Angel’s Last Mission: Love Episode 19&20 Recap

We finally get cute romantic couple moments! YAY! Sadly, there is still a lot of evil family time, and looming angel dusting in the future. With everything stacked against them will our OTP (One True Pairing) be able to truly be happy together? Come join me as I chat Ep 19 and 20 of Angel’s Last Mission: Love

So flipping cute

I adore our OTP now that they are all in love and a couple. They have an energy about them that just makes me smile. Now if we could get some fun skinship scenes I would be a happy viewer. They start the first morning following Angel Dan’s return all cutesy and flirting to the nth degree. Only to be caught by Secretary Jung before things got to steamy. UGH? Why did we not get hot against the banister sexy times? Secretary Jung casually comments about how people who come and go are wishy washy and a certain someone better man up and stay. Ha! I love her.

I’m not a coward

We get a flashback to the previous evening where Angel Dan doubles down on his determination to stay regardless on whether he is punished in the future. He tells Kang Woo to stay away from Yeon Seo, that she will be protected from now on. There is also a pause, before he leaves, where I think Angel Dan almost asks about Kang Woo’s angel knowledge. But the moment is lost and he stalks out of Kang Woo’s apartment.

Finally figured it out

Our head angel is also wondering about the mystery of Kang Woo. He figures out the truth as he sees the blackened handkerchief next to the urn. He invites Kang Woo, who had been coming to warn him that Angel Dan was being stupid, to have a drink with him. They discuss what they know and believe to be true and we witness that Kang Woo is slowly realizing that Yeon Seo is not his dead wife. She is a person in her own right that is choosing the path she travels on. I know that Kang Woo has gotten a lot of hate in the last week or so for being pigheaded, but I continue to find him an interesting and tragic character. It would be hard not to obsess if your literal existence was to be an artistic muse, and you have a second chance with someone who is your dead wife’s doppelganger. I’m not saying that is healthy but it is understandable.

Cancer or Married?

Yeon Seo brings Angel Dan into the dining garden to have a very important discussion. (I feel I should pause at this moment and point out how gorgeous this whole scene was filmed. I seriously want my husband to create an indoor garden eating area post haste!) She seriously asks him which of these two reasons is true. He has to either have a terminal illness or be already married. Those are the only reasons for his odd behavior. He laughs and blows off her inquiries; informing Yeon Seo that he will tell her everything after her audition. She, very seriously, replied that nothing about him and her feelings were trivial and that the audition was not more important than him. AWWWWW! They deserve all the heart emojis.

Someone’s a tiny bit crazy

So……Ni Na channels her inner Giselle by getting past her debilitating self- doubt and practicing in a cemetary. Uhm? What? Her quacky teacher is not one for coddling the ballerina and she puts some fire into Ni Na. While I roll my eyes on this whole inspiring the whiny brat scene, it did get Ni Na to focus on something other than Yeon Seo being #1. Kind of…


Despite an improved performance, Ni Na once again loses to Yeon Seo and she goes off to cry. Witnessing her sister’s despair, Evil Sister decides now is the perfect time to get rid of Yeon Seo. While Angel Dan tries to get up the courage to drop the big Angel secret he is hiding, Yeon Seo is kidnapped by a sketchy truck. I think it is no surprise to any of us that stupid Evil Sister is behind the kidnapping.


Yeon Seo is taken to the ballet theater and propped up on the roof. She supposedly sends a suicide message to Kang Woo stating that she is about to commit suicide. Evil Sister is getting him to the theater so he can watch Yeon Seo’s death up close and personal. Oh my word, Evil Sister is just so, well, evil. But never fear, Dan is on his way. Usually protecting her wouldn’t be a problem for Angel Dan, but it is also currently raining. Which we all know means his wings will appear if he gets wet. (Except all the MANY times in the show where no wings appeared. I have a feeling someone doesn’t have any funding for CGI wings and we were supposed to forget this plot point.)

The wings are out of the bag

Of course, we knew that nothing, even outing himself out as a winged angel, was going to stop Angel Dan from saving Yeon Seo. Sure enough, he swoops in for the save just before she plummets to her death. YAY! I was needing this to stop being a big bad secret. Now we can spend the rest of the time dealing with the winged outcome, which is something I am looking forward to.

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