Her Private Life Episodes 13 & 14: A Chatty Recap

We have swooned for weeks over how supportive and understanding Ryan is, but this week the tables have turned, and we get to gush about how amazing Deok Mi is. Each step of the way she helps Ryan through this, and makes sure all parties involved are taken care of.

I’ll Take You Home

Drama Geek: My husband and I originally connected through music, and 16 years later it is something we talk about almost on a daily basis. I love that art has been the same thing for our OTP. Deok Mi takes Ryan home and they discuss one of the paintings, and in doing that, he’s able to express the sadness he feels when seeing it. She then turns it on him and shows him a different perspective that she feels hope looming inside those bubbles. A thread that weaves through our two episodes.

Kmuse: I 2nd what Drama Geek said. I love that they have that love of art to bring them together but they also enjoy each other’s differences…like obsessive fangirling!

Clkytta: One of the charms of this drama is that the angst is outside of the relationship. Some people may find that boring, but I don’t. I love that they don’t spend hours validating their feelings. Instead, they sit in front of a painting quietly and hold each other. The subtle nuances of a real relationship shine through and it makes my heart happy.

Karie the Maknae: Can I just second what everyone else has said? I especially like Clkytta’s point — for once, the angst is OUTSIDE the relationship, and that makes for a better story for me.

MiataMama: You know what I like? When my Kdrama doesn’t have a lot of OTP drama in it. Our Lion couple is working together to overcome their individual obstacles and there’s no constant crisis threatening their relationship. This makes me a happy viewer.

Kdrama Jen: Just popping in to say I had a crazy weekend, so I have not watched yet! Oh, the horror! I am stopping here, so I am not spoiled, but I will be back for sure next week! Looking forward to some shadow fun, though, based on some things a Twitter bird told me…

Second Lead Love Triangle

Drama Geek: Cindy gets kicked out and takes up residence with Deok Mi’s parents, which is where she runs into Eun Gi again. He doesn’t really remember her, but they banter back and forth and are pretty cute. Eun Gi does try to hang out with Da In, but ends up leaving before they go out. As I said last week, I’m not sure I care which pair they choose, but I do think after this week Cindy and Eun Gi might be the more natural pair.

Kmuse: I’m going to stick to the Cindy ship on this one. These two are cute and quirky. Eun Gi and Art Girl are a snoozefest. #TeamCindy

Clkytta: I’ve said since the early days that I think Not the Brother and Cindy should pair up. He’s already familiar with the fangirl way of life. I also think once Cindy realizes he’s a medal winner, she will easily become his fangirl.

Karie the Maknae: I just wonder if anyone will be patient enough to wait for Not Brother to get over Deok Mi. He’s making an effort, but I don’t see him connecting romantically with anyone before the end of the drama.

MiataMama: I am still on the Not the Brother-Cindy bandwagon. Their banter reminded me more of how he interacted with Deok Mi at the beginning. I think his heart could be swayed in Cindy’s direction, given some time. Maybe we’ll see it, or maybe we won’t.

The Birth Secret

Drama Geek: We’ve all admitted that the birth secret hasn’t been driving us to watch the drama, but I do think the show did a good job making me care about Ryan’s pain. When he finally realizes that Si An’s mom is Lee Sol, I cried with him. I was glad that he had Deok Mi to talk him through it, and encourage him to seek her out.

Kmuse: While this held no surprises whatsoever, I did enjoy how much emotion Kim Jae Wook brought to the scene. Beautifully done.

Clkytta: This was such a beautiful story arc. Ryan’s emotions were on point and I like that while he is confused and hurt, he isn’t mean. So many times there is screaming and gnashing of teeth, but Ryan isn’t like that. He seeks out Deok Mi for comfort and she gives him comfort without asking a lot of questions.

Karie the Maknae: Jae Wook is incredibly expressive without making me cringe (I have the WORST case of second-hand embarrassment EVER). I really love how all of this was handled — so deft and so evocative. It’s exactly what I would expect from a drama centered around art.

MiataMama: Kim Jae Wook is a fantastic actor – his emotional scenes are definitely a work of art.

Sweet Dongsaeng

Drama Geek: Si An was super sweet this week with both his mom and Ryan. You could tell he was excited to have a real big brother, but he didn’t push that on Ryan too much or too soon. And he really did just want to bring healing to his mother’s past wounds.

Kmuse: So with only a week to go, Si An has finally brought me around to his side. But only because we have really sweet brother/son Si An. I still say that idol Si An is boring.

Clkytta: I agree that idol Si An is really boring. Si An as a person is not boring, he’s an angel. Si An is a lot smarter than I thought he was and he’s got a lot of compassion.

Karie the Maknae: I *almost* thought that Si An had orchestrated things so that the birth secret would be revealed. That would have been an awesome twist. As it is, I really love him, just as I always have. Seeing him with his mom and with his brother is frosting on the Si An cake.

MiataMama: Si An is an adorable puppy. Is it weird though, that everytime he comes on the screen I just imagine it’s V from BTS instead? I’m happy he could help his mom find her long-lost son. And I’m happy that he gets to have Lion as his big brother. I’m only sad that we didn’t have more time to dig into his character.

So… She LOST Him??????

