Podcast #68 – What We’re Watching (Spring 2019)

It is that time again where the Fangirls take a few minutes to share what they are watching, whether it is good, and if it is something our listeners should try out as well!

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Dramas Mentioned

  • Absolute Boyfriend
  • My Fellow Citizen
  • Her Private Life
  • The Legends
  • Last Empress
  • Confession
  • Beautiful World
  • Arang and the Magistrate
  • Hwarang
  • The Wandering Earth
  • Angry Mom
  • City Hunter
  • Search: WWW
  • Joseon Survival
  • Perfume
  • Labor Inspector Jo
  • Guardians
  • Abyss
  • Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  • Arthdal Chronicle
  • President’s Aide

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #68 – What We’re Watching (Spring 2019)

  1. I started watching her Private Life after hearing the positive comments here at this blog, and I am really enjoyed this light watch. None of the currently airing K Dramas are catching my interest. I’m on the fence about Abyss too.
    I just finished Chinese youth drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder on YouTube (it’s also available on Hotpot Tv), which was another light watch.
    Now I’m really excited to watch Taiwan drama Before We Get Married on Viki. So far, I have seen the first episode and I am hooked! Puff Guo/Jasper Liu they had a great chemistry in their last drama together, but here they are on fire! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because it deals with mature themes, but I am so ready for a drama meant for adults that includes a mature storyline and interesting, more layered characters. All 4 lead characters are a mixture of good and bad points, so I’m interested to see where this story will go. There should be lots to talk about. Can’t wait to see next episode! Hope to see this drama discussed here too.

    • I’m really liking Before We Get married as Well. Jasper is killing it as Ke Huan! First episode I was very turned off by his behavior, but the different story line and intense chemistry between the leads brought me back for two. I think they did a great job in the second episode of adding layers to both characters so he isn’t just an aggressive jerk, and Zhou Wei Wei isn’t such a passive participant in her relationship. I think the scene might combust when they get physical cause they are fire together.

      • I just started it and agree that the chemistry is amazing. Interested if they can make me like his character though. Still need to watch ep 2

      • I am totally on board this crazy train ride. Jasper Liu is a favorite of mine, so it is fun to see him in this kind of role.

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