Her Private Life Episodes 9-10: A Chatty Recap

This show is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! I just don’t know how better to describe what transpired this week. The writer didn’t let the fake breakup stand in the way of our couple showing how hard they’ve fallen for each other. Both of our leads had to stop being afraid of what might happen if they reveal their true feelings, and when they finally did, dang we were given some of the most sizzling scenes in dramaland.

Bubbles, Boys, and Hand Holding

Drama Geek: Their past connection is probably the final hurdle our couple will have to overcome. It was pointed out last week in the comments there were three boys and one girl in the bubble memory. I’m betting on Si An, Ryan, and Eun Gi as the boys. We know Ryan was abandoned and they’ve hinted that Eun Gi’s mom might have ditched him for a while, too. It would be hilarious if Si An was actually her long lost brother or something (I know this won’t be true, but it’s still fun to imagine.)

Clkytta: I think Ryan and Si An are brothers. I’m not 100% sure why, but I feel like they have some kind of familial connection. The only other thing I can think of is maybe they all were at the same orphanage or school or something? I’m still thinking there may have been a brother who died though.

Kmuse: I am not a fan of this whole bubble back story mystery. It feels way too similar to Secretary Kim (The last drama by Park Min Young) and is boring side filler. It lacks the narrative punch that I personally like.

MiataMama: Let’s reveal the mysterious back story already – 빨리해!!! (Hurry!!) Personally, I’m rooting for Ryan and Si An to be brothers. This way she can marry Ryan and have Si An as her brother-in-law. Or maybe that might be a little weird and awkward. Either way, brothers.

Karie the Maknae: I’m rooting for the brothers angle too. I have my speculations, but at this point, I’m willing to just sit back and see what the story reveals — there isn’t the suspense to the background this time like there was with Secretary Kim.

Kdrama Jen: I can’t unsee the Secretary Kim parallels, and that is not just because it is the same actress. I am not a huge fan of the tragic backstory/destined-lovers-since-birth storyline. Like, seriously, can’t two people just meet for the first time as adults and fall in love?

Lunch for Two, Please.

Drama Geek: The problem with their fake breakup is that there were real emotions and they are now flying around all over the place. Ryan is confused and she’s just upset. I LOVE how her friend jumps in and comforts her right away, and covered for her while she hid behind the counter. The poor office workers don’t know what to do with them anymore.

Clkytta: A good bestie will look the man who hurt you straight in the eye and offer him something he’s allergic to so he will go away. The confusion between both of our leads is palpable and I’m really hating the second lead girl for causing this chaos.

Kmuse: I like that even when they are hurt and confused they don’t lash out at each other. Awkwardness abounds but no cruelty. I also enjoy our OTP try to figure out how to deal with a break up that wasn’t a real breakup.

MiataMama: This office romance is giving the bystanders some crazy whiplash. Our intrepid museum staff stepped up to help smooth over the awkwardness between our OTP. Too bad it backfired and left everyone twisting their lunch napkins uncomfortably.

Karie the Maknae: Someday I want a best friend like Seon Joo. She is AMAZING and fierce and I love her. And I don’t blame Deok Mi and Ryan for being confused about the breakup — I would be too!

Kdrama Jen: I kind of feel like you might already have some besties like Seon Joon, Karie! Ahem… Pretty sure your fellow fangirls would gladly offer anyone who crossed you a cup of something nasty.

I Want that Lion!

Drama Geek: I love his relationship with her parents and the crocheted lion was so adorable. At this point, I really have no idea how she doesn’t know he likes her. This man is not burdened by you at all.

Clkytta: He genuinely likes her family. This guy is the whole package. He doesn’t care about her “hobby” and he isn’t inconvenienced by her family and their quirks. He’s so obvious that he’s interested, I agree with Drama Geek, how does SHE not know?

Kmuse: This was the sweetest picnic. The parents love him so much and his enjoyment of their presence just gives me warm fuzzies.

MiataMama: This was seriously my most favorite moment of the week. As someone who dabbles in amigurumi crochet, I totally squeed when she gave him the little stuffed lion. LOVED IT!!! Can I please adopt her as my 엄마 (Mom)?!

