Podcast #71: Search: WWW is ranked #1 in our fangirl hearts

You know what better than a great OTP? A great OTP that is intermixed with stellar story telling about strong female characters. Search: WWW has everything we could ask for in a drama and we want to share our love. Come join us as we chat Girl biases, hidden meanings, and swoony Noona romance.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast #71: Search: WWW is ranked #1 in our fangirl hearts

  1. i guess i should believe that our noona-lover will not end up using her for some weird reason. He seems good and upright but…i have to learn to trust him, i guess. Thanks for the podcast.

    • Hmm, I guess I’ve never thought I shouldn’t trust him. I tend to have a blind spot when I like the actor or actress. LOL.

  2. I have been hoping that Scarlet will meet the actor from her beloved makjang drama!! I hope it’s as dramatic as can be!!

  3. Scarlet is pretty clearly bisexual… so I’m rooting for her and the piano teacher as a couple. But the actor meeting could be fun too 😀

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