Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 3&4

Tragedy brings new opportunities for our two leads. Angel Dan become human Dan Kim as he attempts to help Lee Yeon Seo find love. And Yeon Seo recovers her sight, but at what cost? Join me as I chat all my favorite moments of Angel’s Last Mission: Love episodes 3 & 4!


Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the plot, I wanted to take a second and squeal over how much I am LOVING the sound editing. It’s not just the official songs but all the piano and cello intros that sweep into the haunting OST songs. Even the use of silence as a punch for the emotions of the moment. It is truly a work of art and I for one am loving every second.

Oh no! What did I do?

We start the episode where we left off last week. Angel Dan is overcome with the need to help Yeon Seo and lifts the car from its fall back up to the street. Our cute angel is unable to resist touching Yeon Seo’s face (maybe healing her? I was unsure what the change in light actually meant) and forfeits his entrance into heaven.

Final mission

Thankfully, due to all his extra compassionate acts he performed as an angel, Dan is told he has one last chance to enter heaven. He simply has to help a specific human find love within a 100 days…while becoming human himself. Dan, of course, thinks that he has this mission in the bag. What could be easier then helping someone find love? And then he finds out who his last mission is and falls into despair declaring that Lee Yeon Seo is so horribly cranky.

Shine brightly one last time

Lee Yeon Seo wakes up to find that she has had a cornea transplant. It turns out that her beloved Butler Jo had left his eyes to her in his will (excuse me while I sob silently over in the corner. This whole storyline has hit me in the feels.) Upon learning that Butler Jo has passed away, Yeon Seo is inconsolable. She stumbles from her hospital room to the memorial set up for her beloved father figure. When she stands in front of his picture she forces herself to smile happily, not in some kind of crazed unhinged way, but because Butler Jo’s last request from her was to shine brightly once again in his presence. Of course no one else understands the situation and all think she is a monster for being glad for his death and the return of her sight.

Psychological Trauma

Upon returning home, Yeon Seo realizes that she can’t seem to accomplish anything that is connected with Butler Jo. And since he literally helped her do everything, even to the point of walking, this is a huge issue. A psychiatrist informs her that this is all in her head and she is suffering from sever psychological trauma and guilt. I feel so bad for Yeon Seo. Even with the return of her sight, her life is no easier.

Director Ji Kang Woo

Does Lee Dong Gun ever play a nice guy? Not that his character Ji Kang Woo isn’t nice…maybe. But his abrupt entrance onto the ballet scene is not one of a considerate person. He informs all of the foundation that he is now in charge and they are all not up to par. He then declares that Yeon Seo will be the star of a new ballet he is putting together. Poor Ni Na is devastated and aunt and the other cousin are furious. Kang Woo informs them that his contract gives him control and that he would have chosen Yeon Seo to be the lead even if she was still blind and they need to back off. Needless to say, this does not thrill Yeon Seo’s evil extended family.

Not So Evil Cousin

Ni Na of course is devastated that all she had worked for was snatched away. She is the one member of the family who seems to have sincere feelings when it comes to Yeon Seo. Although, those are also touched with frustration at always being the understudy. We get a montage of Ni Na always doing her best but always being overshadowed by her more talented cousin. I really feel for her plight and hope that she doesn’t turn to the dark side like the rest of her family.

Also, did anyone else get a hint of chemistry between Ni Na and Kang Woo? I would be up for there being a second OTP in the mix. My last thought concerning Ni Na is how impressed I am with actress Kim Bo Mi who is playing the character. She has ballet experience and it is showing as the cameras are able to catch her doing all her own dancing. It is a stark contrast between her and Shin Hye Sun’s dance scenes. Not that the latter is horrible, but her performances are all a bunch of split visuals to give the impression of dancing where Bo Mi is the real deal. She deserves some kudos for her talent which makes the drama more authentic.

The new butler

I was wondering how they were going to get Dan Kim into Yeon Seo’s life. Low and behold there is an opening in her staff (that no one wants) and Dan Kim is the only applicant that passes the test. Well, not passes it so much as pisses Yeon Seo off to where she starts walking without thinking of her mental issues. I cracked up when Dan Kim muttered, “I thought she would be dejected but she is still cranky.” and then promptly realized he had actually said that out loud and they could hear him.

Of course Dan Kim gets the job and is determined to get Yeon Seo some lovin before he turns to eternal dust. I continue to be amused at L’s over the top portrayal of the Angel. Usually I would think the performance is to hammish and would cry foul. But somehow it works for the character. It also provides us a humorous break from the sorrow that is Yeon Seo’s life.

There’s an angel in the courtyard

Dan Kim quickly realizes that Yeon Seo is not easily loved. She pushes everyone away with her prickly demeanor. We watch as she slowly seems to accept Dan Kim in her life. But even that isn’t with a whole heart. She goes total Princess Buttercup on him and treats him like a servant (which he is) but one she wants to keep nearby.

I do appreciate that Dan Kim calls her on her abuse of the staff. When Yeon Seo tries to argue back, he simply asks if he should search out what the government rules are when it comes to proper staff treatment and she gives in. Ha! Dan Kim also notices that it is sunsets that tend to trigger Yeon Seo’s worst behavior. He inquires if she got dumped during a sunset and then segways into saying she should try love again

It’s during one of these demanding moments, where Dan Kim is cleaning the courtyard of flower petals, that we discover that Dan Kim is still slightly Angel Dan. When his wings pop out during a rainstorm, Dan freaks out. They won’t go back into his body and we get a hilarious scene of Dan Kim running from Yeon Seo.

Just when we think Yeon Seo is going to open the door and discover Angel Dan, a noise from the house’s entrance distracts her. Yeon Seo goes into a full panic attack as she sees the shards of glass littering the floor. While she laid frozen on the floor, history begins to repeat itself as the giant chandelier above her breaks, plummeting towards her immobile body. Luckily, Yeon Seo has a guardian angel who’s wings are able to protect her from the falling glass. Yeon Seo looks up into the shiny winged Dan Kim.


At the very end of the episode we get glimpses of two young kids, one saving the other from falling. I suspect that our Angel and cranky princess have some past connection. And while I usually roll my eyes at fated child moments, this one has me interested. Or it might be the beautiful directing of the shots that have me enamored. Either way, I don’t hate the plot point as much as I usually do.

My Final Thoughts

This show is hitting all my sweet spots. It has that depth of plot that I love in my romances. Sadly, I am not one that can watch 16 hours of romance with little to no plot, so all of Yeon Seo’s trials are really resonating with me. I also like the lightness and humor that Angel Dan brings to the table. It is as if he is in a different drama but somehow they have managed to mesh it well with Yeon Seo’s pain. I look forward to seeing these two heal each other and hopefully fall in love.

Until the next dance,


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  1. It struck me in episode three that they’re using a gender-reversed Little Mermaid as the folkloric framework for this story: the supernatural creature that saves a human, and then is turned into a human with a time-limited love mission, the consequences of failure at said mission being annihilation. And our second male lead is the one who ostensibly saved the human; and he is part of her world (in much the way the princess was part of the prince’s world in the Little Mermaid).

    They’re not hammering the story to fit, but I’m enjoying the parallels, and the bit of question it adds to whether they’re going for a happy or sad ending for the angel.

    (Also, I was over in the corner bawling with you.)

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