Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 17&18

Will we find out more about the connection between our Angel and Ballerina? Or will things get bogged down by the Evil Family?

Lots Going On, So Let’s Leave Town!

Yeon Seo can’t turn off her memories of Angel Dan, or her dreams of the unknown boy. What’s a girl to do? Pull out the star of half the dramas airing in the past couple of years, the famous vacuum, and start cleaning. Then it’s time to pack her bags, even though she’s got scheming relatives and auditions around the corner, its time to head out of town. Kang Woo is not pleased that Yeon Seo is heading off to “find herself”. Can he be any more overbearing and pushy?

Not Strangers

It just so happens that Angel Dan and Yeon Seo are in the same place at the same time. Angel Dan is trying to understand the meaning behind all the signs he’s been given, and our cranky ballerina is being a prickly pear toward him. Little does she know, he’s not a stranger, but the boy she played with as a child.

Yeon Seo and Seong Woo

As Yeon Seo and Angel Dan start remembering their shared past, Angel Dan remembers his name, Yoo Seong Woo. Now, I need to know! Is Angel Dan and real angel or a soul sent back for a second chance? Now, remember, this is a kdrama so the most pivotal moments in their lives will be when they met at 12. When they met as children, Seong Woo was living with a drunken father who beat him, and Yeon Seo was about to ship off to Russia and she didn’t want to go. So, of course, they will remember every detail. Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but even the ahjummas she’s asking for help are skeptical.

That Boy Disappeared

Ah, the dots are starting to connect. As Yeon Seo continues to talk to the ahjummas they tell her that boy disappeared. Then one ahjumma says no, he died. He was abused by his dad and he jumped into the sea. Yeon Seo is heartbroken because now she remembers all of the bruises he had and his excuses. He didn’t jump though, he fell while trying to escape another beating from his dad. Now Angel Dan and Yeon Seo are overcome by their memories from childhood.

Evil Aunt is Being Evil

I love a crafty and sly villain and Evil Aunt is crafty and sly. She’s going to bribe the other dancers to vote for Ni Na. Poor Ni Na, your mama doesn’t hold your skills very high does she? Evil Aunt is also scaring the crap out of her minion, Mr. Park. She’s sending him overseas for a “vacation” which he’s translating as a “chain on his leg attached to a concrete block in the middle of the ocean”. Mr. Park can’t leave that room fast enough and Evil Aunt is acting all offended.

All the Regrets

Yeon Seo is completely torn up about Seong Woo’s death. She’s regretting all her teasing and not noticing what was really happening with him. She has no clue that Angel Dan (who is holding her as she cries) is Seong Woo. Oh they are going to make me cry! As she hurts thinking about Seong Woo’s last moments and how scared he must have been, Angel Dan says that he was probably thinking about her. He says the only good memories he probably had were of her so that’s why he thinks Seong Woo thought of her.

Questioning God

Both Yeon Seo and Angel Dan are questioning why God let this happen to Seong Woo/Angel Dan. Stepping out of my blogger persona for a minute… Folks, questioning God doesn’t help make the pain go away. Bad things happen to good people, but God doesn’t let them happen. God’s plan and purpose are not always something we can understand, but God isn’t “out to get” anyone. Off my soapbox, but know that I have experienced real tragedy in my life and I know that questioning God is not the answer.

Do You Know What it Feels Like to Be Left Behind?

Yeon Seo is trying to convince Angel Dan to come with her. She asks him if he knows what it’s like to be left behind. He asks her to grant one of his wishes and give him time. Handing over his angel hankie, he tells her to live well. I like how they use the angel hankie as a symbol of a promise. She doesn’t want him to go, he doesn’t want to go, but he’s got to figure out what is happening. Speaking of being left behind, Kang Woo is on the island too.

Not Feeling the Second Lead at All

Kang Woo starts in telling Yeon Seo that she doesn’t need Angel Dan, and she needs to rely on him. Yeon Seo tells him he’s making her uncomfortable. YES! He’s making everyone uncomfortable because this isn’t a sweet second lead, but an overbearing and controlling jerk who bosses her around. I’m pretty sure this is a directorial choice, but Kang Woo is the coldest second lead I’ve seen in a long time. He gets mad, but he never shows any real emotions for Yeon Seo. Nothing about this guy feels like someone who has fallen in love again, regardless of them showing him at his wife’s mortuary putting his ring with hers. It all feels so contrived and weird.

Ni Na Has a Point and a Crush

Back at Fantasia, Ni Na pulls Yeon Seo aside to berate her for skipping practice and meeting with Kang Woo alone. Ni Na tells her that this looks bad in the eyes of the corps. I have to agree with Ni Na on this one. Then Yeon Seo flips it and asks Ni Na if she likes Kang Woo. This flusters Ni Na and reveals the truth to Yeon Seo, yes, Ni Na likes the director. Kang Woo shows up to make everyone uncomfortable and Yeon Seo tells him to stay professional.

Late Night Confessions

Ni Na’s Dad meets her at the gate and takes her for a late night snack. Ni Na and her dad confuse me because I can’t decide if they are good guys or bad guys. Dad obviously has Ni Na’s best interests in mind, unlike her scheming greedy mom. Dad tells her to take care of Yeon Seo, but Ni Na is in full competitive mode. Meanwhile, Yeon Seo has a heart to heart with her adorable butler, Ms. Jung. She “asks for a friend” whether a guy is worth waiting for and Ms. Jung says he’s going to run. Then she tells her that she knows it’s for her because Yeon Seo doesn’t have any friends. I love this woman, she holds nothing back!

