Midway Review: Partners For Justice S2

So we are halfway through the second season of Partners For Justice. And since I procrastinated doing my first impression post due to work and vacation conflicts, I decided that I am going to throw out a mid-drama review since it is just to good to not promote. So join me as I share my reasons (spoiler free) as to why you should check this show out.

I am not a huge fan of second seasons. A lot of the reason I switched over to Asian content was my dissatisfaction with the US format. I would get involved with a show and it either cuts out with no warning because it isn’t renewed or it goes on for so long that the story loses its interest. So I was hesitant to bother with another season of Partners For Justice. I liked season 1 but it wasn’t one that I would call a favorite. But, due to a slow time in my drama list, I chose to start the show and at least see if it was any good. Imagine my surprise when the first few episodes surpassed my expectations and I was hooked immediately.

One of the things that didn’t totally click for me in season one was all the background baggage of our two leads, Baek Bom & Eun Sol. Not that it is horrible but it just took up so much of the plot that it didn’t leave much room for the crimes and side character focus. With season 2 they assumed that you knew the characters and just jumped into some really intricate crime plot arcs. Some crimes lasting only an episode and some arcing through multiple storylines. The layering of the crimes has made season 2 seem a lot more fast paced. It is a lot harder to figure out who did the crime when there are multiple crime lines weaving in and out. It makes the experience a lot more entertaining in my opinion.

This season is also focusing a lot less on the courtroom battles. Sure, we still have a bit of lawyering here and there but it is contained and not the main focus. I like that they are really developing the crimes and forensics more since I am not a huge fan of the law genre. If i could avoid watching the courtroom head nod (have you ever noticed how they love to have the crowd/judge/jury nod their heads in agreement anytime someone makes a dramatic point?) I would be a happy viewer. That particular visual drives me batty.

Just like the crimes, the writer has managed to create some new relationship arcs as well. But, unlike in season 1, they are making them a lot more nuanced. The story mainly focuses on the cases that are being solved but hidden in between the crime arcs are small tidbits of character connections. So while there is not going to be any huge romances on screen we see some easter eggs at what is going on in everyone’s lives off screen. I actually really like the pacing/ratio of these character moments to the crime moments. It is very well done and keeps me interested in the various characters and their stories.

Before you start lamenting that you don’t have time to watch all of season 1 to get to season 2, I would suggest that you don’t really need to. Yes, it would make the whole experience more complete, but season 2 begins with a really strong recap of season 1 and you can pretty much jump right in. You might not know all the background info about the characters but I don’t think it detracts from the story since it is so crime focused this season.

So there you have it, all the reasons I think season two of Partners For Justice is better than the previous season. It 100% deserves to be watched and I hope that this review can convince a few of our readers to join me. I hate when good tv is going unnoticed and I just have to try and convince others to watch with me. It is The Fangirl code!

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