Karie the Maknae: Mom’s lion for the win!! So adorable. I can see where Deok Mi doesn’t quite trust Ryan’s interest in her parents’ passions and hers (eventually), since she’s been surrounded by nay-sayers all her life (i.e. her mom with her dad’s rock collection).

Kdrama Jen: So, I am furiously Googling ” amigurumi crochet” because: A.) I had no idea what it was and B.) I had no idea Miata Mama “dabbled” in this craft. I am thinking we are all getting some amigurumi lions for our birthdays!

Curator Noona

Drama Geek: When Si An sweetly calls out “Curator Noona”, I picture Suga from BTS doing that to me, and it makes me giggle. Hey, this show is all about the fangirl’s dream, why can’t I have a little make-believe?

Clkytta: Si An brings out all the hidden (or not so hidden) fangirl in all of us. I love how he appreciates his “Curator Noona” and has no clue that she’s his biggest fan. I can’t wait until that is revealed and the mutual lovefest that will follow. He really appreciates all that she does in his fan cafe.

Kmuse: This is every fangirl, at least a healthy fangirl’s, dream come true. I think we all wish that our biases appreciate our devotion in this way.

MiataMama: Okay Si An, I concede. You’re slowly, but surely, winning me over. Please give Curator Noona ALL the love, once you find out who she really is. . . .

Karie the Maknae: This is NOT the part where I point out that I knew he would be adorable from the beginning. *ahem* I’m glad he’s living up to my expectations!

Kdrama Jen: Si An is really sweet. I am glad he appreciates Curator Noona AND the photographer who captures his energy and posts in the fan cafe. I love how this drama not only shows the life of a mature fangirl, but also lets us all indulge our fangirl fantasies just a bit. I mean, wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have a real reason to meet up with your favorite star or idol?

Real Kisses, and Beyond

Drama Geek: I really appreciated that their real kiss was initiated without Ryan reading her message to Latte. They both had to step out of their comfort zone and be brave. And WOWZA, did it pay off. Then when they snuck back to the other area and continued their kissing, I just about died. But what solidified my love for this scene was after the kiss. In dramaland that space between them showing that burst of emotion and what happens right after is almost always left to our imagination. They felt like such a real couple, and they were both awkward and comfortable with each other. It was delicious.

Clkytta: Forget the fan, I needed an air conditioner when that kiss happened! They were smack up against each other and lips were really meeting. This was no fish eyed kiss, but a full-on assault of lips and an outpouring of pent up emotions. Park Min Young really doesn’t shy away from love scenes and I love her for that.

Kmuse: I was totally expecting this to be because of the text so I agree that the natural way it developed was better. Their kissing also felt very natural and them wanting to make out for a bit made the moment even more swoonworthy.

MiataMama: I don’t think I appreciated the kiss as much as I could/should have. Why? Because I was just waiting for another fake-out. Yes, our OTP has undeniably great chemistry. And yes, it was a very swoon-worthy kiss scene. But, too many prior teases spoiled the real deal for me. Blah.

Karie the Maknae: This scene was really well done, even with the cliche stars on the ceiling from the lightstick. Also, CHEMISTRY. These two rock!

Kdrama Jen: I was a bit disgruntled last week with all the fake kisses, but I am completely satisfied with the way they made up for it! These two have oodles of chemistry and I just love how they are together. I may have some minor complaints about plot, but the OTP is hitting all the right notes for me.


Drama Geek: Can we please take a moment and talk about how after their kiss she went home and wanted a video of it so she could replay it then make a GIF out of it. The exact thing those talented enough did the moment the episode was over. Go on Tumblr and I bet you’ll find plenty of the woodshop moments out there.

Clkytta: Anyone else notice that she’s starting to fangirl Ryan as much as Si An? She’s wanting to make a GIF and she’s got shelves devoted to her memories with him. I love how her real life is starting to be more real than her fangirl life.

Kmuse: Once a fangirl always a fangirl.

MiataMama: I so very much appreciate these fangirl moments – her thoughts are my thoughts.

Karie the Maknae: I have to second Clkytta’s observation — Ryan is starting to take over her Si An displays, and I absolutely love it.

