Fangirl Turkish Movie Review: Sadece Sen

Recently, Kmuse and I have been asking our readers for some suggestions of movies in other languages. I keep hearing a buzz about Turkish dramas, so I decided to try out a movie. Sadece Sen was a suggestion on Netflix and then someone mentioned it on our Facebook page. If you have watched the Korean movie Always, this is the Turkish remake.

Synopsis: A former boxer meets a beautiful blind woman. They fall in love, only to discover a shared past that will tear them apart.


I love a good remake, and this is a good remake. The movie Always is one of my favorites. I love a story where a strong, but broken character is healed by love. When we meet Ali he is so alone, everything about him is lonely. When Hazal walks into the ticket booth he is working in, everything changes. They both find happiness and love, but Ali’s gangster past comes back to haunt them and tear them apart.


They do a great job of directing the camera and focusing shots. The most impactful cinematography moment is when Ali takes Hazal to the lake to the tree swing. That was one of the most beautiful scenes in the movie.


Ali– A former boxer, Ali isn’t bulky, but more wirey like a street fighter. He’s scruffy and seems to almost blend into the background with a “Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me” manner.

Hazal– Blind but not helpless, Hazal is determined to live a normal life. She is beautiful and kind, which is like a soothing balm on Ali’s wounded soul. I love that she’s not a passive person, she goes after what she wants. When she decides she wants Ali, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Should You Watch?

YES! I’d give this a 9/10. It’s a remake and follows the original story closely, but it also has its own flair. I loved the original and was skeptical if this remake would hit me in the feels like the first one. The answer is yes, it was the same story, but the acting was so well done that it felt new. I also loved the music in this film. This was my first foray into Turkish film, and now I want more. Tell me a good romantic Turkish movie to watch.

Love is love in any language,


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