Kmuse’s Musings: Battle of the Bad Guys

Do you ever watch a drama and find yourself really liking a bad guy? Whether it is their crazy storyline or just plain charisma, you can’t help but find yourself liking them. Just so happens that there are two very likable bad guys in my drama list right now, so let’s stack them against each other and see who comes out on top.

I am currently really invested in the dramas My Fellow Citizens and Special Labor Inspector Jo. And since they both have great ensemble casts there is a lot of similarities in the character types. Including the fact that they both have really fun bad guys. So to decide who is the best bad guy, we will have a little competition.


Park Hu Ja – Being one of five sisters and having a Dad who is a mafioso who wished for boys is not a good start. But Park Hy Ja has risen above that to be the most ruthless and cunning of the sisters. She is a force to be reckoned with in the man’s world she finds herself in.

Woo Do Ha – Born into a poor family and with a father that has a job in his abusive best friend’s company, Woo Do Ha has issues. He is also brilliant and has the ability to plan a long game of revenge. Well, revenge and profit since I am pretty sure he isn’t taking down the chaebol bad guy for altruistic reasons.

While both have decent backstories, I have to give the category win to Woo Do Ha. He has layers that are currently missing with our wannabe Queen of the money lenders.

Level of evil

Park Hu Ja – She’s trying to force her own candidate into politics to get her way. Add in the fact that she is totally OK killing off people and you have a pretty good evil character.

Woo Do Ha – Woo Do Ha isn’t overly evil in the traditional sense. His level of evil comes from sitting by and watching his crazy evil friend hurt, maim, and destroy others. Sometimes evil is simply not doing whats right.

I choose Park Hu Ja for this win. She might not be the most successful evil villain but she is willing to kill people to achieve her goals.

Ability to manipulate

Park Hu Ja – This poor thing tries so hard to make everyone do her bidding. However, the OTP manages to thwart her over and over again. Thank goodness that her being thwarted is hilarious.

Woo Do Ha – Now this is a perfect example of a master manipulator. Woo Do Ha factors in everyone’s personality and past actions when he makes a move. This is why I consider him a true threat against justice being served.

Woo Do Ha wins this round hands down. Park Hu Ja has the big ideas but can’t follow through.


Park Hu Ja – This is Park Hu Ja’s strongest category. It is rare that I find a bad guy so gosh darn entertaining. I can watch her scheme for hours and am never bored. She is the best aspect of this drama and even makes Siwon’s charisma dim a bit in her presence.

Woo Do Ha – I do appreciate a bad guy in glasses. especially one that has a really good smirk. Now if only he didn’t blend into the background so easily. Inspector Jo is just to charismatic for anyone to stand out around him.

This is a strong win for Park Hu Ja!

And the winner is……

Darn it all, we have a tie. So when it comes down to it I just have to decide who I would rather watch. Which means the winner is My Favorite Citizen Park Hu Ja! This is an actress who I don’t really enjoy in leading lady roles, but who knew she would jump up the ranks to be one of my favorite villains? I truly hope that this is not the last time she takes the jump to the villain side of things.

There you have it! My opinion on who the best bad guy is. What are your thoughts? Do they concide or do they differ with mine? Let me know in the comments.

Til the next drama showdown,


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  1. Woo Do Ha and the Prosecutor (former bride) seem to have an attraction…he’s busy all the time and she has finally been pushed to be ready to help crush her former fiancé. Power couple!

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