Kdrama Jen: This is what sets this drama apart in my mind. The central plot and backstory may seem humdrum and overdone, but the way the fangirl life of an adult woman is shown from so many angles, and the way we see the evolution of Deok Mi’s feelings for Ryan through the lens of a fangirl is really unique. And as an adult fangirl, I can completely relate!


Drama Geek: What is better than two people in love who are openly attracted to each other, and want nothing more than to spend every waking hour together? On top of being super adorable with one another, I loved that they finally addressed the second lead issues. Ryan gently tried to open her eyes to Eun Gi’s affections (something I think her BFF maybe should have done) and then she pushed right back on his questionable relationship.

Clkytta: Honesty and being up front with each other and each other’s flaws is sexy. The second lead issues are real issues and will continue to be a problem. I don’t trust second lead girl one bit, and Not the Brother is clumsy in his way of dealing with his messy emotions which can only lead to a major heartache. Talking about what’s happening is not only smart, but I love when there isn’t all the stupid confusion because people don’t talk about what they are worrying about.

Kmuse: Ugh. I wish that we could just pretend the 2nd lead problem didn’t exist. We need more kisses and less stupid characters.

MiataMama: I agree with Kmuse. The second leads need to go away already! AND I’m annoyed with her bestie. Why didn’t she say something when she realized Not the Brother was going to cause trouble?! I need happy times with my OTP. 지금!! (NOW!)

Karie the Maknae: As annoying as the second leads are, I can see why our main leads have to deal with them — they have to make a clean break so they can start with this new relationship.

Kdrama Jen: I know there are flaws in the plot, but I am too blinded by the sizzling kisses and heated glances to care about second leads. It is more than the kisses, though. I love that Ryan has continued to care about Deok Mi and look out for her. So, about those kisses… Is anyone else hoping they will re-enact the blindfold scene for realsies?

Oh No, He Didn’t

Drama Geek: Okay, am I the only one who didn’t exactly understand what Seon Joo’s husband’s piece was about? I think he made fun of fangirls, but maybe the version I watched didn’t translate what the headline was, and then they blurred out the picture. Either way, the husband sold her out to further his career and it made me sad.

Clkytta: That rat was doing a story on rabid fangirls and he totally sold Seon Joo out. No high dollar purse is going to make it so I’d forgive him. She’s been so supportive of him too. He knew what was going to go down and I’m not so sure they are going to recover from this.

Kmuse: He is by far the least developed character of the drama. And you know it is bad if he is more annoying than the stupid art girl and 2nd place boy.

MiataMama: Stabbing your significant other in the back? Nope, that’s not gonna end well. At this point, I don’t want their marriage to fall apart, but I am also not that invested in this side plot either. . . so, *shrugs*

Karie the Maknae: I just don’t even know what to do with the husband. He’s gonna grovel for sure . . . .

Kdrama Jen: I am trying to see this as a plot device. We have multiple perspectives of fangirling and the ways other view them. We have the views from the different Mom perspectives. It appears having an obsessive hobby is kind of a genetic thing for Deok Mi. We have Cindy’s mom who thinks it is completely unhealthy. Then, we have the men. Eu Gi seems to use the fact that he knows about Deok Mi’s fangirling as leverage. He seems to think others would ridicule Deok Mi if they knew about it, and he seems almost amused by it. We have bestie’s hubby and the way he used his wife’s fangirling to further his career (totally not cool). I thought he sort of appreciated where his wife was coming from, but I can see now he never really understood. Then, we have Ryan. He not only accepts Deok Mi’s fangirling, he has openly supported it (without her knowing–yet). I love that we get to see all of these different reactions to the fangirl life because they all represent what so many of us have experienced in reality. I certainly have people who hear I traveled across the country to see a Kpop group and they kind of smile indulgently (Eun Gi). I have some people who openly disapprove (Cindy’s mom) and I have a husband who offers to watch the kids, mans several computers the day tickets go on sale, and encourages me to go be with my Kbesties (Ryan). Well, Ryan hasn’t done all that, but I can imagine him doing that. So, as annoyed as I was with some of the side stories, I can put them in perspective as being in service to the goal of letting us really see how others react to Deok Mi as a fangirl. And, WOW, I can relate!

