Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap 5&6

Who doesn’t love the tried and true story about an angel who must have one more mission before they can earn their place in Heaven? Poor Angel Dan has only dealt with animals up to now, but taming our Grumpy Ballerina may be more like grabbing a tiger by the tail.

The Real World

I am dying laughing here. Yeon Seo sees that Angel Dan has wings, but does she think he’s an actual angel? Nope, she thinks he’s some kind of pervert. This is the pitfall of being an angel who is used to being invisible but now lives in the real world. I’m trying to make the pervert connection, and all I can think is she thinks it’s some kind of cosplay. Maybe she thinks he’s like a male Victoria’s Secret Angel? (I’d buy whatever he’s selling!) Oh, I can’t breathe from laughing! He just lit into her and told her she was “dead inside”! Their verbal sparring is so much fun to watch. Also, I love how she wields that cane!

So Much Bravado

Lots of huffing and puffing from both Angel Dan and Kang Woo with each of them accusing the other of being the culprit who broke the chandelier. Meanwhile, Yeon Seo is bored with all of it. She chases off Kang Woo and smacks Angel Dan’s helpful elbow away. This girl is constantly on guard against everyone. We do see a glimpse of humanity as she passes him some ointment for his wounds (not knowing he’s already healed).

Not Enough Bravado

Kang Woo has a stalker on his way home. Ni Na is not a very good stalker, but she manages to get a dinner invitation out of it. I can’t help but like her. She’s very trusting and naive, but I don’t think she’s actually bad. She leaves to go to the bathroom and we discover that she has an eating disorder. She just threw up. Kang Woo tells Ni Na to put herself first, I hope this means that she will be healthy and not that she’s going to lose the innocent qualities I just listed that I like about her.

Who’s got wings?

As they look through the CCTV Angel Dan is freaking out that she will see him in all his angel glory. Miraculously though, the technician is his boss and he is saved! Now he knows that when it rains she can see his wings. When she was on the bench she sensed him, it was raining when he saved her, and the night before when the chandelier fell it was also raining. Great, he just needs to stay out of the rain. His effort to erase all signs of his feathers also has Kang Woo suspicious of him at the crime scene.

Not Just Any Umbrella Will Do

Yeon Seo visits the mortuary where her parents’ and Mr. Jo’s urns are kept. She has them in cases right next to each other and while this makes me sad, it also makes me happy. These were the three most important people in her life and they are together. This also gives Angel Dan more insight into who she is and that she has a great capacity to love. It’s raining and Angel Dan has gone to find an umbrella and stress about whether his wings will come out. Kang Woo swoops in with an umbrella and tries to walk Yeon Seo back to the car, but she says she is waiting for Kim Dan. So what does Kang Woo do? He pulls out a projector right there in the entryway. This guy is determined to get Yeon Seo to dance for him. Oh my, he is really her biggest fan! He has a video montage of her dancing.

Emotions are stirred

On the way home Kang Woo swerves to avoid trash bags in the road and everyone is shook up. He grabs Yeon Seo’s hand to steady her and she remembers he was there at the other car wreck. He returns her lost locket and now we have an emotional connection. Could he be the one destined for her? I’m team Angel so I’m not swayed by Team Second Lead yet. Yet. I do smell a bromance though, as Kang Woo says he wants to get to know Angel Dan better and gives him a cake.

Who Needs Enemies When You Have Family

Now we all knew that Mr. Jo died because someone cut the brakes on the car, but now we know that her shady family was behind that. Her aunt was the one who was preventing Yeon Seo from getting her surgery, but now it appears that she is behind the accidents too. How far will Greedy Aunt go to keep Fantasia?

Food Fight!

After a scare where Angel Dan and the dog ate the chocolate cake and had to make a trip to the vet’s office, they return home to find the Shady Family has invaded. Greedy Aunt is after incriminating ledgers that Mr. Jo had in his room. Yeon Seo chases off the Shady Family with Greedy Aunt clutching her bag full of ledgers. Angel Dan confronts Yeon Seo about her coldness to her family and how she is spoiled. She gets mad and starts throwing food at him. He throws food back and hilarity ensues. She fires him, he quits and then everyone takes a cooling off period.

Drunk Angel

The feisty female butler takes Angel Dan out for some soju and asks him to give in to Yeon Seo. He gets very drunk and comes back to the house. Cue a super sweet moment where he sees that she has a cut and he wraps his magic Angel Bandana around her wrist. He twists her previous words around and tells her to give life another chance. Then he takes her cane, twists her around, and dances with her. It’s clumsy and silly, but she relaxes and you can tell even that little bit of dancing makes her happy.

My Thoughts

Poor Yeon Seo is so jaded and it’s easy to see why. Her Shady Family are all pretenders. All of them. I’m highly suspicious of the Capable Cousin and Greedy Aunt, but it’s obvious now that Ni Na and Uncle are complete tools. I’m really enjoying the way this story is playing out. I’m also enjoying how much physical acting our two leads are doing. L is really doing a great job of using his face to convey his emotions. My biggest complaint is who put Yeon Seo in the horrible pantsuits? They are truly hideous and I can’t tell if the print one that makes your eyes bleed is the worst or if the pink bell bottoms were the worst.

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    • Lol! Yes! I keep wondering if they remember she’s not blind anymore and they are being obnoxious with her clothes.

      • My theory of fashion is that the point is to prove how beautiful you are by wearing ugly things and looking beautiful anyway.

        But in the case of the pantsuits, I think they’re using them to emphasize the vertical lines–they make her legs look extra long and her waist look extra thin, which emphasizes that she could still be a dancer. Come to think of it, I was just watching a compilation of movie stars dancing to “uptown funk” and there were a lot of pantsuits in it. Perhaps they are directly nodding to that era of dance, especially given the kind of dancing that the two were doing in the scene.

        If you want to watch that dance comp., it’s here:

        My favourite pantsuit of the bunch is at 1:11 😀

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