Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 9&10

I’m still swoony over L and that kiss from last week. Let’s break out into full fantasy mode and find out more about doppelgangers and possible fallen angels.

Caught in the Rain

What’s an angel to do? Poor Angel Dan is all flustered after kissing Yeon Seo and to add to his confusion it starts raining. So he runs away before his wings pop out, but seems to be at a dead end with small children surrounding him. Lucky for him, Sunbae grabs him and puts him under shelter. Except, he’s left Yeon Seo standing in the rain, feeling small and confused. Not cool Angel Dan, you just blew it.

That Wasn’t Me

As our dashing second lead wraps Yeon Seo up and reminds her that she gets a fever when she catches a cold. She looks at him oddly. We see in Kang Woo’s memory another woman, the woman who looks just like Yeon Seo. Whoa there fella, Kang Woo starts spouting off all the things Yeon Seo will be doing such as not being alone, pilates, blah, blah blah. She literally tells him to take a breath, I love her character so much.

Ni Na Has a Meltdown

Oh Ni Na, I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or hope you grow up. Ni Na tells Kang Woo to not go to Yeon Seo because she likes him. He touched her ankle and stole her heart. Is that really the best you can do writers? Kang Woo tells her to not care for him because he’s “evil”. So Conniving Sister finds Ni Na all despondent and wet sitting on the steps feeling sorry for herself. Sorry girl, even her own sister tells her to stop being a baby.

Well That’s Awkward

After Angel Dan ran away and stayed gone all night, Yeon Seo is irritable and petty. She’s embarrassed about their kiss and trying to figure out what to do. When Angel Dan comes in using honorifics it throws everyone off. He says he’s sorry for last night and she says nothing happened. Then he starts arguing with her! He doesn’t get that she’s trying to save face. The thing is, neither of them can forget that kiss.

Determination and Fire

Yeon Seo puts on her leotard and simple ballet shoes (she is not ready for pointe shoes) and begins practicing. As she goes into a spin she is overwhelmed by memories and she falls. Angel Dan rushes in to see if she’s ok and she snaps at him. His look of hurt and shock is heartbreaking. It’s like she has kicked a puppy. His phone rings and it’s Ni Na who is outside the gate and has a challenge for Yeon Seo. She tells Yeon Seo to regain her place so that she, Ni Na, can challenge her for the lead.

When Will You Step Down

At a meeting of what appears to be the shareholders or committee for Fantasia, Evil Aunt is outlining how to get more sponsors. She’s all excited and in full leader mode when one of the members asks when she will step down. Her authority challenged, Evil Aunt ups her game by announcing she will hold Fantasia Night earlier than normal. What kind of devious plan does she have in store to humiliate Yeon So?

Mannequin Dan

Yeon Seo pulls Angel Dan in to use as a mannequin while she dances. Oh my, where’s my fan? Who knew dancing was so intimate and HOT? The closer she gets the more he sweats! I love the role reversal where the female is the stoic one who is testing the waters while the male is the one who is freaking out and trying to act normal.


Kang Woo pulls Angel Dan outside for a man to man talk. He accuses Angel Dan of a variety of things, including being a gigolo. As Angel Dan struggles with acknowledging his own feelings about Yeon Seo, he’s not about to admit to Kang Woo that he likes her. I’m not sure if Kang Woo is jealous or if he’s just worried about her as a ballerina. His confusion about the other woman and Yeon Seo are making the whole situation kind of muddy. Angel Dan runs to the church to ask Sunbae what he should do about the kiss.

Fallen Angel

I knew it! Kang Woo was an angel. His job was to inspire artists. He met and fell in love with a dancer who looks like Yeon Seo. Wow, this girl is night and day to Yeon Seo. She’s carefree and constantly smiling and she literally bounces and dances when she walks. Kang Woo confessed his love for her and gave back his angel hankie. Angels aren’t supposed to love anyone but the Deity though. Sunbae tells Angel Dan that the punishment is to dissipate, but Kang Woo is still alive…

Do You Like Me?

Yeon Seo is working hard to get back into form. Angel Dan is concerned and comes in to tell her to take a break. In true Yeon Seo fashion, she asks him to his face, “Do You Like Me?” Angel Dan is struggling with his feelings and with his job and after a pause where he won’t look at her, says no. We all know he’s lying. She hands him his angel hankie and tells him to go.

Too Busy For Love

Yeon Seo is solely focused on her dancing. She rises early and falls asleep in the practice room. A pile of bloody shoes in the corner of the room shows how hard she is practicing. Angel Dan helplessly watches her and wonders how she will find time to love when dance rules her life.

Evil Aunt Has Something Up Her Sleeve

Evil Aunt meets her for lunch and tries to bribe her with jewelry. This Japanese investor sounds really skeevy and I don’t have a good feeling about this at all. What kind of promises has Evil Aunt made and what kind of situation is Yeon Seo going to go through? Yeon Seo is stressed enough already, but I feel like she’s about to be put in a really uncomfortable situation at Fantasia Night.

Back to Where It All Began

Kang Woo is taking Yeon Seo to the place where she first performed. Angel Dan found the picture of the spot in her photo album and he’s trying to find the exact spot to recreate that day. He’s put so much effort into making her a dance floor, but when he sees them arrive, he hides in the little shed. She knows Angel Dan did it all, but he won’t come out of hiding. She talks about a kid who watched her dance. Does anyone else feel like it was Angel Dan? Was he a human or an angel kid? As Yeon Seo dances, Angel Dan’s heart beats and we see a flashback to when they were children. I’m 99% sure that the kid is Angel Dan. He’s all bruised and battered looking. As Kang Woo embraces an emotional Yeon Seo, Angel Dan covers his face.

Final Thoughts

L is really a delight in this role. I’m very impressed with his acting, his facial expressions are perfect. Back to the story, Yeon Seo is defrosting which I think is a good thing. I’m still on the fence about Kang Woo, I don’t know what he’s up to, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe he’s on his own mission? I’m not quite sure, but I think he’s curious about Angel Dan, especially after seeing him at the church. It would make sense if he’s an angel for artists if he’s there to inspire Yeon Seo back to her craft. Until I know he’s not there to help, I’m going to hope he’s there for good reasons.

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