First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Absolute Boyfriend

The heyday of the robot drama was approximately six months ago (I don’t do math, so don’t correct me), so I was mildly intrigued by the trailers for Absolute Boyfriend. It helps that I like Yeo Jin Goo and Hong Jong Hyun’s work! Anyway, come see if Absolute Boyfriend attracted or repelled us.

The Characters

Eom Da Da

Karie the Maknae: I loved how our lead actress’ character was established in the beginning. Spoiled lead actress brat was making life hard, so our female lead stepped up and made things work with her brilliant design and flair for economy . . . and then that competent woman promptly disappeared. Instead, she ended up being a flailing, shrieking, clueless idiot. So frustrating.

Clkytta: She’s not that bad, Karie! Maybe I see it differently since I suffered through the entire Taiwanese version where Goo Hye Sun was dubbed. Oh, the things we do as drama fans! I think Minah is actually doing a great job here. She’s supposed to be a little over the top and quirky. Minah is really good at facial expressions so I’m really enjoying this.

MiataMama: I like our plucky heroine! She’s got smarts: creative solutions in a pinch. But she’s also got real people weakness: pig-sty of a house anyone? And I love that she didn’t instantly fall head-over-heels for her new stalker robot lover. I enjoyed this actress in her last drama (Beautiful Gong Shim) and anticipate she will do well with this role as well.

Kdrama Jen: This poor girl has been in a secret relationship with a star for a long time. She has pretty much given everything to make it work, but he does not know how to be a real grown up. I think she will show some spunkiness in the future. She is just a bit emotionally battered and bruised right now.

Young Goo aka Zero-nine

Clkytta: Let’s talk about our Robot Boyfriend! This character is why I have watched all the dramas and read the manga. Who wouldn’t fall for a love robot? Especially one who is super sweet, built like a dream, and has a smile that shines brighter than the sun? Yeo Jin Goo is perfect as our robot hottie. Where do I sign up for my own Kronos Absolute Boyfriend?

MiataMama: Ever since watching Yeo Jin Goo’s phenomenal performance in The Crowned Clown, he has become a permanent addtion on my bias list. He is just, well, perfect as the epitome of a perfect robot boyfriend. Like the food cart ahjumma, his smile makes me swoon. And I’m waiting to see exactly how many episodes it takes for our leading lady to succumb to his charms!

Karie the Maknae: Yeo Jin Goo is so adept at the facial expressions. When Da Da left him in the recycling and he just watched her walk away, completely confused, my heart may have broken a tiny bit. Jin Goo’s earnestness really serves him well here.

Kdrama Jen: I am such a fan of Yeo Jin Goo. He has been a favorite since he was making us feel guilty as “baby oppa” back in his teen years. He is absolutely charming in this show. I am not so sure about the long-term feasibility of a robot boyfriend, but I am willing to suspend disbelief just to see him on my screen. I am digging all the costume changes.

Ma Wong Joon

Clkytta: While I’m not a huge fan of Ma Wong Joon so far, I can see where I could like him later on though. Right now he seems pretty career-obsessed and not caring about poor Da Da. I mean come on, when she was discovered in his house he could have easily said she was the cleaner. Instead, he let her go to the police station! That said, the more I watch the more I think there may be more to him. He seems like he’s just one of those characters who has sincere feelings but the wrong words come out of his mouth. Also, Hong Jong Hyun is a good actor, and he makes my toes curl, so I’m not against him.

MiataMama: I have to admit, in the beginning, I was totally on board with Wong Joon and Da Da as the OTP – they’ve been together since before he became a star. But. . . then he made some poor choices. For the record, I was ready to kick him to the curb after the awards ceremony speech. And with the appearance of Young Goo, things are not looking good for him. Dude really needs to up his game, if he wants to win back the heart of his woman.

Karie the Maknae: I see the same things Clkytta mentioned — I really do think there’s more to him. I promise it’s not because Hong Jong Hyun is blindingly pretty!