Actually, I Do Know Her

Drama Geek: We knew Deok Mi’s secret would come out sooner or later and I’m glad it’s out now. I was a little sad that she couldn’t trust him with her secret identity, and hid behind Eun Gi, but I honestly can completely relate. She had no idea how he’d react and they just started dating. People make fun of women for even being a regular fan, and her role in the fandom is a lot bigger than that.

Clkytta: When she hid, my heart sank. I got it though. This is an important part of her life and she’s afraid he won’t understand. She’s had to work so hard to separate this part of her from the professional part of her. Especially after his exposure to Cindy, she would worry about if he would compare the two of them and misunderstand her. When he called her out, I cheered out loud. The look of hope on her face as she looked around Not the Brother made me happy. I was so worried he’d think something about Eun Gi staying at her house all night and we’d be back in the land of hurt and confusion.

MiataMama: WE know what Ryan knows. And how he’s been supportive of her in various ways thus far. But she has no clue. So it’s totally understandable that she would panic and use Eun Gi as a shield. I’m confident that Ryan will clear things up quickly and encourage her to keep on keeping on with her ultra-fangirl self! (I can’t wait for him to actually see the inside of her apartment though – I don’t know if even he is prepared for that scene!)

Karie the Maknae: I really can’t wait to see where this goes. I love the revelation when the main leads finally know everything we know, and I feel like *this* is where the true test of the story lies — in the aftermath. Is it Tuesday yet??

Kdrama Jen: I was so worried he was going to turn and walk away. THAT would have been a typical Kdrama plot point, so I was pleasantly surprised when he straight up revealed that he knew Deok Mi’s secret. It could have been another two episodes of misunderstandings and missed opportunities, but instead we get some major development. I am very happy with where we are right now!

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: Even with episode eight’s breakup, the writer has kept the feel of the show and continued to show why each of them make the decisions they do. So even though last week I was upset at Deok Mi, I still understand and appreciate her. As long as they can continue to resolve conflict without getting too angsty, I will be a happy fangirl. And, oh my lord, the previews make it seem like the holy hotness will continue.

Clkytta: This drama keeps me on my toes. I love that I can relate to Deok Mi as someone who keeps her fangirling on the down low because she needs to be “professional” in real life. I can’t say I agree with all her actions, but I understand her and that’s why I enjoy this drama so much. That and the chemistry of our leads is so freaking hot.

Kmuse: I think I am one of the few people that isn’t feeling the show. Don’t get me wrong, the OTP has chemistry out the wazoo and I love the fangirling scenes. But the narrative all around isn’t that strong and I am feeling the lack of plot now that we are getting towards the last few weeks. I will finish but as it is now this won’t be one I will watch again outside of YouTube fan videos of our OTP.

MiataMama: I absolutely love how this show portrays the fangirl life. There are so many moments I connect with. And the OTP is fantastic. I already loved Park Min Young and now I’m wholeheartedly a Kim Jae Wook fan as well. However. . . all the side plots seem weak and lacking, and it’s affecting my enjoyment of the drama as a whole. We’ll see how things unfold next week. . . .

Karie the Maknae: I’m still intrigued by this show. Right now, it’s the narrative of the audience knowing more than the characters that has me hooked, but the ultimate test will be where the story goes from here. Hopefully, it’ll be spectacular.

Kdrama Jen: I openly admit that I will watch dramas even if the plot is convoluted, weak, or confusing if I can see some pretty on my screen (looking at you, Kill It). This is what I do to unwind and relax; don’t judge me. Having said that, though, I am watching for many reasons. I love the OTP. They have amazing chemistry. Park Min Young has been my ultimate girl-crush bias and this show continues to keep her there. Kim Jae Wook has been on my radar since Coffee Prince, so I am also watching for him. Then, we mix these two up together, throw in some woodshop antics and a blindfold and I am ALL IN! But, it is more than the chemistry. I have mentioned it several times, but the way the fangirl life of a mature woman is deeply explored and not belittled is something I really appreciate. There are very few dramas that have done this, so I am thoroughly enjoying this aspect. There are also times when I THINK we are heading down well-worn Kdrama trope pathways, but I am pleasantly surprised. So, while the tragic backstory plot is not doing it for me, so many of the other pieces of this are really keeping me fully engaged and ready for more! I can’t wait to see Lion become Deok Mi’s number one fanboy!

