Her Private Life Episodes 11-12: A Chatty Recap

A big reveal everyone saw coming happens at the end of these two episodes, which were also full of tons of OTP moments that felt like we were just watching Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook dating, instead of acting. Is it a deep plot full of intensely layered characters? Nope, but it still has some of The Fangirls swooning.

Not much plot development happens this week, but as we stated above, we’re well aware that there isn’t a ton of plot. And yet, I feel like we are still moving forward because Ryan and Deok Mi are getting to know each other better, while they’re doing all the normal things new couples do. Hey, sharing finger food and a glass of wine should totally be on everyone’s couple list.

Deok Mi is My Life

Karie the Maknae: Man, who knew that acceptance of your hobbies would be so swoon-inducing?? And I *LOVED* how Deok Mi’s face just lit up as Ryan sincerely listened to her talk about her memorabilia. His eyes didn’t even glaze over ONCE. But I also loved that he felt comfortable enough to let Deok Mi know that he wasn’t 100% a Cha Si An fanboy, that her obsession bothered him just a little bit. He’s human AND supportive. MARRY HIM, DEOK MI.

Clkytta: When you are allowed to really be yourself, then you know it’s true love. This is a normal relationship. When you share your hobbies and the other person respects your preferences even if it’s not their thing, well, that’s swoon-worthy. It’s really refreshing to see them interact on such a natural level.

MiataMama: I am so happy that Ryan has quickly outed himself and his own stalking ways. Deok Mi doesn’t have to keep an important part of who she is hidden anymore. Ryan can openly admire and adore the object of his affection. AND they’ve agreed– no more secrets! That’s a win-win-win, in my book.

Kmuse: I was very happy that they didn’t drag this big secret reveal on forever. They admitted to all the secrets regarding fangirling and Latte and moved on like adults. YAY for realistic relationships and communication.

Drama Geek: I agree 100% with everyone else. Plus, that elevator scene was HILARIOUS! They were so comfortable with each other and I swooned so hard when he said he just wanted to learn how to be her fanboy.

Kdrama Jen: I can get on board with Ryan as Deok Mi’s fanboy–especially if it involves a blindfold!

Mom’s Got Your Back

Karie the Maknae: I do like Not Brother’s mom — she’s smart and loving and defensive for her boy. Life may not have turned out the way she was expecting, but she made sure her son was taken care of. And Deok Mi’s mom definitely has a tendency to adopt ALL THE STRAYS. I love her for it. (I just realized something — could Not Brother’s second lead status have been cemented more obviously by the fact that in the judo competitions, HE ALWAYS GOT THE SILVER??) DG: It has been pointed out that he will always lose to Ryan GOLD. Hehe.

Clkytta: I love both moms in this show. When Deok Mi’s mom said that all the fangirl stuff was hers, it made my heart melt. She is such a good mom. I agree with the Maknae, she collects all the strays and I love her for it. I also think Not the Brother’s mom is a good mom. She’s hardworking and she did the right thing leaving him with Doek Mi’s mom. That took a lot of strength.

MiataMama: I’m so used to crummy Kdrama moms, so it’s really refreshing when we get an awesome one. (Healer Ahjumma for the win!) There are a couple other moms on this show though *cough-fakebangs-cough* that need to take some notes.

Kmuse: Good mom for the win!

Drama Geek: One of my favorite interactions the last two episodes was when they all sit down and Mom tries to cover for her. She may be upset at her fangirling but she’s going to protect her baby if she needs to. Plus, the look on Deok Mi’s face when she informs her mom that Ryan knows and still loves her is priceless.

Kdrama Jen: I love, love, loved it when Deok Mi’s mom tries to claim all the Si An merch and giant cut-out as her own. Love this woman!

Do We Like Cindy?

Karie the Maknae: Oh my heck, I did NOT expect Cindy to grow on me. But she’s maturing and standing up to her mom and finding her way in life and I LOVE IT. I love that she’s found an ally in Deok Mi.

Clkytta: I think I feel sorrier for Cindy after seeing who her mom is and how her mom treats her. She is maturing and I like that. Honestly, I think Deok Mi’s mom needs to keep her under her wing. I’d like to see a showdown between Cindy’s mom and Doek Mi’s mom.