Kdrama Jen: There might be more to him than the first few episodes indicate, but it is really going to take a whole lot to convince me that this spineless man-child is anything more than some pretty to admire. Ironically, I see him as more of a robot than the robot. He is programmed by societal expectations to act a particular way…

The Plot

Karie the Maknae: The premise seemed interesting enough — a love triangle between childhood friends and a robot. I could see where Ma Wong Joon wasn’t really happy about what he had done to preserve his reputation as an actor, but he also lacked a spine. That always ticks me off. You know what else also ticks me off? A forced fake kiss. They’re always awkward and challenging to my willing suspension of disbelief.

Clkytta: This is not a new story, but a remake, so we need to remember that some of this will remind us of the crazy characters and plotlines from the late 2000s and early 2010s because our original story was written then. This is based on a Japanese manga from 2005 and the first version of the drama aired in 2008. We have a robot in distress, a damsel in distress, and an actor in distress. Yes, I don’t like how they have portrayed the second lead guy so far and I hate the whole “secret relationship” part. That’s mainly because you are supposed to protect the one you love and I think second lead guy did a really bad job at protecting his relationship. There are a lot of plusses to this drama though. I find it interesting that they have her quirk be that she kills electronics and she’s got a robot boyfriend. I also think they have made some fun adjustments to the original plot, so it will be interesting to compare them as I watch.

MiataMama: I have not read the manga and I have not seen any of the previous drama adaptations, so this story is a blank slate for me. I have absolutely NO idea how this is all going to play out?! It’s a little crazy, a bunch of fun and very engaging thus far. And yep, I’m totally digging the slightly over-the-top, 2010-ish retro feel of the drama.

Kdrama Jen: I am adding to this after all the pictures have been added. I can’t even comment on plot when you have a half-nakey robot picture dancing across my screen. We haven’t really talked about the crazy girl who abuses robots and dolls and staff members. I think that is an important aspect to this story. Also, did anyone recognize her from Her Private Life? I guess when she is not pining after Lion Gold, she is on this show cutting off her maid’s hair and torturing robots.

Would I Recommend It?

Karie the Maknae: At this point, despite Yeo Jin Goo’s radiating sincerity and Hong Jong Hyun’s obvious regret, nope. This feels unredeemable to me. I canNOT sit through more episodes of a formerly smart heroine acting like an idiot. That’s my breaking point. And I’ve tried the earlier dramas before — I don’t know why they drive me nuts (I’m sure Kmuse could tell me!), but they do.

Clkytta: Yes, I’m going to watch it all the way through. I like the basic storyline, and I know the formula for this kdrama so I’m not too worried about our female lead. I think this will be a fun and entertaining watch and I’m in till the end.

MiataMama: After my last robot-drama trauma (Are You Human Too?), I was REALLY hesitant to even look at the poster for this one. However, ALL the dramas I was certain I would NOT be watching this spring have totally taken over my watchlist. So here I sit, hopelessly sucked in and anxiously waiting for next week to arrive. I’m pretty sure I’m going to suffer through some tragic heartbreak in regards to robot boyfriend. But alas, I can’t not watch.

Kdrama Jen: If you don’t take it too seriously and you just enjoy the adorable Yeo Jin Goo, then why not? He is a very talented actor, and I think even with a kind of crazy premise, his talent shines through. I have added this to my watch list because I find the time seems to fly by as I watch. I can’t explain why, but it is keeping me entertained. I am still kind of creeped out by the idea that there is literally no possible happy ending for a robot/human couple unless a magic fairy can make him a real boy, but I am still watching.

Until the next drama–

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  1. This is QUITE different than the TDrama – which BTW introduced me to the glories of Jiro Wang. That OST and that robot OMG It’s also completely different than the manga (Absolute Darling).
    I love love love Yeo Jin Goo already – he’s a fabulous young actor and just gorgeous. Plus, I love the 2nd lead a lot – he’s HANDSOME, not pretty – and a great contrast to our robot. I’m a fan of the change in plot, cause the ending of the original and the TDrama are NOT good 🙁 This one has better possibilities 😀

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