Until the Next GIF Worthy Moment,

The Fangirls

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14 thoughts on “Her Private Life Episodes 9-10: A Chatty Recap

  1. I agree!! The side stories are boring but, “but the way the fangirl life of a mature woman is deeply explored and not belittled is something I really appreciate”. I’m not a kpop fangirl but I am a Kdrama fangirl and I can still relate! We’ve all been there.. Calling kpop or Kdrama a “guilty pleasure”.

    The show doesn’t look down on fangirls and seems to say its okay to be a fangirl.. No need to be ashamed. It treats the fangirl life with lots of respect. Love it!

  2. I must admit that I am only watching the show for the OTP. I don’t find the plot compelling at all (apart from the portrayal of fangirling, which I can totally identify with). I do see a need for some conflict and I really don’t care how the conflict come about. WWWSK was really dull for me (loved the sizzling chemistry though) because of the lack of conflict in the plot. I find that their (PSJ and PMY) relationship was way too smooth sailing, so there was nothing much to it.

    In this aspect, HPL seems to be doing a better job since Deok Mi has her secrets, and we have some form on opposition. (Sorry for being utterly superficial! I guess I don’t expect any depth at all from a rom-com.) I don’t really get what is going on with Seon Mi’s husband though.

    What I do love was the scene at the restaurant where Deok Mi voiced my exact thoughts about Ryan. 😂 I was going, “YES! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM THINKING!” And it was followed by a really unexpected and adorable sheepish response from Ryan. Loved that! The team also nailed the reactions with the setting down of cutlery and etc.

    A major downside of the show was how they had set Ryan up as a cold and unfeeling person in New York. I didn’t see much of that side of him thereafter, unlike in WWWSK where PSJ’s character remained consistently cold towards others but only showed the sweet side of himself in the presence of his secretary. I found the character portrayal in WWWSK more consistent.

    • I looked up the writer a while ago to see what else they’ve written and this is their first credited drama. I’m wondering if they’re relying heavily on some tropes, like the cold boss at the beginning or the interfering second leads, as a crutch. They seem to have some good ideas mixed in there, but they don’t have a completely strong narrative all together. It will be interesting to see if they can carry the couple through to the end with what conflict they do have and not ruin my love for them.

  3. In a romance book or movie, generally speaking the romance *IS* the plot. With dramas, because they are so long, we don’t usually get stories that are single-genre romances. In this case, though, they’ve definitely gone for the romance-driven plotline over some event-driven plotline.

    The beats of the romance plotline (these are adapted from “Romancing the Beat” which you should check out if you want to write romance!) are usually roughly as follows:
    intro character A,
    intro character B,
    meet cute,
    “no way”,
    thrown together,
    “still no way”,
    inkling desire,
    growing desire,
    “should we/shouldn’t we?”,
    midpoint (they think they have it all or have lost it all);
    inkling doubt,
    growing doubt,
    shields up,
    confrontation/break up,
    dark night (regret),
    wake up (new resolution),
    grand gesture,
    “whole hearted”,

    So, what’s happened here is that the fake relationship has already given us all of these beats, but the story arc seems to actually only be at the midpoint. Technically, their real relationship is just beginning, so we should be at the giving in to desire/midpoint beat. The end of 10 gave us this moment that could have turned into a very frustrating and contrived sort of pull back phase, and then had Ryan reject that and let Deok Mi that he knows her identity.

    It’s exciting that we’re not going into an overly-contrived “the plot needs conflict now so Ryan will walk away and their relationship will crumble as it begins” sort or thing. But what are we left with?

    Because the fake relationship arc feels so complete, we’re not sure what is going to become the cause of the “pull back” and resolution plot elements. There are some hints at tropes that are often melodramatic and unsatisfying, though (second lead interference; tragic past/birth secrets/etc).

    That said, I think this writer is really, really skilled with tropes. Look at the scene between Ryan and Si An, where Si An says there is destiny between them. He lists off all these points, but all Ryan hears is all the ways in which he and Deok Mi are destined.