MiataMama: That moment, when she threw down her keys and credit card. . . Who here imagined there was going to be this kind of turn around?! I was surprised, yet was cheering her on all at the same time! I like me a good character arc.

Kmuse: Maybe this is a message to us to not judge all the saesang fans out there (although I will probably continue to do so since they are a bit crazy.)

Drama Geek: I think Cindy needed to learn a lesson and stop her saesang fan ways. Having Deok Mi believe in her and not belittle her ideas was the first step to getting her to change. I enjoyed her mom’s quirkiness at the beginning of the show but she’s really wearing on me now.

Kdrama Jen: I can’t help but like Cindy. She was never cruel, just a bit obsessed. I like this character development.

All Through The Night

Karie the Maknae: Ahhh, my poor heart. When Ryan showed up to Deok Mi’s place after the nightmare that left him in the FETAL POSITION on his bed, and his eyes were all red from crying, and he just wanted to see her?? I love that she stepped up and helped him out instead of just letting him go back home. Reactions like that have me totally cheering for this OTP. ALSO, I’m gonna have to rewatch this episode — it was at 94% when I watched it, and the parts that were missing were the rules to Go Stop. I WANT TO KNOW!!

Clkytta: I love that he sought her out for comfort. He supports her fangirling, and she gives him a place to feel safe and loved. This was one of my favorite scenes so far. I like that she stayed up all night with him playing games. Distraction was the name of the game and she did it well.

MiataMama: Okay, so I know last week I was a bit ‘meh’ about our OTP. This week’s interactions though? They were truly the best. I really, really love how vulnerable Ryan is with her and how she gives him a safe place to process his emotions. This expression of their love for each other was beautiful. (And Karie the Maknae, there are SO many rules for Go Stop – it’s not an easy game!)

Kmuse: I totally agree MiataMama. This week really clicked for me as well when it came to our OTP. I think it was because they both were mature adults who truly were trying to do the best for their loved ones. I melted anytime they were supportive of each other.

Drama Geek: I loved that she was just as supportive of him when he needed her. And the behind-the-scenes footage of their night together are so CUTE. I’m pretty sure they were actually trying to get as much flower on each other as they could.

Kdrama Jen: If you haven’t seen the behind the scenes footage, then you should all go watch that right now! It looks like they just took their goofing around and used that footage for the show. They have great chemistry!

Second Lead Hook Up?

Karie the Maknae: Not Brother and Clingy Artist as a couple? Eh, maybe. I think it could work. But it would also be just a little too neat, you know?

Clkytta: Meh, ok. I think Not the Brother and Cindy would be better. He needs to be taken down a peg or two and falling for a rabid fangirl would be suitable. I think Artist needs to be alone. She needs to find strength in herself.

MiataMama: Nope, not a fan. I’m with Clkytta on this one. I think it would be a lot more interesting to pair Not the Brother with Cindy!

Kmuse: For two such pretty people they are so very boring. I get their situation and understand their feelings, but it is like watching paint dry. If I had not had to get photos for the recap I would have been hitting the FF button.

Drama Geek: I don’t want Eun Gi with Cindy, but I’m indifferent to this pairing. It is a bit too neat, but I think it’s nice for them to have each other right now.

Kdrama Jen: If they play with each other, then they are out of the way for a bit. I am fine with that prospect.

Yoon Jae

Karie the Maknae: Well, well, well. I’m impressed that Ryan even made it to the orphanage, and then to tell Deok Mi his Korean name . . . ? Talk about leaping over psychological barriers!

Clkytta: This whole scene was so heart wrenching. I need to know how anyone could abandon this boy. When he opened up to Deok Mi, it was pretty cathartic and I think he got stronger. I see them presenting a united front when dealing with the chaos to come.

MiataMama: I like his Korean name. But I wonder if it’s something he will ever feel comfortable using again. . . or if he will stay with his American name? Either way, I’m just going to keep calling him 사자 (Lion).

Kmuse: He will be Lion forever in my mind.

