First Impressions: A Thousand Goodnights

Happy Father’s Day! If you are one of the many people out there who get a little down on this day every year (me!), I have a binge watch for you. Okay, so some people don’t like to wallow in their sadness, or add to it, but I felt this drama was very therapeutic.

Synopsis: To carry out her dad’s wish and discover her roots, Dai Tian-qing embarks on a journey around Taiwan and finds love and redemption on the way.

As a parent myself, I know that my kids don’t really know who I am as a person yet. They see me as Mom and only see me through a very narrow lens. When Dai Jia He dies, he was in the middle of a journey to make amends with his past self after he’d retired. He doesn’t get to complete his trip, and Tian Qing goes in his place.

What Tian Qing doesn’t know is that part of his trip was to hopefully find the mother that abandoned her at the train station when she was very young. But Tian Qing isn’t the only little kid he became the surrogate father to during his time at the train station. He also befriended a little boy, and then they became pen pals when the boy moved to the States. This little boy (Cheng Nuo) is all grown up, and shows up right before the father passes away. He ends up joining Tian Qing on her journey because he’d promised her dad he’d travel with him, and because I think he wants to get to know Tian Qing better.

The pacing of this drama is sweet and slow. Taking it’s time to establish the beautiful relationship that Dai Jia He had with his two daughters, and also the encouraging father figure he’d become to Cheng Nuo. There is a love for Taiwan that shines through in the writing and the cinematography. One that I haven’t seen in too many Tdramas. The lighting and setting of most of their dramas doesn’t really spark my interest in visiting, but this one does.

There is also a sweet side romance between Tian Qing’s younger sister and the neighborhood boy who works at a Japanese restaurant. Its run by a mysterious woman who I think will turn out to be very important to Tian Qing’s self-revelation because that is what she has embarked upon. She thinks it’s to learn more about her father, but in the end, I feel it will be her own history that will become known to her.

This drama is on Netflix, and it is only ten episodes. It’s the perfect binge watch, just make sure you grab your tissues.

I’m on episode three, will you join me?

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  1. There has to be more because episode 10 leaves everything hanging. I’m trying to find out if Netflix is going to make the rest of the episodes available.

    • I just looked on MDL at it seems it’s not finished airing. They’ll probably add the rest of the episodes once it’s done.

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