    We, the audience, have been picking up on these Ryan-Si An points as well, which is why we’re debating on their potential past connections and wondering if they are brothers. But since the first moments of the show, the writer has planted moments that she can use to parallel the Ryan/Si An and the Ryan/Deok Mi connections. It gives us a moment to be surprised and see things in a new light right at the same time that Ryan does, so that the audience can have a little moment of surprise along with him in what otherwise could be a quite boring scene.

    On top of that, it somewhat subverts the “tragic backstory/lost brother” trope by making the hints of their “destiny”/connection the thing that pushes him to realize he needs to pursue Deok Mi.

    I’m also going to break ranks on the female second lead. I like her so far. We saw a bad moment, sure, but I like that she’s a successful artist on her own and that when she comes to talk to Ryan about work, it’s actually about work. I like that Si An is her fan, and I like that she tromps around in overalls with focused determination. I think she’s an interesting and fun character, and I’m hoping that we see some of her better qualities and some satisfying character development with her. (I ship her and Si An)

  4. I have huge issues with this problematic show!!!! I do not understand the hype and fan wanking that a bunch of you do regarding this show and personally I think that people are just lusting after Kim Jae Wook and find Ryan to be their surrogate dream man because that is the only thing that this drama has to offer. Now Ryan seems like a nice enough character and is supportive of Deok Mi’s obsession but is he fleshed out enough besides being a perfect fantasy boyfriend. Also for all kudos people want to give this show for how they portray Deok Mi’s “hobby” that if a man was doing the same things Deok Mi was doing to their female fave( ie having tons of photos of that person in their home, waiting outside the airport entrance/exit with long lense cameras, going to places that they have been just to feel close to that person or dictating what these people do with their love lives.) everyone would call that man a stalker but apparently Deok Mi and her friend are just cute harmless fangirls. I think doing anything more than just supporting your fave/idol by watching their dramas/movies or going to their concerts/buying albums is excessive.

    Also a better drama would’ve given Si An a POV regarding being the object of obsession for these women but I guess that would’ve painted what fangirl/saseng culture for what it really is which is problematic as hell. About the OTP it would be really sad if two attractive people who was aired to do their job to produce chemistry/to act didn’t deliver so that is my thoughts on that matter.

    • There are different degrees of fandom – some sasaeng fans really do go too far, they really do stalk idols all around. Cindy is borderline sasaeing in that way. But Deok-mi observes the fandom rules of “just watch, not touch” that she told Ryan about. She never crossed any line – it’s part of the kpop culture to have pictures of idol posted to fandom sites. 80% of kpop is about style and looks (and personality). She never stalked Si An excessively outside of publicly-announced airport arrivals, concerts, etc. It’s a bit amusing to me that you are expressing the exact point why Deok-mi doesn’t want to be outed as a fangirl. And yes there are fanboys too, and yes they do the same thing, with both male and female idols.
      I’m also not sure what you’re unhappy about: that Ryan lacks dimensions, or that the show expresses sympathy with the fandom culture, or that the story didn’t have enough Si An (when he wasn’t the main point of the story to begin with)?

    • If it’s a problematic show to you, you can just move on to another show that you feel interested. Tbh, I am very biased as I only read your first sentence and ignore the rest. Whatever you think the problems are with this drama, are not to us who enjoy watching a well-written and mature story. Please grow up. There are groups of people that are different than you in lifestyle, taste, background. Do respect these people. Don’t put your opinions/thoughts on us. Sound very selfish and immature. Sincerely.

    • Well, the problems you stated are what this drama really want to show. I’m more of the fan like you mentioned who thought watching/listening is enough to show my support and I’m sure I’d even feel awarkard to ask for photo if I meet them in real life. But those fangirls/fanboys sure do exist in real life. Deok Mi’s character is not just created for this drama. Different characters in this drama shows different view on this culture. Some are totally agaist it and see as unhealty like you see, some kinda accept but still wanna mock, some who thought that’s ok. The writer intention is just to show these layers and not to bash and ask ‘hey you girls, stop this’. They sure also want to mention about stalker type with Cindy’s character though it’s didn’t potray well.
      Also men being called stalkers for this behaviour is not the problem with this drama, but more like the problem of this society. Should I called Double Standard?? Not long ago, I come to realized that Females are also as perverted as Males but society and culture think another way. Maybe that’s because of how male and female’s brain work differently.(haha) I have a friend who told Wota are creepy but she also have similar behaviour like wota towards her boy idols. As long as it’s in healthy range, no need to worry I guess.
      Whatever, let’s enjoy our life with our hobbies while avoiding that can harm others.