Drama Geek: I think Deok Mi has already started healing the wound and he will be able to be okay with that name. I doubt anyone but her (and maybe his mom) will ever call him that though.

Kdrama Jen: I think Deok Mi saying it in such a sweet and gentle way is exactly what Ryan needs to heal. I doubt he will ever use it widely, but there is something special about him being able to reclaim something that once brought him pain.

Hello, Yoon Jae’s Mom

Karie the Maknae: Pssh, we had this one called from the VERY BEGINNING. However, what I’m interested in is Si An’s reaction to Ryan *actually* being his hyung. I anticipate lots of adorableness.

Clkytta: I think Si An will become even more clingy to Ryan. We all knew the artist was Ryan’s mom. I’m curious what her story will be. Right now I don’t like her and I am resentful of her, but I hope that there is some kind of decent backstory like alien abduction or she was put in a mental hospital and they lost her kid.

MiataMama: No surprises here. Hopefully we’ll be able to get to the bottom of Mom’s story next week. In the meantime, I’m super excited about the fact Ryan and Si An are real brothers! I hope it’s a happy discovery for them as well. . .

Kmuse: Remains the 2nd most boring aspect of the plot. But at least the even more boring second leads are not involved with this story arc because boring plus boring equals a quick nap for this viewer.

Drama Geek: Yeah, this part of the story isn’t my favorite, but it will be cute when Si An realizes they’re actually brothers. I’m pretty sure the tiny kid in the memory is Si An, so it makes me wonder if he remembers having an older sibling.

Kdrama Jen: Blah, blah, tragic backstory, blah blah. Where is my blindfold scene?

Final Thoughts:

Karie the Maknae: This fluff drama is hitting all the right buttons for me. I love the demonstration of a healthy, respectful relationship without everyone being too good to actually exist. And I have a deep appreciation for the fact that tortured introspection looks good on Kim Jae Wook. I’m very much looking forward to the next episodes.

Clkytta: I’m really really hoping we don’t get all angsty and self-sacrificing. And so help me, there better not be any time hops cause someone ran away to New York or whatever. I need this couple to stay united and strong and let the issues be outside their relationship, not in their relationship.

Kmuse: I have fallen back in love. Now if they can only manage to keep the super thin plot going til the end.

MiataMama: What Kmuse said. Only four episodes left – 화이팅!

Drama Geek: I have loved this couple for the entire show, and this week just solidified that feeling. It’s a fluffy rom-com, but it also has a couple that feels grounded and realistic. (Okay, so maybe Lion is a little too dreamy for most fangirls, but supportive partners do exist, I promise!) I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that they stay grounded and work through the mommy issues together.

Kdrama Jen: I love this couple. Sure, the plot is predictable and meh, but the chemistry and banter and couple-time are keeping me going. I could watch these two throw flour at one another and play games for hours. I love them!

Until The Next All-nighter,

The Fangirls

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16 thoughts on “Her Private Life Episodes 11-12: A Chatty Recap

  1. If people don’t STFU about him, her, “their chemistry” and this drama. (Wanting to insert the GIF with Juicy and Monie from LW:ATL, you know the one). Thanks to the people on this site, twitter, and tumblr I now have a severe allergy to the both of them. I wasn’t checking for KJW in the first place and the only drama I have seen with PMY was WWWSK and I only watched that for PSJ. So Brava and thank you to everyone for making me dry heave when it comes to anything about them. I will never watch a drama that they star in ( past,present,future).

    • Luckily, there are many dramas and actors to choose from, so if one isn’t to your liking, then you can likely find another that is a great match with the kind of plot or chemistry that works for you! In the meantime, please pardon us as we fangirl all over this OTP that is making us squee. I am not ashamed to wave my fangirl flag nice and high!

      • Yes, there are a LOT of good dramas that are airing so when do you think this site will give proper attention to them or is this pukefest show only worth your focus. Just Asking!!!!

        • What dramas would you recommend? I am watching Confession, The Legends, Inspector Joe, re-watching Misaeng, just finished He is Psychometric, and I have a number of others I am watching here and there. We are always open to recommendations, though! Thanks!

