Clkytta is correct. Not a Brother was truly made for that angsty shower scene. I hope you all noticed the prime example of the serratus anterior muscle on full display. Hey, it’s science. This is educational!

Is That You, Trash Oppa?

Drama Geek: When Deok Mi’s mom brings Eun Gi food she had a flashback of two boys and a girl playing as kids. My guess is we have a very similar situation to Reply 1994 where Doek Mi’s real brother died and they embraced Eun Gi to help fill that void, and to help a single mom.

MiataMama: I’ve not seen Reply 1994, so I can’t comment on that parallel. I did wonder if the other boy is actually Ryan and mom feels guilt because she remembers the circumstances surrounding his abandonment and adoption to the States . . . maybe?

Kmuse: Nooooo… I don’t want 1994 plot line added in. I’m going to ignore that plot tease and enjoy watching the little kids falling to the ground. They, unlike the stupid dead brother story arc, are adorable.

Clkytta: Miatamama, stop what you are doing and watch 1994, it’s not the best of the Reply series, but you need the kdrama cultural context. Also, I don’t think Ryan is the other boy, it’s not the same feeling. This is a child who died. My Kdrama spidey sense is tingling again.

Karie the Maknae: I was looking at age differences and wondering if it might have been Si An. Probably not, though, as he’s at least ten years younger than Deok Mi and Not Brother. The smile on Mom’s face as she watched the kids, though? She was definitely happy with more kids around her. I’m afraid Clkytta might be right.

Kdrama Jen: I do believe these are additional words I had to hold inside. They don’t just throw in a random flashback scene filled with happy children playing, especially when there are too many children in the flashback to account for the current state. There is AN EVENT we are not yet privvy to. Mark our Fangirling words. This flashback will be important!

I’m Fake Ending this Fake Relationship

Drama Geek: Really, Deok Mi????? He told you why he hates holding hands and you just did that to him? I am not happy with the conflict the writer introduced this episode. The second female being sneaky and lying, Eun Gi making her feel like no one will like who she really is, and the tropey almost confession followed by her pushing him away.

MiataMama: I’m so mad at how this episode ended. I find it funny though, that all those tropes that I loved as a newbie Kdrama watcher, are now making me groan and tear my hair out. Recent dramas have set a high bar when it comes to resolving relationship conflict. So this really grates, since it feels like a GIANT step backwards in the storytelling department.

Kmuse: This is my all time least favorite type of second lead. And now we have double the annoyance. Wake me up when all this stupidity is over.

Clkytta: Looks up for a quick episode check, oh we are on episode 8, so this makes sense. It’s time for our lovers to realize their feelings only to be thwarted by the jealous second leads. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Karie the Maknae: I’m with the other fangirls — Deok Mi’s idiot move, borne of an insecurity she hasn’t demonstrated before, made me want to smack her.

Kdrama Jen: Yeah. My annoyed state continues. Come on, drama! I expected more from you. You don’t have to do this. You can step out of the tropes and cliches. Why do they always set things up like this? Why didn’t Lion just hand her the freaking flowers from the beginning? If she had seen the flowers, then I think she would have waited to hear what he had to say. Grrrrrr!!!!!

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: I want to have faith in the writer than they’ll stop playing with our emotions, and redeem themselves for the decision that Deok Mi made. I truly do know what it feels like to worry about being judged by the world and not trusting others with your secrets. I hope she soon realizes that Ryan is someone who will protect her and deserves to be let into her world.

MiataMama: Okay, so I know that previews usually lie and misdirect. That being said, I’m still worried that it’s going to take much longer than I want for this misunderstanding to get straightened out. And I’m sad. Up until now, I’ve been SO excited to see next week’s episodes. Now . . . I’m kind of dreading them. Sigh.

Clkytta: Is it wrong that I’m hoping either Cindy or Second Lead girl end up with Not the Brother? Maybe I’m channeling my own wishes so that there aren’t any more obnoxious barriers to my OTP. I know we will have angst for at least one more episode, but, and this is a big one, I think that Ryan is smarter than that. He seems to be able to read Deok Mi pretty well, so I’m hoping he sees that outside forces are colluding against them.

Kdrama Jen: Yup. I was loving this show, but now I am in that place where I want to smack the second leads, give Deok Mi a stern lecture, and tell Lion to just tell her how he feels. He totally could have done that while he was blindfolded. I think that would have been a great time. Can we go back to the blindfold scene?

Karie the Maknae: Can I just say “ditto” to what everyone else has said? Because I am. Ditto.

Kmuse: I’m dittoing the ditto.

