Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 15&16 Recap

The angst is real people and I don’t know if I am going to survive the sad expressions of our Angel and Ballerina for much longer. Join me as I share my unfiltered thoughts about this week’s episode as well as some questions that have been bouncing around my head.

Am I the only one that thought these episodes were light on major moments but were instead, a bunch of small scenes that created a larger picture? With that in mind, I am going to shift my recap to more of an unfiltered thoughts format. Which means, I am going to ramble and hopefully you will check back next week when we go back to our regular style. So without further ado…

Sadness abounds

Because of his fear that he will destroy Yeon Seo by having to leave her, Angel Dan decides that the best defense is a good offense. He promptly goes and quits. Not only that but he says hurtful things (multiple times) to Yeon Seo in order to push her away. She will be happy with her dancing and maybe Kang Woo so everything will be fine if he leaves. Of course, this destroys Yeon Seo who goes into full out pining mode and is distracted from her dancing.

All of these scenes where he was cruel just broke my heart. Especially since you could see how much it was hurting him to hurt her. I consider this some of their best acting to date.

Mean Girls

So…the various women that are in the ballet corps are total WITCHES. Ugh, I had the hardest time watching their petty behavior. I really hope that this whole mean girl trend is over now that Yeon Seo is showing how talented she really is.

Kudos to Yeon Seo for not bitch slapping them. She was a classy calm diva among a group of catty jerks.

Ni Na is so forgettable

I am sad that a character that I thought had potential has turned into such a forgettable bore. Now, whenever I see that tight-lipped fretting expression of hers, I just feel annoyance. The addition of her kooky dance teacher makes it all the more annoying.

Unexpected bad guy

Was I the only one surprised that Evil Aunt was not involved in any of the murders? Evil Cousin stepped up her bad guy game as her cold demeanor even had her mom scared. I have a feeling that Evil Cousin is just biding her time before she gets rid of her mom and takes over Fantasia. Like mother, like evil overlooked daughter.

Not all knowing

One of the aspects of this drama I am finding the most confusing is the concept of Angels and their relationship with God. What are they doing on earth? Are the omnipotent or some type of monster/non-human that doesn’t deserve happiness? It doesn’t seem that the head Priest Angel is in the know when it comes to Angel Dan’s past, or Kang Woo’s previous stint as an Angel. I find that I have a lot of problems with how they are portraying God as this petty person who expects his angels to remain sweet little soldiers. The scene where Kang Woo’s wife was killed instead of him was very disturbing. Also, the sweet older angel who loved the blind woman. I just have problems with the feelings of a God who cares for animals but not the humans who love angels. Hopefully the drama will be able to end the story in a way that doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I understand it is just a story but I think my own personal beliefs are bleeding into my general feelings on the plot.

Yeon Seo is Giselle

The scene where Yeon Seo practices her performance for Giselle was beyond beautiful. Her expressions and inability to not dance her feelings regarding Angel Dan gave her performance that amazing edge that set her apart from the other dancers. I literally teared up over her, and the imaginary Angel Dan’s, despair.

We knew each other way back when

I still am invested in the tragic backstory of Angel Dan. Trying to understand why he is on earth and what it means to be human, not to mention the many dreams he has of this boy, he travels to the island. There he realizes that he was indeed this boy and all the dreams of abuse and meeting Yeon Seo as a child are real. We end the episode with him walking down to the ocean side and running into Yeon Seo at the dock. These two can’t stay apart even when they try. I really hope they get back together soon because I can’t take any more of their pining.

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2 thoughts on “Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 15&16 Recap

  1. Thank you for your comments as I had the same exact feelings towards the writer’s lack of respect for how they portray God and angels let alone that it is unbiblical. I really get annoyed when non Christians twist Christian beliefs in a disturbing way such as this and would prefer they just not go there as it is instead offensive. That being said I have not watched and have instead read your recaps but it is sounding like this is one drama I will pass on even though I really love the female lead.

  2. Thank you Kmuse- I feel exactly the same way!!! The God/Angel story is , well, if those are the rules…. disintegrate me now. Hopefully we shall get some clear cut answers. I believe The Diety wants them to be together and everyone else is getting in the way, especially that head priest, he needs a smack on the side of his head. Cousin Evil and Mother- enough!!! ( they need a slap on the head too ) ( so, does the spineless husband/dad- perhaps he will stand up to them, in the future ) The head housekeeper(?) love her, great character. Ballet cousin- pick a side and stick with it, geez. Okay, I feel better now. Cheers.

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