    • It does really make me wonder why people like you spend time being negative. Don’t like something/ someone, just move on. There’s no need to pour your saltiness on the world or read stuff that you are “allergic” to. Also, if you have a bias (I’m guessing PSJ?) surely there are more positive ways to support him instead of shitting on other actors or dramas. Last of all, posting a comment on someone’s blog asking them to STFU? That’s just rude, immature and ridiculously self-centered.

      If you choose never to watch a show with Kim Jae Wook or Park Min Young in it, that’s really your loss. Both are good actors who seem dedicated to their craft. PMY has a great eye based on the works that she has picked as well – they may not all be ratings hits, but they are interesting stories with strong characterization. KJW too has an interesting body of work with range across both film and dramas – it’s fantastic to see him garner the broad popularity commensurate with his talent.

    • There’s this super cool thing that grown ups do when they don’t like something that exists without harming anyone. It’s called “moving on” or “ignoring it.”

      I stopped hanging out at dramabeans because I mostly just enjoy having “ooooh, did you see that; ohhh I loved that too!” conversations about dramas, and people there were much more interested in picking apart strengths and weaknesses.

      But you know what I didn’t do? Tell them to STFU and reframe their site around my wants. I moved on and found a site that was more chatty.

      So, if you love this site but this show annoys you, skip these posts. If you hate this site, move on.

      It’s super easy, and I’m absolutely positive you can find someone on the internet that is willing to anti-fan-squee this show with you. But clearly we are not those people, and that’s not going to change by you doing the equivalent of crashing a party and then yelling at people because they didn’t serve your favourite food.

  2. Is there a resemblance between Si An’s mom and Editor Nam? Both Deok Mi’s mom and Ryan had the same memory of them playing together. When I saw Si An’s mom, I thought she bore a strong resemblance to Editor Nam.

    In a weirder idea I had, what if Editor Nam is Lee Sol? Si An seems to refer to Lee Sol as someone else beside his mother.

  3. “(I just realized something — could Not Brother’s second lead status have been cemented more obviously by the fact that in the judo competitions, HE ALWAYS GOT THE SILVER??) DG: It has been pointed out that he will always lose to Ryan GOLD.”

    – Cue mic drop moment

  4. I don’t know what I enjoyed more – reading the wonderful chatty recaps or the comment about having a ‘severe allergy’ because of this. What a drama queen. Now I just want to spazz more about the couple! KJW finally getting the girl after all these years. It was worth the long wait.

    I want to see both of them in another genre after this. I saw an edited thriller video combining MTG and Kim Miso. It was just so great. Do check it out!

  5. I can’t put my finger on why, but I started wondering if Si An is adopted. Since it was a man that dumped our Lion at the orphanage, I’m wondering if it was somehow against the mom’s will or without her knowledge and then by the time she found the place he was gone so she took Si An instead. But you know, that’s pretty tenuous.

    I binged Romance is A Bonus Book last week as well, and now I want Cindy’s mom and the character she played in RABB to be long-lost twins that find each other, possibly through a male character who sees the RAAB twin clubbing and then meets the HPL twin (recently divorced, of course) and tries to date her based on the crush he has on the RAAB twin. Then when they finally meet, there’s a whole legal/assets thing to sort out, and the lawyer who is managing it is the older sister lawyer from Father is Strange. Lots of mistaken identity hijinks and Lee Yoo Ri’s super-dry reactions.

    • Si An could be adopted. That’s an interesting theory and it makes sense. I never finished RABB. I totally forgot that Cindy’s Mom is in that one too. I am just finishing up Last Empress and debating going back to RABB. Thank you!

      • I ended up really liking it. I had watched about half of the first episode and it wasn’t hooking me, but after hearing good things I went back. It’s pretty feel-good, but like this show, in a well-done way with characters that feel pretty authentic.

  6. I won’t add anything to the conversation except gratitude. This group’s insight provides me a much deeper appreciation of the artfulness of the writer and actors than I could achieve on my own.

    • Sometimes we are insightful and sometimes we are silly. That’s how we roll. So glad you are enjoying. Thanks for stopping by!

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