A Tale of Two Dropped Dramas

As many of our fans know, I’m a full-time student so my drama time is limited during the school year. Because I’ve had to be very selective, I’ve started and dropped several dramas these past few months. I’m trying to decide what to catch up on, and my choices are The Last Empress, or Touch Your Heart.

Why I dropped them and why I added these back to the list:

I struggled with The Last Empress because I’m not a big Jang Na Ra fan. I don’t like dramas with a weak and whiny female lead, and I felt like that’s what this was going to be. I’ve heard that she gets a spine and that it’s absolutely cracktastic, but at the time, I wasn’t willing to spend my precious drama time waiting for the drama to get good. The Fangirls all say I HAVE to watch this one. I’m a HUGE Shin Sung Rok fan, so I’m willing to rethink my original stance on this one.

Touch Your Heart is one I can’t even remember why I dropped! So it has to be that it fell off my radar for some mundane reason like lack of time or it was boring. I remember that I thought it was fun, but I fell behind and maybe the chatter was that it wasn’t good? All I know, is I’ve added this one back to my list for a second chance. I think I need to give it a second try at least for the Goblin couple.

Honorable Mention/Backup

I was totally underwhelmed by Romance is a Bonus Book. Should I consider adding that back into the mix?

Comment below and tell me what I should watch and I’ll report back in a future post about what happened when I gave one of these dramas a second chance.

Decisions, Decisions,


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13 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Dropped Dramas

  1. I just could not get through Touch Your Heart. I think it was just too formulaic for me, which was disappointing, because I was really looking forward to watching it.

    • Well that one may stay on the list for when I’m in a slump. Sometimes formulaic is good when you are half watching something.

    • I don’t have the heart to continue ‘Touch Your Heart’. Bad old actress acting trying hard to be young and cute. The story/screenplay is so boring and cheeky!

  2. Touch Your Heart is adorable, angst-free and sweet. I watched it to relax from all the tense dramas I was watching at the time.

    Last Empress is just so very funny! Unfortunately when they extended it they mangled the LEAD ACTOR’S conclusion and it pretty much ruined the ending, although Shin Sung Rok is well-worth finishing it for. Choi Jin Hyuk couldn’t film those extended episodes, but OMG there were better ways to get around his non-appearance than what these writers/producers did!

  3. Hah. I’m also a full time student and as these are three dramas that I’ve heard good things about, I keep contemplating whether I should start them or (in the case of Touch Your Heart) finish. Let us know what you decide!

  4. TYH is boring, with no real conflict at all and LE is ALL conflict and also very soapy in entertaining kind of way. RABB is slow burn with adult people and problems, which is why I liked it.

  5. I enjoyed Romance is a Bonus Book very much! Dropped The Last Empress (at the 3rd episode as I couldn’t stand the theatrics) and Touch Your Heart (at the 14th episode. It got so boring that I couldn’t even be bothered about the ending.)

  6. If you are in the mood for cracktastic over the top absurd, then definitely go for The Last Empress!!! Show is absolutely ridiculous but I enjoyed every crazy loony bits of it! Pure junk food entertainment but oh so fun! LOL

    Touch your heart is less dramatic in comparison, but if you are in the mood for fluffy love that’s so sweet it makes your bloody tooth hurts then go for this one. Ha! I only watched this for YIN and LDW and imagining it’s their goblin reincarnations getting their happy ending. Story is meh… but the couple is awesome!

    To compare, I would say last empress is like flaming hot cheetos (crazy hot but I can’t stop) and TYH is like sweet and comforting cotton candy (makes me light and happy)

    Actually, just watch both!! Haha 👍🏻😎

    • Oh, forgot about Romance is a Bonus Book. I watched this too and I must say I enjoy it, although it wasn’t very addicting. The OTP is not that sizzling for me, in fact as the series progresses they were the least interesting aspect of the story, but I loved all the side characters and the interactions in the office. And watching the workings and process of publishing a book was the highlight for me as I love to read, and I can feel the passion and love of books shining through in the series and in all the characters that work in Goryeo. So if you are a literary fan, then this one is definitely for you 🙂

  7. I did not watch the last empress but I watched both TYH and RABB. For me RABB wins hands down. TYH was cute and fluffy and I enjoyed it somewhat, but I took some breaks here and there because it got fairly boring multiple times. On the other hand, I really looked forward to watching RABB each week – the directing, acting, and chemistry were all excellent.

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