Drama Geek: The moment she told him what happened my heart sank. If Mom didn’t take him to the orphanage, then someone else did. My brain knew exactly who it was, but wanted to deny it for a few more minutes. I don’t know why her mom took him there, but you can tell she didn’t do it lightly. She loved him, even if it was for a short time.

Kmuse: NOT a fan of this twist in fate. Why does there have to be an emotional roadblock now?

Clkytta: Every mother in the room just gasped. Ryan and Si An’s Mom isn’t a bad mom. Now we all know who took him to the orphanage, but why? It feels very Healer-like, someone else has to be involved.

Karie the Maknae: This is one of those storylines where I have to sit back and just wait to see how it all played out, because otherwise the not-knowing would drive me crazy. My heart definitely hurt for Lee Sol — I can’t imagine feeling more helpless than that!

MiataMama: First, let me just preface my comments here with this: I know this is a fictional Korean drama. That being said, the ‘losing him’ story was too unrealistic for me. And now there will be a gloomy cloud over her mom’s involvement in dumping him at the orphanage. I was not thrilled with the direction of this reveal.

Her Love is in the Painting

Drama Geek: Deok Mi did not give up on finding all of the paintings, and she used her curator eye to see deeper into their meaning. Even without that last one, she could tell they were filled with his mother’s longing and love for lost son.

Kmuse: Best girlfriend EVER!

Clkytta: Deok Mi’s charm is taking something and seeing the deeper meaning. Look at how she edits Si An’s pictures so people see the real Si An. She feels the emotion in the paintings and she knows that this is not someone who threw their child away.

Karie the Maknae: Ditto what Clkytta said. That’s a great insight into Deok Mi’s character.

MiataMama: So, to be a bit contrary to my prior comment, I am relieved that Ryan’s mom didn’t abandon him on purpose. And thanks to Deok Mi’s fan-girl focus, which has shifted to her Lion, she is able to help bring that truth to light for him.

Shadows Are Sexy!

Drama Geek: Excuse me… I can’t breath… I think I’m okay now… nope, now paint brushes are going to be the death of me. We know this couple has oodles of chemistry, but this director is ON FIRE. He made her shadow look sexy even before Ryan started drawing her. Then we just sat there and drooled the rest of the time. How amazing is Deok Mi to have set this up for him. She knew from experience how hard it was to lose the ability to create, and she wasn’t going to let that happen.

Kmuse: This scene was so intimate. Even more than some of their more skinshippy scenes. Held my break through the whole thing.

Clkytta: Pardon me while I fan myself. This is classic art, and it’s something that lovers would do back in the Regency period. I love how they incorporate art in their relationship.

Karie the Maknae: I agree with all my sunbaes! I also loved it when she said that her profile was great, but her neckline was no joke either. Her self-awareness without being self-absorbed is AMAZING. If it were anyone other than Deok Mi, I wouldn’t find that character believable.

MiataMama: I was more focused on how Deok Mi was, once again, gently helping her love overcome his mental block. The way in which these two continually support each other, melts my heart and gives me some serious relationship goals.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: I am a little wary about how her mom’s role in his past will change their dynamic. My biggest hope is that they handle this hurdle the same way they’ve done with everything else, with honesty and compassion. Two episodes left and then we say goodbye to one of the most mature and understanding couples in dramaland. I don’t know if I’m ready.

Kmuse: With only one week to go I demand that we don’t screw everything up with late plot noble idiocy.

Clkytta: I’m full of conspiracy theories here, but my biggest one is that the grandfather who took away all Mom’s paintings has something to do with this. There is no way that any one of the women who obviously loved Ryan so much would just give him up lightly.

Karie the Maknae: As I said before, I’m just sitting back and waiting to see what happens. I’m really, REALLY excited for our next eps to be subbed soon, though! Waiting is HARD!

MiataMama: I’m impatient. And worried. Please, please let this wrap up well.

Until the final brush stroke,

The Fangirls

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2 thoughts on “Her Private Life Episodes 13 & 14: A Chatty Recap

  1. I didn’t think the person who abandoned him was a woman…. but I went back and checked and in the dream at the end of episode 11, ya, I think you guys are right.

    That said, I always found it odd that he got dumped there at night when it was presumably closed…

    And in these two episodes, they went to a lot of effort to point out that his memories are incomplete, and even potentially wrong. So, it’s possible that the actual event wasn’t as cruel as he remembers. I actually really appreciated that about the writing–as a person whose childhood memories are pretty much vague at best.

    So, I’m hoping for an interesting reveal that will focus on the healing that comes for *everyone* from having all the missing pieces of Ryan’s life story put back together.

  2. Loved everything everyone said…about losing a child being unrealistic, you know as a mom I have that fear sometimes, not just losing them but also something happening to me while i’m alone at home -a friend’s relative fell from the ladder and broke her neck, she only had two little girls at home :(- husband comes home very late and I keep imagining my toddler sons alone unable to do anything or worse, that’s why I taught my older son how to unlock my phone and call my mom or hubbs.
    so losing him after getting into an accident was a very scary scene to me, although she should’ve just let him stay with people she can trust, a neighbour or a friend, because YOU NEVER KNOW what’s going to happen, leaving him at the playground was definitely a roll eye moment for me

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