Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 13 & 14

Ballerina and Angel fans, I’m just home from Dance Nationals with my own little dancer. Too bad we didn’t pick up an Angel Dan on the way! Things come to a head this week as our Angel has to come to term with his feelings and we see a darker side to our Fallen Angel.

Who Do You Think You Are?

As Angel Dan and Kang Woo scuffle and hit the water, we flashback to a little boy hanging from rocks and then falling into the water. Who is this kid? I really think it’s Angel Dan. Anyway, they fish Angel Dan out of the water and he’s looking for Kang Woo. Kang Woo is on a pier under the bridge looking all fine and mysterious. In the hospital, Kang Woo starts lecturing Angel Dan about how telling a dancer to not dance is like telling her to die.

I Like Yeon Seo

Whoa, whoa, did Angel Dan just confess his feelings for Yeon Seo to Kang Woo? He tells Kang Woo if he will make her happy he will disappear. Oh Angel Dan, you’ve got it bad… Meanwhile, Kang Woo is talking to a dead woman and hearing her answer back. He is still very much in love with his dead wife/lover, so I think his interest in Yeon Seo is more professional with a side of sadness because she looks like his love.

Evil Aunt and The Dance Teacher

Ni Na recognized her old dance teacher Madame. Elena, the other day, but the teacher ran away. Apparently, Madame. Elena was very artistic and used some questionable techniques to help a young Ni Na get into her roles, so Evil Aunt had her fired and blacklisted. It seems like Ni Na misses this teacher though. In true Kdrama fashion, all of the aforementioned events happened when Ni Na was like 8 years old. You know what I remember at 8? My dog, that’s it. But, if I was a Kdrama character I would remember every detail of my life from that time and it would still haunt me or it would make me only love the person who held my hand at 8.

Don’t Give Up

Every dramatic, Angel Dan pulls a u-turn as he’s taking Yeon Seo to meet with the board of directors and Evil Aunt. He stands on the bridge and tells her he was wrong to tell her to give up. She’s happy when she dances and she should go ahead and dance. She’s not alone. Even though everyone is telling her to quit, she doesn’t. She takes responsibility for what happened that day when she was drugged, but that’s it. Evil Aunt tries to force her hand, but Yeon Seo stands firm. She calls all of them out for not even liking ballet and just being snobs. She says she will make them like ballet.

Evil Aunt Isn’t Giving Up Either

Evil Aunt almost had it all in her hands, she is the one who grew Fantasia. Yeon Seo confronts her about being greedy. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the challenge has been accepted. What kind of trouble will she cause now? The ballet corps are striking and they are demanding that Yeon Seo and Kang Woo step down. Kang Woo threatens to fire them all and hire new dancers who want to work.

Yeon Seo is a Part of the Ballet Corps Too

Yeon Seo goes to find Ni Na to see what she can do to persuade the ballet corps to dance with her. They are performing community service, so Yeon Seo rolls up her sleeves and states that she’s part of the ballet corps too and starts cleaning. While they are working with the elderly, Yeon Seo tries to calm down a woman who is all confused and a fire breaks out. Yeon Seo takes responsibility for the fire and the rest of the corps attacks her saying she needs them but they don’t need her. They show up the next day only to discover Yeon Seo is there again. She is showing the woman, who is blind, how to use her cell phone to call her husband.

Let’s Hold an Audition

Yeon Seo drops a bomb on the ballet corps. She suggests they do an audition for the leads. Kang Woo doesn’t like it, he only wants her, but it really is the only fair thing to do. Ni Na goes looking for Elena, who is not so happy to see her. She begs her to teach her and we discover that Madame Elena has a very hard life. Elena tells her she’s no fun because she’s a rule follower. Ni Na says she wants to beat Yeon Seo. Hmm. Maybe Ni Na will be a contender for the lead after all.

The Perils of Shopping While Cute

Sunbae is harassing Angel Dan to hurry up and write his report. Angel Dan is just trying to shop, but Sunbae has taken over the body of an ajumma and he’s freaking hilarious. Kang Woo witnesses the exchange and starts to do some investigating. Cue a cute cooking moment where Angel Dan and Yeon Seo cook dinner together. Neither of them are good at cooking! Angel Dan ends up dropping the pot and spilling hot food everywhere. In a classic move, he picks up Yeon Seo and places her safely on the counter so her feet are not harmed. Dinner ends up being ramen.

Angels and Humans

Angel Dan keeps having recurring dreams about a younger Yeon See and a boy. He doesn’t know who this boy is, but something is off. So he runs to the church to ask Sunbae. Can a human become an angel? Sunbae is good at deflecting the question and doesn’t really answer who the young boy who was in the sea was. He says it’s Angel Dan wishing for a connection, merely a side effect of being human. He takes Angel Dan to the older couple from earlier and the old man is an angel. He begs Sunbae to spare his wife, apparently, he was supposed to deliver her to paradise and didn’t. He is allowed to say goodbye. Angel Dan gets between them and tries to stop Sunbae, but Sunbae dissipates the old man. This is heartbreaking. Angel Dan races to Yeon Seo… to quit his job.

My Thoughts

I was not expecting the old man to be an angel. I guess the angels can’t recognize each other in the human world. Now I’m sad and worried that Angel Dan won’t be able to be with Yeon Seo. Except, something is off about those dreams he’s been having. I know he has to be the boy, but does this mean he’s not a real angel? I still can’t get a read on Kang Woo either, I don’t know what his end game will be.

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