Angel’s Last Mission: Love Recap Episodes 21 & 22

I am firmly on Team Angel Dan. Especially with his backstory and the fact that I’ve never warmed up to Kang Woo at all. So let’s see how the writers are going to try to convince me that Kang Woo is a real second lead and that Ni Na deserves to be the main ballerina.

On the Wings of an Angel

Angel Dan saves Yeon Seo as she falls from the building. She sees him in all his angel glory and is he ever glorious! Her mind can’t process what’s happened and she promptly passes out. Angel Dan and Kang Woo’s eyes meet as Kang Woo stands staring awestruck. Meanwhile, poor Hottie Minion (Did anyone else recognize him as Hottie Minion from Fiery Priest? He’s keeping that name here too.) walks out all cool and calm only to discover there is not a body on the pavement.

Cunning Cousin and the Voices

Now we have Cunning Cousin hearing what appears to be evil whispers. Is she possessed? This is a bit much writers. This girl is so evil, she’s got her innocent act down and she’s trying to play Kang Woo. Kang Woo sees right through her act though. Angry at her defeat, she finds Hottie Minion and proceeds to reprimand him for not doing a good enough job in making all these “accidents” seem like accidents. Only, it’s not Cunning Cousin chewing him out, it’s Sunbae!

I Can’t Remember

Yeon Seo wakes up with no memory of the day before. Well, isn’t that convenient? So Angel Dan is both flustered and relieved. She doesn’t remember that she fell or that he’s an angel. They strengthen security and Yeon Seo isn’t happy. She thinks she fainted after seeing him with the balloon. While it’s a relief that he doesn’t have to explain the whole angel thing, this also means that she’s unaware of the danger that she’s in.

Kang Woo Confronts Evil Family

Kang Woo confronts Evil Aunt and Cunning Cousin about Yeon Seo’s kidnapping. Evil Aunt is all confused, but Cunning Cousin is sly and calculating. In walks Ni Na, and Kang Woo tells her that she was great as Giselle. He tells her in front of her family because “they will do anything to support her”. He knows that if he compliments her in front of everyone then she will let go of some of her resentment. Well, I’m not really sure that’s how this family works Kang Woo. They are in it to win it, and anyone in their way will be swept to the side.

Evil Aunt Learns the Truth

Evil Aunt is an eavesdropper. She listens in as Cunning Cousin berates Hottie Minion for not killing Yeon Seo. Evil Aunt goes to pieces as she realizes that her daughter is worse than she is. Hottie Minion is back on the case and he tests Yeon Seo to see if she remembers him. Nope. Thanks to Sunbae’s interference, she can’t remember the guy who tried to kill her. Oh, oh! He smiles at her and I think my heart just melted. I have a soft spot for Hottie Minion even though he’s a bad guy.

The Lion’s Den

Yeon Seo is so confused why Angel Dan is so protective of her. He can’t tell her, but he should. I mean come on, she needs to know it wasn’t a simple faint, someone tried to kill her! As if Angel Dan didn’t have enough on his plate, Kang Woo is poking at him. I really don’t like Kang Woo’s character. He’s just so antagonistic that I don’t see him as a sympathetic character at all. Angel Dan tells Kang Woo that Fantasia is like a “lion’s den” for Yeon Seo and to protect her.

Ni Na Makes a Bold Choice

Ni Na refuses her part in the ballet. She turns down a chance for a part on stage in order to be the understudy for Giselle. Oh fun, this means the Evil Family is going to try to kill or main Yeon Seo until Ni Na gets to be Giselle. Ni Na tells Kang Woo she will be Giselle. Ni Na’s teacher told her to insist on being the understudy. Way to go Kang Woo, you give a girl a compliment thinking you are calming things down, but in reality, you just riled her up.

Angel Dan Connects the Dots

Hottie Minion gets caught by Angel Dan, but he’s smarter than that. He’s got aliases and backstories to cover his tracks. Angel Dan sees him at Fantasia and chases him down, but Hottie Minion’s coworker’s vouch for him and call him “an angel”. Now we know how he had access to the building after hours. I like this, I like this a lot. Hottie Minion is really good at blending in and being the bad guy. I really hope this actor gets bigger roles in the future. Now Angel Dan’s problem is that Fantasia just became even more dangerous for Yeon Seo.

I will Protect You

Yeon Seo stands waiting for Angel Dan and playing a game of closing her eyes and calling his name to see if he’s there when her eyes open. We see him come striding toward her, full of purpose, and then he enfolds her into his arms. I love how he doesn’t care that they are out where anyone can see them. Angel Dan’s paranoid overprotectiveness is starting to finally get through to Yeon Seo. Angel Dan writes an Angel report stating that he’s afraid he will fail his mission.

Dead Bodies and Lies

Butler Jung gets a disturbing phone call right after Angel Dan tells her what he knows about Hottie Minion and Cunning Cousin meeting up. Butler Jung discovers that someone, probably her informant, is dead. Meanwhile, Yeon Seo sends Angel Dan to clean her dance studio so she can pilfer through his stuff and find what he’s hiding. She finds her phone and she is very angry at Angel Dan.

Kang Woo Interferes

As Angel Dan tries to get Yeon Seo to talk to him about what is wrong, his phone rings. Kang Woo has impeccable timing. That guy interferes with everything! Angel Dan goes to meet him and Kang Woo basically tells him that he will protect Yeon Seo because unlike Angel Dan, he will kill for her. Now Angel Dan understands, Kang Woo was the angel. This leads to a lot of questions, which remain unanswered because Yeon Seo shows up.


Yeon Seo goes with Kang Woo to find out what happened and why she sent him a suicidal message. He shows her a picture of his dead love and explains that the resemblance was why he was first drawn to her, but now he cares for her. As Angel Dan tries to understand how an angel can be human, he gets a call from Yeon Seo. She meets him at the park bench and asks him if he is an angel. His answer is yes.

Final Thoughts

Ok, now we are really getting somewhere! I’m wondering if dumb Kang Woo said something to Yeon Seo about Angel Kim though. It seems like the sort of thing he would try to do to get her on his side. Ni Na got a tiny bit more interesting with her stepping up and claiming the understudy Giselle role. I’m glad to see her fighting for something and maybe Madame Elena will be her saving grace. I’m totally intrigued by Hottie Minion and Cunning Cousin, what is their story?

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