Until the Next Fake Kiss,

The Fangirls

Dramas With a Side of Kimchi

16 thoughts on “Her Private Life Episodes 7-8: A Chatty Recap

  1. Hey ladies! Just to clarify in regards to the childhood flashback that DM’s mom had… there were actually 3 boys and 1 girl (assuming it’s DM). There’s a boy wearing green, a boy wearing white, and a boy wearing gray. And it overlaps with parts of the flashback that Ryan had at the amusement park in episode 4 when he’s watching the kids play with bubbles. I had to go back to confirm haha.

    I definitely don’t think DM and RG are related in any way because in the flashbacks, DM’s mom’s hair is very different from the ponytail that RG’s mom has. But maybe they used to play together when they were kids? I am looking forward to how they will go about this stuff from the past.

    • Thanks for clarifying. I think I was looking for any sign that Si An and Ryan might be brothers. The whole thing had a Reply 1994 feel, so I was just waiting for them to announce the Not-a-Brother was friends with Deok Mi’s real brother who came up missing years ago–or something like that. Can’t wait to chat about THIS week’s episodes, though!!!!!

  2. I did not mind the first kiss fake out, because his sudden rush to kiss her in that moment felt out of character with the boundary-respecting guy he’s been so far.

    The second kiss fake out I had serious mixed feelings about. ‘Cause wow, the chemistry. And also two in a row is more annoying.

    But I decided in the end I was in favour because I like the way it shows female sexuality as… well, as a thing that exists for one. And isn’t shameful for another. It’s her fear of rejection, not her shame that stops her.

    As for the second female lead, she’s not as bad as the trope. She clearly has a flirty relationship with Lion where her chasing him is pretty par for the course. She backed off when she found out they were dating and only pulled her stunt when she found out it was fake. After which she clearly thought less of herself. Likewise not-a-brother seems to be struggling a bit with knowing he’s being an asshole. So, it’s not like I like these things they did, but they feel like they fall in the realm of “bad choices okay people make” and not so much the “how is this supposed to be a functioning human being” that the trope usually falls into for me.

    I won’t spoil it at all, but for those who found their enthusiasm lagging, episode 9 was way funnier than I usually expect a “now they think they don’t like each other” episode to be, even in a comedy :)

  3. I actually like the fake kisses! They can fake kiss all they want if it is going to be so 🔥! 😂There is something about courtship that is so much more attractive than when a couple actually gets together and when reality sets in. I mean, we all anticipate that after a couple starts to date for real, the product placement episode comes in, and it gets really cheesy and boring…So I am all for the push-and-pull that is going on!

    I also don’t find Da In and Not-The-Brother annoying. I can understand why they would want to guard their turf. I didn’t interpret Not-The-Brother’s comments about how hard it is to find a guy who would accept a fangirl, with her obsession and all, as a way to put Deok Mi down. I saw it more as a confession of his acceptance and love for her. He is that rare guy he is talking about!

    • Thanks for commenting! I have mixed feelings. The blindfold scene was so intense. I just wanted it to be real. I am happier after this week’s episodes, though. I am still struggling with Da-in and Not-the-Brother. I see where they are coming from, but I just wanted this show to veer away from traditional tropes, as they seemed to be doing. I am willing to wait and see, though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

      • THIS WEEK’S EPISODES!!!!! 😍 They were totally worth the wait. I take back everything I said about fake kisses. Hahahaha…(but really, they managed to outdo themselves. great job, director!)

        • I loved that I had read your comment before watching episodes 9 and 10. It just served to confirm that the writer and director are taking a very tropey sort of story and doing something really fresh with it :D

  4. I more saw the two fake kisses as demonstrations of what they both really wanted without having them do actual dialogue on it. Yeah, Lion actually kissed his thumb, but the fact that he got that close (as the “boundary respecting person he has been” which mehitable pointed out showed me that he was comfortable that close to her. Her fantasy kiss was much more direct in showing us what she wanted.

    I am definitely appreciating how mature they have made Lion. Yeah, it took someone pointing out his jealousy, but as soon as they did, he stopped, thought, realized it was true, and set out to fix it. He isn’t a character that gets entrenched in idiocy. As much as I am thankful for strong female characters, I doubly appreciate when the male characters are not given stupidity instead. That was one pitfall I felt like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon fell into…it made the women strong at the expense of the men. Men do not have to be beaten down as stupid just so everyone can see how smart women are. Both can be smart and mature and the story still be good. But that’s just my twenty won.

    • I am 100% on board with intelligent, respectful men who love their intelligent, strong women. You all have made good points about the fake kisses.

  5. I am also loving how respectful and thoughtful he is. There is no “look in the mirror, you are ugly” as a way of showing affection from Lion. I appreciate that we have moved beyond that in more modern Kdramas.

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