    • Back again to say that due to the comments I see about this drama on Twitter, Tumblr, etc I would advise people to go and find a woman, man, rekindle your marriages or whatever is their preference and go get some because people are acting really THIRSTY!!!! Also the dissertations on Ryan and Deok Mi have to stop because they and HPL is not that deep to begin with, hell the show barely has a plot.

      • I love it when a drama elicits so many passionate responses from multiple perspectives. I was thinking about your comment regarding how if this was a man, then it would be considered stalking. So, for Cindy’s behavior, I would agree with you. She waits outside his apartment in the parking garage, follows the idol to private locations, and secretly takes pictures. I do not see Deok Mi’s actions in the same light. She takes pictures in public places, attends fan meets, and keeps memorabilia on her shelf. We get a glimpse of Si An’s point of view when he smiles affectionately at the pictures Deok Mi has taken of him, so I think even he draws a distinction between someone like Cindy and someone like Deok Mi. As far as the obsessive behavior… I know a man who does something similar. He has a bobble head of his favorite baseball player, a foam finger with the name of the team, and has lovingly placed the baseball his favorite idol, I mean “player” signed on a shelf in his man cave. He also travels to Florida to watch his favorites practice for the upcoming season. Admittedly, he is not posting comments about thighs and smiles, but I would say he is fanboying at the same level as Deok Mi in other ways.

        I do also think there are lots of people on social media wishing they had a man like Ryan. As with anything, this can be a healthy “thirst” for something more in life, or it can be a sign that people desperately need to turn off their dramas and find real connection in their lives. I know plenty of people who used drama and talking about dramas to help them overcome hardship. Sometimes being silly and talking about fictional characters can be the bridge that helps people see what they are missing or maybe they are happily in a relationship and just enjoy giggling with “friends” about a cute boy. We all have our reasons.

        I don’t think any of us would hold this up as a story with a perfect plot, but I also believe our own experiences and schema bring meaning to a show. It is what I love best about blogging about dramas and hearing from people with such differing views. Our own perspectives bring nuance to the story on the screen, so we may all have different opinions.

        Thank you for commenting. I enjoy hearing from people who may not agree with something we said because it either solidifies my own thinking or makes me rethink my own views. I appreciate your willingness to share.

        • @Kdramajen I’m not an avid kdrama watcher, nor am I a fan of kpop, but I want to thank you for bringing up men idolising athletes and sports teams as a comparison!

          Why is it okay for sports fans to travel for games, spend exorbitant amounts on mementos, and constantly discuss matches, but completely frowned upon when fangirls do similar things?

          I’ve had people say ‘well sports fans don’t attack people for criticising their idols!1!’… umm… have they seen what football fans do on behalf of ‘their’ team, there have literally been riots. lol

          Anyway, just wanted to express my gratitude that you discussed that front! Even as someone who is fairly unfamiliar with korean entertainment culture, and sometimes fears the extreme fangirls, I am frustrated at the double standard.

          • I just think it is amazing that some fandoms (sports) are considered mainstream and normal, yet others are seen as silly. Have you SEEN the people painting their faces and chanting at football games? I hate to suggest that maybe there is a double standard here, but…yeah, there is totally a double standard. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I am so happy that Kim Jae Wook has a leading role. Sure, this isn’t the deepest storyline out there, but I find this show charming. I love the characters, all of them. It’s a quirky show. I think a big part of it’s appeal is that Deok Mi reminds us of ourselves. Many of us are fangirls who have to hide that we enjoy kpop and kdramas because our family and friends think we are silly for loving something in a language we don’t even speak. So when we see Ryan not minding that his girlfriend is a fangirl, and we see him protect her public image from her private life, we swoon. Let’s be honest here, anytime your someone special appreciates who you are, and shows an interest in your hobbies, it’s something special. I’m not sure this drama would have been as enjoyable with different actors because it isn’t the strongest plotwise, but the body language of the actors we have makes this drama fun to watch.

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