Top 5 Kpop MVs: Summer 2019

You know how it is — every summer we get the tunes that makes us want to dance in our cars and roll down the windows to share the music we love with the world. Here are five of the tunes that have recently become my own personal ear worms, so I’ll spread the infection to you!

Ah Yeah — Winner

This song was the first song to get stuck in my head on a regular basis when summer officially started. I love the lighthearted feel to it, even though it’s about someone who’s regretting their breakup!

Wave — ATEEZ

Go ahead. Just try to stop yourself from singing, “Hakuna Matata Yo!”

MIROH — Stray Kids

It’s different and a little darker than your run-of-the-mill bop, but I love the tonal and percussive similarities “MIROH” has to Breathe Again by Ksuke X Amber.

Rooftop — N.Flying

I know, I KNOW. “Rooftop” baaaaaaaaaaaaaarely squeaks in as an entrant for this YEAR. But the feel of the song still gives me summer vibes — open air and long nights spent looking at the stars.

Alien — Pentagon

This was the first song to really catch my attention on Pentagon’s new album. It’s so, so strange, and yet so very danceable!


Dancing with Butterfly Wings — ATEEZ

This is actually tied with “Wave” for my favorite track from ATEEZ’s new album. I love them both so much! And there is SO. MUCH. CAR. DANCING.

Everyday (Remix) — Winner

I didn’t love original when it came out, but this remix is my JAM. It fits the vibe of the lyrics better, too.

Summer has barely begun, kpop fans! What album releases are you looking forward to?

And if you’re on Spotify, check out my Summer Bops list and let me know what I’m missing!

Until the next track spins, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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