Angel’s Last Mission: Love Ep 11 & 12 Recap

Everyone is feeling the pressure about the future and somehow no one is happy. Which is the completely appropriate narrative spot to be as we arrive at the middle of the drama. So settle back in your seats and prepare yourselves for some angsty roads ahead.

Caught in the act

We left off with Yeon Seo letting go and dancing on the beach with Kang Woo (and a hidden Angel Dan) watching from the sidelines. Yeon Seo lets the muse take her and finishes the dance in tears. Kang Woo is also emotionally touched… but probably due to the fact he is once again confusing his dead lover with Yeon Seo. He embraces Yeon Seo who needs some comfort but is hugging the other women in his head. That is all kinds of trippy. I actually was glad that Angel Dan broke the moment by falling out of the beach hut when the wood broke.

Tragic romance

To be honest, I was jonesing to call Kang Woo the creepy feels bad guy and call it a day. But then they had to go and humanize his pain by showing us what actually happened in his tragic love. We witness Kang Woo denounce his angelhood and leave the church with look-a-like Yeon Seo. They only reach the courtyard before lightning flashes and two, one light and one dark, angels appear. While Look-a-like can’t see them, Kang Woo can. He pushes Look-a-like away and prepares to die via the gun that appears in one of the Angel’s hands. He closes his eyes, the gun fires, and he opens them to see Look-a-like bleeding in front of him. She had ran in front of Kang Woo and the angels, taking the bullet meant for him.

To add to his pain, Kang Woo attempts to commit suicide and is denied. Forced to live as a human for forsaking his calling as an artist muse to become human. Ugh. This whole scene was heartbreaking. Especially when I consider that this could be my OTPs fate. I also want to note that the music played whenever Kang Woo & Look-A-Like are together is FABULOUS. I need this song added to my playlist ASAP.

Battle on the boat

It is finally time for Yeon Seo to take back Fantasia from her evil family. But like all good villains, our evil family is not going away that easily. Both Evil Aunt and Evil older cousin have plans in place to deal with Yeon Seo. Not only do they put her next to a Japanese lecher during the meal/performance (I can not express the level of ew I felt regarding this character and the Korean investor that translated for him) but both attempt to drug her. While Aunt’s drugging plans fail, her daughter’s do not, and Yeon Seo ends up causing a massive scene that proves to all present that she does not have full control of her mind.

It is no surprise that not only do all the investors try to pressure Kang Woo into ditching his plans for the Giselle performance. But the other ballet performers announce their plans to strike if Yeon Seo is the lead. Kang Woo tries to bully both the investors and the dancers into accepting his decisions to little avail.


I think this is the perfect time to express my annoyance at the progress of Ni Na’s character. Where I once thought we would get an interesting character, I now despair that we are in for one crying scene after another. UGH.

Drunken depression

Realizing that she was drugged and can’t prove it, Yeon Seo gets depressed and does what any other well off socialite does when depressed. She goes drinking. Luckily, Angel Dan is there to be her…well, guardian angel. Making sure that Yeon Seo gets home safely. And if that involves a ton of heartbreaking skinship and drunken dancing, well that is the price you have to bear when you love someone but can’t let them know.

I truly loved the expression in Angel Dan’s eyes through this whole segment. You could see the serious pain he felt at not being able to love her back the way he wanted to. In the end, Angel Dan tells Yeon Seo that she doesn’t have to dance if she doesn’t want to. She can simply dance for him and he will be moved, she doesn’t need Fantasia. Ack…the feels I feel during this part.

I’m falling

As Yeon Seo sleeps off her night’s imbibing, Angel Dan goes for a walk. Trying to get his head back into the game and off those pesky feelings of love. He is accosted by Kang Woo who is furious that Dan told Yeon Seo to quit the ballet. They scuffle and fall off the bridge and into the water below. Oooh, I wonder if there are going to be some heavenly wings making an appearence next episode. It would make sense that Kang Woo would discover the Angel secret before everyone else given his background. I look forward to finding out.

Final thoughts

I really enjoyed this episode. While it was much slower narratively than some of those in the past, it held a ton of great backstory/development that added layers to Kang Woo’s story arc. I also really appreciated that the show gave us some quieter moments between Yeon Seo and Angel Dan in which they gave serious time to reflect on their plans for the future. So often we jump from the OTP meet cute and straight to love. And while this is still true in Angel’s Last Mission, we also see the characters seriously pausing to contemplate their futures in regards to each other. Especially since Angel Dan is aware of how much fulfilling his last mission means. It will be interesting to see where they take them from here.

Until the next dance,


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2 thoughts on “Angel’s Last Mission: Love Ep 11 & 12 Recap

  1. I’m enjoying a lot of the scenes; the actors are all great. I feel like the story’s a hot mess, though. The pacing is weird, and it’s really unclear whether God is good or some sort of narcissistic emperor writ large.

    Also is Bad Angel’s lover Yeon Seo’s relative? It seemed like he said at one point that making Yeon Seo dance again was his promise to his lover? Or did I misunderstand that…

    I’m hoping they start providing some answers and forward momentum soon, but either way I’m sticking around for the adorable dimples and sweet moments 😀

    • Not sure on the relative aspect. She died 15 years previously. So not sure how that would connect in. Maybe we will get more info in the next few weeks

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