Clkytta Gives Last Empress a Second Chance

Recently I asked which drama I should give a second chance and the answer was The Last Empress. There were many reasons why I dropped it back when it was airing, but Drama Geek said something a while back that stuck with me. She mentioned that she was revisiting dramas that she didn’t like to see if she really didn’t like them. That’s what prompted me to reconsider some of my dropped dramas, and here we are!

Peer Pressure from the Kbesties

When this drama aired, I was really busy with school. All the Fangirls were watching it and I quietly stalked their conversations on our group chats. Nope, I thought, nope, I don’t think this is my cup of tea. A. I’m not a Jang Na Ra fan. B. They mentioned some crazy plot lines that I couldn’t begin to wrap my head around. I did not have time to get sucked into this drama. So even though the Fangirls tried, and KDrama Jen sent me screenshots of a super hot Shin Sung Rock, I stood firm in my resolve.

I Broke the Four Episode Rule

When this first aired, I didn’t even finish the first episode. We have a rule that we typically watch at least four episodes before we drop, but I jumped ship early. There was something else airing that I liked more and my time was limited. So I never even gave this drama a chance. Sorry KBesties, next time I’ll trust you more.

The Villains are My Favorite

School’s out and I’ve been marathoning this drama. I’ve watched 24 episodes in less than 3 days. So far, I’m more in love with the characters I’m supposed to hate. I’m mildly annoyed by Oh Sunny, but she is growing on me. I really like the “bad girls” in this drama. Nanny and Yoo Ra are killing it with all their scheming and underhandedness. I love a good villain and we have so many to choose from in this drama.

Will I Keep Watching?

Of course! I’ve been totally sucked in and I’m committed to the end. This really is a cracktastic drama. It’s so crazy, but I love it. It’s absolutely not boring and it’s just what I need to start off my summer. A big thanks to our readers for all your suggestions, I knew I could count on you to help.

Riding the Crazy Train,


3 thoughts on “Clkytta Gives Last Empress a Second Chance

  1. Thanks for the follow-up! I’m just about to turn in a report I’ve been working on for a while and I’ve been looking for a drama to reward myself with. There’s just something about a binge watch…

  2. This one will keep you glued to your screen. You will probably question your own moral compass as you bargain with yourself and ask, “Is it REALLY such a big deal that he maybe killed people? Can’t we forgive him?”

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