Facing His Past

A wet and bedraggled Angle Dan walks into a room at a sanitarium. The name on the door is the same name on the house he grew up in, so we know this is Seong Woo’s Dad. He confronts his father and his father is fully freaked out. Dad grabs his hand and says “I’m sorry. I have wronged you.” and the man looks like he really means it. Angel Dan is in obvious distress and runs out of the room right as Dad dies. Sunbae is in the hallway. Sunbae tells a still angry Angel Dan that his father was a changed man after he died. He donated to children and he volunteered at the hospital until his health got bad. Now we get to the point as Dan asks Sunbae why he’s going through all of this? Why is he remembering his past life and why is he so connected to Yeon Seo, but unable to tell her anything? Sunbae says that God always provides an answer but we are to blind to see.

Kang Woo vs. Angel Dan

As Angel Dan sits drinking his soju and trying to figure out what to do, Kang Woo shows up. Kang Woo confronts Angel Dan about being an angel. He asks why Angel Dan was assigned to Yeon Seo and then changes gears and says it doesn’t matter. If Angel Dan doesn’t stay away from Yeon Seo, then Kang Woo will tell her all about the truth, that her secretary is an angel.

Secrets and Lies

Ms. Jung is gathering information about the Evil Family and she’s got Evil Aunt’s minion Mr. Park, feeding her information. He gets caught by Ni Na’s Dad, who is apparently a good friend of his. So is he going to keep helping Ms. Jung or is he going over to team Evil Family? Ms. Jung meets up with a man who claims he was on the lighting team three years ago when Yeon Seo was hurt. Oh, this makes me nervous. We already lost Butler Jo, I really hope that Ms. Jung stays safe. I have this horrible feeling like someone is going to die before too long.

Angel Dan, Investigator

Angel Dan is trying to get into Kang Woo’s room to do some investigating. The guard won’t let him pass, that is until Kang Woo shows up. Only it’s not the real Kang Woo, it’s Sunbae. Now Angel Dan can poke around Kang Woo’s room and figure out how the heck he knows so much about the angel realm. I’m sorry, but this whole storyline is a total plot fail for me. How does Sunbae not know that Kang Woo is a fallen angel? It just doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t he have notes on that or something? He helps Angel Dan hack into Kang Woo’s computer, so maybe he does know more than he’s letting on. Angel Dan discovers Kang Woo’s Fantasia storyboard and that Kang Woo has pictures of the look-alike Yeon Seo on his computer.

Listen to the Angel’s Order and Obey

Kang Woo comes home and finds Angel Dan watching the video of his wife. Angel Dan is quietly furious as he tells Kang Woo that he was mislead by him. Instead of being Yeon Seo’s “missing rib”, Kang Woo is not her destiny. So Angel Dan tells him to stay away from Yeon Seo and to “listen to the Angel’s order and obey”. Kang Woo tells him that if Angel Dan becomes Yeon Seo’s rib then he can’t imagine what the punishment would be. He says he would be lucky to dissipate.

Final Thoughts

We end with a kiss and a confession. Angel Dan is fully aware that he’s made a choice that could destroy him, but the power of love is strong. I’m hoping that Angel Dan can be with Yeon Seo somehow, someway. While I feel sorry for Kang Woo losing his wife, the whole situation feels off, like we are missing something. I need to know why Kang Woo is obsessed with Fantasia because I feel like that may be the missing key. None of it makes sense, why is Kang Woo still on Earth as a human? They took the older angel because he was supposed to deliver his wife to Heaven and he stayed with her on Earth instead. That makes sense because even though he disappeared from Earth, she will meet him again in Heaven. So I don’t really see that as a punishment, more as a reprimand. He couldn’t handle watching her die, so it was a blessing for another angel to step in and help her. I’m probably looking at this way deeper than I should, but my theory is what we saw when Kang Woo’s wife died was not exactly what happened.

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6 thoughts on “Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 17&18

  1. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and say that Dan has every right to question God in this circumstance. He works for the guy, and yet he’s not given any clear instruction on why all of this is happening, and he was lied to by his sunbae. He asked if he’d ever been human, and Sunbae scoffed at him. As the viewer, I am right there wondering what this writer has in mind for the divine plan. I hope what ends up happening is we find out God intended for Dan to be a comfort to her after all the loss she experienced and that Dan deserved a second chance as a human. It will be very interesting to see how it all turns out.

    • I agree with you. I think it just hit me on a personal level and I balked at the questioning. I hope you are right about the deeper meaning.

  2. Thank you for these recaps!! They have been so helpful and fun to read, and I really appreciate your thoughts on God. I’ve been really enjoying everything! 🙂
    On another note, I have random thought on the whole childhood memories things that I’ve been wondering about! I don’t have photographic memory at all, but I remember stuff all the way back when I was 4 almost as well as I remember stuff that happened say, only three or four years ago. I even have a few foggy memories and impressions from when was I was three, and one surprisingly detailed memory of a moment during my second birthday party. I was actually really shocked when I would meet people from my really early years of like, 4 or 5 ask me if I remembered them because to me, I had so many clear memories of them and didn’t even consider the fact that they would think I forgot them. My sister is the same way, as are several other people I know. When it comes to being a 12 year old… well, that’s in middle school! Personally for me, if they were such close friends and made such an impression on each other, I’d find it harder to believe if they didn’t remember so much at that age. I feel like memories from when you’re little are sometimes even more vivid/detailed because you tend to notice more things and hold onto them more because you’re younger. I’ve found that a lot of people tend to find childhood memories from kdramas unrealistic though, so I’m probably just the weird one, haha. Is there something I’m missing?

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